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Account of Ennerdale.
IN a ride from Keswick to Ennerdale, the mountains, between whose bases an irregular avenue opens for the curious tourist, are more variegated than those in other regions of this little world of wonders. In the course of ten minutes' travelling, he will behold the most beautiful verdure climbing to the summit of one, a bushy wood creeping to the top of another, and the most tremendous fragments of rock scowling from the front of a third. The pillar challenges particular notice.
If a transient storm disturb or intercept the view, which frequently happens in the serenest days of summer, the appearance is not only awful, but pleasing; and the traveller will frequently behold a tempest, without feeling it. The commotion is far above him; and where he treads, all is calm, solemn, and silent. As he approaches the vale of Ennerdale, in whose bosom one of the most enchanting of the lakes is seated, he will find the rugged scenery of the country gradually refining; and as he winds round the foot of the Pillar, he will discover a vista, which cannot fail to strike the most indifferent observer with astonishment and pleasure.
The mountains which serve to heighten this scene, and enhance its surprise, are Sty-head, Honister-crag, Wastdale, the Pillar, and Red-pike. The Liza waters the base of the latter; and on its margin lies an even, level road, not formed by the hand of man, but presenting to the eye the appearance of a pavement. The delighted tourist will insensibly confine his view (though it is not in reality bounded by any of the lofty objects already mentioned) to the verdant island of Gillerthwaite, whose romantic situation must be seen - description cannot furnish an idea of its beauty.
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