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county:-   Cumbria
10Km square:-   SD27


SD28817842 Bird in Hand (Ulverston)
SD28547837 Braddylls Arms (Ulverston) L
SD28707839 Bridge House (Ulverston) L
SD28627873 chapel, Ulverston (Ulverston) L
SD28737842 chapel, Ulverston (2) (Ulverston)
SD28647845 Church Walk House (Ulverston) L
SD28687820 Coronation Hall (Ulverston)
SD28417828 drain, Ulverston (Ulverston)
SD28797825 Ellers House (Ulverston) L
SD28277817 Fair View (Ulverston) L
SD28547834 Farmers, The (Ulverston) L
SD28477846 Gill Brewery (Ulverston)
SD28537829 Globe Inn, The (Ulverston) L
SD28727835 Grapes, The (Ulverston)
SD28467851 Holy Trinity Sunday Schools (Ulverston)
SD28477812 Holy Trinity Church (Ulverston) L
SD28537837 Hope and Anchor (Ulverston) L
SD28817846 Hope Cottage (Ulverston)
SD28857861 hydrant plate, Ulverston (2) (Ulverston)
SD28607871 hydrant plate, Ulverston (3) (Ulverston)
SD28707846 hydrant plate, Ulverston (4) (Ulverston)
SD28627847 Kings Arms Inn (Ulverston)
SD28547828 Kings Head (Ulverston) L
SD28557841 Laurel and Hardy Museum (Ulverston)
SD28677821 Laurel and Hardy Statue (Ulverston)
SD28517835 Lonsdale House Hotel (Ulverston) L
SD28637829 Market Hall (Ulverston)
SD28507809 Mayfield (Ulverston) L
SD28597850 Mill, The (Ulverston) L
SD284784 Nevill Hall (Ulverston) gone
SD28817843 Oddfellows Hall (Ulverston) L
SD28847840 Old Brewery (Ulverston)
SD28497833 Old Daltongate House (Ulverston) L
SD28587864 Old Friends (Ulverston) L
SD28497872 pinfold, Ulverston (Ulverston) L
SD28677823 post box, Ulverston (Ulverston)
SD28977850 post box, Ulverston (7) (Ulverston)
SD28747835 post box, Ulverston (8) (Ulverston)
SD28587835 post box, Ulverston (9) (Ulverston)
SD28667822 Post Office (Ulverston)
SD28607844 Rose and Crown (Ulverston) L
SD28477854 sculpture, Ulverston (Ulverston)
SD28667822 seat, Ulverston (Ulverston)
SD28527820 Sefton House (Ulverston) L
SD28967822 Stan Laurel Inn (Ulverston)
SD28397839 Stockbridge House (Ulverston) L
SD28127834 Stone Cross (Ulverston) L
SD28787857 summer house, Ulverston (Ulverston)
SD28627836 Sun Inn, The (Ulverston) L
SD28407830 toll gate, Ulverston (Ulverston) L
SD28527813 Trinity House (Ulverston) L
SD28637835 Ulverston (Ulverston)
SD28787806 Auction Mart (Ulverston)
SD28987818 Ulverston Fire Station (Ulverston)
SD28617837  (Ulverston) L
SD28917816 Ulverston Methodist Church (Ulverston)
SD28867860 Ulverston Parish Church Centre (Ulverston)
SD28827823 Ulverston Police Station (Ulverston)
SD28667823 Albright Ironmonger (Ulverston)
SD2878 Atkinson Memorials (Ulverston)
SD28837848 Ulverston: Back Lane, 9 to 14 (Ulverston) L
SD28657818 Barclays Bank (Ulverston) L
SD28637837 Brocklebank (Ulverston)
SD28687839 Ulverston: Buxton Place, 1 (Ulverston) L
SD28617818 Ulverston: Cavendish Street, 20 (Ulverston) L
SD28617818 Cavendish House (Ulverston) L
SD28627818 Ulverston: Cavendish Street, 24 (Ulverston) L
SD28627818 Duffy's (Ulverston) L
