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Trinity Monday, April 25, October 28, and between them a great Beast-market every Fortnight.
There are seven trading Companies belonging to the Town, viz. Mercers, Sheermen, Cordwainers, Tanners, Glovers, Taylors, and Pewterers, who have each their Hall. The Church here is beautiful, and very large, and yet has twelve Chapels of Ease belonging to it. 'Tis supported by five Rows of handsome Pillars. Near the Church is Free-School well endowed, with Exhibitions for such Scholars as are sent hence to Queen's-College, Oxford. There's a Charity-School here for sixteen Boys and ten Girls, all cloathed and taught. At a little Distance from the wooden Bridge are the Ruins of a Castle, in which Catherine Parr, the sixth Wife of Henry VIII. was born.
This Place has had the great honour of giving Title of Baron, Earl and Duke, particularly that of Earl to Prince George of Denmark; and last of all, that of Dutchess to the late Melusina Schulenberg, who had before been created Dutchess of Munster in Ireland.
  Kirkby Lonsdale
Kirkby Lonsdale, the chief Town of Lonsdale, i.e. a Vale upon the Lone, that Tract which gives Title of Viscount to the Family of Lowthers of Lowther Hall, in this County. It is called Kirkby from the Bishop of Carlisle of that Name, who routed the Scots, and 'tis said was a Native of this Place. 'Tis a prettty large Town, with a Woollen Manufacture, and has a fair Church, with a good Stone Bridge over the River Lone. Its Market is on Tuesday.
  Kirkby Stephen
Kirkby Stephen, or Stephen's Church, on the River Eden, is one of the Towns of this County noted for weaving Yarn Stockings, and a Free-School founded and endowed by the Family of Wharton. Its Market is on Friday, and Fairs are on St. Mark's and St. Luke's, and Whit-monday.
Ambleside, is another Town noted for a Manufacture of Cloth, on the upper Corner of Winander Mere. Its Market is well stored with Provisions, which is kept on Wednesday.
Brough, or Burgh, under Stanemore, i.e.a Borough under a stony Mountain. It stands on a Rivulet about two Miles from the River Eden, and is divided into
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