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Gentleman's Magazine 1825 part 1 p.514
Compendium of County History. - Westmorland.
Gibson, William, self taught mathematician of the most wonderful powers, Bolton, 1720 *.
GILPIN, BERNARD, eminent divine and reformer, called the 'Apostle of the North,' Kemtmire, 1517.
Hudson, Wm. one of the earliest Linnaean botanists in England, 1780.
Johnson, Samuel, eminent divine, 1649.
Kendal, Richard de, excellent grammarian (flor. temp. Hen. VI).
Lancaster, Dr. William, Provost of Queen's College, Oxford, and one of the founders of Barton School, Sockbridge.
Langbaine, Gerard, linguist, antiquary, scholar, and one of the founders of Barton School, Barton Kirke, about 1608.
Langhorne, Dr. John, the poet, and brother of William, Kirkby Steven, 1785.
--- William, brother of above, and joint translator of Plutarch's Lives, Winton.
Mill, Dr. John, editor of the Greek New Testament, Harderdale in Shap, 1645.
Monkhouse, Dr. Richard, eminent divine, Winton.
Morton, Charles, learned physician and antiquary, 1716.
Otway, Sir John, eminent lawyer, Middleton.
Philipson, Robert, for his military achievements nicknamed Robin the Devil, Crook-hall.
Potter, Barnaby, called the Puritanical Bishop of Carlisle, Kendal, 1578 or 9.
--- Christopher, nephew of above, and loyal divine, who sent his plate to the King, saying he would drink as Diogenes did, in the hollow of his hand, before the King should want. Kendal, 1591.
Robertson, Joseph, a critic of celebrity, learning, and industry, High Knype, 1726.
Saunderson, Randal, divine and benefactor to his native village, Reagill.
Shaw, Dr. Thomas, author of 'Travels in Barbary and the Levant,' a work of high celebrity, Kendal, 1692.
Smith, George, founder of the school in his native parish, Asby.
--- Dr. Bishop of Carlisle, cousin of the above, Asby.
--- John, a divine, particularly versed in Septentrional literature and in antiquities, Lowther, 1659.
Stephenson, Rev. William, benefactor to his native place, Bampton.
Strickland, William de, Bishop of Carlisle, Great Strickland, 1[ ]96.
Sutton, Dr. Thomas, benefactor to his native parish of Bampton, Sutton Gill in that parish.
Viteripont, Thomas de, Bishop of Carlisle, 1255, Appleby.
Walker, Adam, natural and experimental philosopher, Windermere.
--- William, lecturer on astronomy, son of above, Kendal, 1766.
Wastal, Simon, learned author of 'Microbiblion, or an Epitome of the Bible in Verse,' 1629, Wastelhead in Shap.
WATSON, RICHARD, excellent and learned Bishop of Llandaff, Heversham, 1737.
Wharton, Sir George, Baronet, astronomer and loyalist, Kendal (ob. 1681).
Whitehead, George, learned and zealous Quaker, Newbigg, about 1633.
Wilson, John, celebrated botanist, originally stocking knitter, Kendal (ob. about 1750).


This county has little or no advantage from navigable rivers.
At AMBLESIDE have been found innumerable Roman antiquities. Part of a Roman Bridge still remains.
At APPLEBY, in 1598, the plague raged. - The castle was the residence of the Clifford family, of whom the high-spirited Countess of Pembroke frequently resided here. Here is a copy of the great family picture; the original of which is at Skipton Castle, co. York. There are four half-lengths of the Countess in the drawing-room. Here is also preserved the magnificent suit of armour worn by the Earl of Cumberland in the tilt-yard as champion to his Royal mistress Elizabeth; and his horse-armour of equal splendour lies by it. - In St. Lawrence Church are some noble monuments to the Cliffords; among which is one to the Countess of Pembroke. - The School has produced a number of eminent characters in Church and State. It has also furnished nearly half the students on the foundation of Queen's College, Oxford. Upon the front of a little building of stone erected by Reginald Bainbrigg, the friend of Camden, in 1602, then Master of the School, were placed by him stones to the number of 24, having Roman inscriptions.
The chancel of ASBY Church is singularly separated from the nave by two arches.
In ASKHAM Church are several old monuments; and a stone coffin has been found of the date of 1346.
* A very curious account of him may be seen in vol.LXI. p.1062.
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