SD28637818 Ulverston: Cavendish Street, 28 and 30 (Ulverston) L
SD28767856 Church Walk (Ulverston)
SD28447834 Daltongate (Ulverston)
SD28547837 Adonis Traditional Barbers (Ulverston) L
SD28527836 Bar 6 (Ulverston) L
SD28527836 Ulverston: Daltongate, 8 and 10 (Ulverston) L
SD28497832 Eleven Restaurant (Ulverston) L
SD28487833 Ulverston: Daltongate, 15 to 21 (Ulverston) L
SD28427832 Ulverston: Daltongate, 39 to 43 (Ulverston) L
SD28717845 Fountain Street (Ulverston)
SD28677846 Ulverston: Fountain Street, 7 (Ulverston) L
SD28697846 Ulverston: Fountain Street, 9 and 11 (Ulverston) L
SD28707846 Fountain Street House (Ulverston) L
SD28727845 Ulverston: Fountain Street, 15 to 19 (Ulverston) L
SD28747845 Ulverston: Fountain Street, 21 (Ulverston) L
SD28787844 Ulverston: Fountain Street, 25 and 27 (Ulverston) L
SD28697844 Russell House (Ulverston)
SD28797843 Ulverston: Fountain Street, 29 and 31 (Ulverston) L
SD28497853 Gill, The (Ulverston)
SD28417854 Ulverston: Gill Banks, 1 to 3 (Ulverston) L
SD28467856 Ulverston: Gill, 36 and 37 (Ulverston) L
SD28477856 Ulverston: Gill, 38 (Ulverston) L
SD28487856 Ulverston: Gill, 38 1/2 (Ulverston)
SD28497857 Ulverston: Gill, 39 (Ulverston) L
SD28547854 Ulverston: Gill, 52 and 53 (Ulverston)
SD28727831 Irvings, butcher (Ulverston)
SD28597841 King Street (Ulverston)
SD28567837 Oxfam (Ulverston) L
SD28587837 Ulverston: King Street, 2 and 4 (Ulverston) L
SD28577840 Chippy Bank (Ulverston) L
SD28577841 Peter Ross electrical (Ulverston) L
SD28577841 Shipswheel Cafe (Ulverston) L
SD28587842 Boudoir Pink (Ulverston) L
SD28587842 Dickinson footwear (Ulverston) L
SD28587843 Jute (Ulverston) L
SD28627842 British Raj indian restaurant (Ulverston) L
SD28597844 Hair Studio, The (Ulverston) L
SD28587844 Ross Estate Agents (Ulverston) L
SD28597845 Hot Mango Cafe (Ulverston) L
SD28587845 Mawson Joiners and Builders (Ulverston) L
SD28597846 Lotus Chinese Restaurant (Ulverston) L
SD28617846 Inspirations (Ulverston)
SD28547835 Coral bookmaker (Ulverston) L
SD28547834 Ulverston: Market Place, 3 (Ulverston) L
SD28567833 Carmen's Cakes and Supplies (Ulverston) L
SD28577833 Salon Central (Ulverston) L
SD28587833 Thomas Cook (Ulverston) L
SD28587835 Ulverston: Market Place, 9 (Ulverston) L
SD28587836 Murray, pharmacist (Ulverston) L
SD28717834 Market Street (Ulverston)
SD28597836 Taste of Cumbria (Ulverston) L
SD28587832 Ulverston: Market Street, 2 (Ulverston) L
SD28607836 Pure (Ulverston) L
SD28607836 soupdragon (Ulverston) L
SD28617836 Cornerstone (Ulverston) L
SD28627836 BetFred (Ulverston) L
SD28647834 Co-operative Travel, The (Ulverston) L
SD28647834 Gina Cook (Ulverston) L
SD28677834 Ulverston: Market Street, 26 and 30 (Ulverston) L
SD28687834 Dodd's Designer Florist (Ulverston) L
SD28717833 Mad Hatter's Tearoom (Ulverston) L
SD28737832 Ulverston: Market Street, 46 to 84 (Ulverston) L not found
SD28717833 Sutton's Bookshop (Ulverston) L
SD28727833 Brambles (Ulverston) L
SD28767832 Gillam House (Ulverston) L
SD28727832 Two by Two (Ulverston) L
SD28767832 Ulverston: Market Street, 53 (Ulverston)
SD28727832 Tinners' Rabbit (Ulverston) L
SD28737832 Samovar (Ulverston)
SD28737832 Lake District Lobster and Seafood Co (Ulverston) L
SD28747832 Shop Floor, The (Ulverston) L
SD28747832 Gillam's of Ulverston (Ulverston) L
SD28747831 Gillam's (Ulverston) L
SD28747831 Thomas's Bakery (Ulverston) L
SD28757830 Herbalist, The (Ulverston) L
SD28637832 HSBC (Ulverston) L
SD28547832 Nat West (Ulverston) L
SD28757832 Olive, dress shop (Ulverston)
SD28797835 Pepperpot Interiors (Ulverston)
SD28527801 Ulverston: Princes Street, 18 (Ulverston) L
SD28537809 Bellevue (Ulverston)
SD28517805 Ulverston: Prince's Street, 12 and 14 (Ulverston) L
SD28567802 Kilsyke (Ulverston)
SD28527800 Ulverston: Prince's Street, 20 (Ulverston) L
SD28567832 Robinson Optician (Ulverston) L
SD28567832 Old Curiosity Shop, The (Ulverston) L
SD28567831 Queen Street Consulting Rooms (Ulverston) L
SD28567831 Ulverston: Queen Street, 9 (Ulverston) L
SD28567830 Progression Solicitors (Ulverston) L
SD28567829 Ristorante Rossini (Ulverston) L
SD28567828 Naaz (Ulverston) L
SD28547827 Town House (Ulverston) L
SD28567827 Rainbow, The (Ulverston) L
SD28527826 Ulverston: Queen Street, 18 (Ulverston) L
SD28547825 Ulverston: Queen Street, 20 and 22 (Ulverston) L
SD28537823 Ulverston: Queen Street, 26 (Ulverston)
SD28537823 Ulverston: Queen Street, 28 (Ulverston) L
SD28537822 Ulverston: Queen Street, 30 (Ulverston) L
SD28537821 Verdun House (Ulverston) L
SD28547818 Ulverston: Queen Street, 36 (Ulverston)
SD28597863 Soutergate (Ulverston)
SD28627853 Ulverston: Soutergate, 22 and 24 (Ulverston) L
SD28597857 Bugle Horn (Ulverston)
SD28627854 Ulverston: Soutergate, 26 (Ulverston) L
SD28617856 Ulverston: Soutergate, 28 (Ulverston) L
SD28617857 Ulverston: Soutergate, 30 (Ulverston) L
SD28617857 Ulverston: Soutergate, 32 (Ulverston) L
SD28597860 Cromwell Cottage (Ulverston) L
SD28617858 Ulverston: Soutergate, 34 (Ulverston) L
SD28607866 Ulverston: Soutergate, 62 (Ulverston)
SD28607870 Ulverston: Soutergate, 78 (Ulverston) L
SD28617872 Ulverston: Soutergate, 82 (Ulverston) L
SD28477834 Sun Street (Ulverston)
SD28517873 Ulverston: Sun Street, 2 (Ulverston)
SD28797831 Thomas's Bakery (Ulverston)
SD28747834 Trustee Savings Bank (Ulverston) L
SD28767833 Ulverston: Union Street, 2 (Ulverston) L
SD28577847 Victoria Concert Hall (Ulverston) L
SD28537824 Virginia House Hotel (Ulverston) L
SD28577834 war memorial, Ulverston (Ulverston) L
SD28697838 warehouse, Ulverston (Ulverston) L
SD28787826 White House Cottage (Ulverston) L
SD28787826 White House, The (Ulverston) L
SD28487867 Ulverston Workhouse (Ulverston)
SD2878 Stephen Soulby printer (Ulverston)
SD28577818 drinking fountain, Ulverston (Ulverston)
SD28897868 St Mary and Holy Trinity Church (Ulverston) L
SD284782 Swarthmoor Meeting House (Ulpha) L
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