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Cumwhitton parish
county:-   Cumbria
old county:-   Cumberland
locality type:-   parish
1Km square:-   NY5150
10Km square:-   NY45
10Km square:-   NY55
10Km square:-   NY44
10Km square:-   NY54
references:-   OS 1974 Admin Areas

evidence:-   census:- Census 1971
Population: 277 (1971)

NY51694840 Bay Horse, Cumwhitton 
NY50675226 Beckside Farm, Cumwhitton 
NY50515204 Beech House, Cumwhitton L
NY5148 Broad Beck 
NY48755180 Brocklewath, Cumwhitton 
NY49725045 Brown Bank, Cumwhitton 
NY5054 Cairn Beck 
NY50405441 Cairn Bridge, Cairnbridge 
NY51065323 Cairn Cottage, Cumwhitton 
NY55474793 Cairn Head, Ainstable 
NY50285418 Cairnbridge, Cumwhitton 
NY52355163 Carlatton Mill Bridge, Carlatton 
NY49615111 Castle Hill, Cumwhitton 
NY52245096 Chapel Cottage, Cumwhitton 
NY52085093 Chapel Well, Cumwhitton 
NY5150 Chapelwell Beck 
NY50585227 Church Gate, Cumwhitton 
NY52554929 Craneydub, Cumwhitton 
NY50515222 Cumwhitton 
NY4952 Cumwhitton Beck 
NY51445200 Cumwhitton Moss, Cumwhitton 
NY50605231 Cumwhitton Village Hall, Cumwhitton 
NY49605108 earthwork, Cumwhitton 
NY49745096 Edenbanks, Cumwhitton 
NY52314955 Far Hornsbygate, Cumwhitton 
NY53455108 Fellend, Cumwhitton 
NY50774941 ferry, Wetheral (2) 
NY52504969 Fieldhead, Cumwhitton 
NY49765012 Fishgarth Holm, Cumwhitton 
NY500498 Fishgarth Wood, Cumwhitton 
NY52445031 Foulpool, Cumwhitton 
NY51914856 Gallow Hill, Cumwhitton 
NY54464974 Gateshaw Mill, Cumwhitton 
NY54834927 Gateshawhill, Cumwhitton 
NY545487 Grey Yauds, Cumwhitton 
NY51985183 Hallfield, Cumwhitton 
NY557473 Hazelgill, Cumwhitton 
NY53074808 High Northsceugh, Cumwhitton 
NY51554848 Holm Wrangle, Cumwhitton 
NY51714843 Holmwrangle, Cumwhitton 
NY51595011 Hornsby, Cumwhitton 
NY52205028 Hornsbygate, Cumwhitton 
NY54294764 King Harry Farm, Cumwhitton 
NY541485 King Harry, Cumwhitton 
NY538490 King Harry's Plantation, Cumwhitton 
NY53474758 Knott, Cumwhitton 
NY537483 Lawson Hill, Cumwhitton 
NY50924960 Low Holme, Cumwhitton 
NY524483 Low Lowood, Cumwhitton 
NY52774886 Low Northsceugh, Cumwhitton 
NY51735239 Maxwell's Cottage, Cumwhitton 
NY50515228 Midtown, Cumwhitton 
NY50485423 mill, Cairnbridge once
NY51165106 Moorthwaite Moss, Cumwhitton 
NY50565050 Moorthwaite, Cumwhitton 
NY50815303 Morley Hill, Cumwhitton 
NY50065149 Noah's Lane, Cumwhitton 
NY5247 North Gill 
NY50325177 Nunfield Cottage, Cumwhitton 
NY50635128 Nunfield, Cumwhitton 
NY50535212 Pheasant Inn, Cumwhitton 
NY50705086 Piperstile, Cumwhitton 
NY50344950 quarry, Cumwhitton 
NY49705255 Randlaw Lane, Cumwhitton 
NY49435205 Randlawfoot, Cumwhitton 
NY51365054 Scarrowhill, Cumwhitton 
NY51635033 school, Hornsby gone
NY52164867 Thwaites, Cumwhitton 
NY52795133 Tombank, Cumwhitton 
NY528478 Townfoot, Cumwhitton 
NY50485220 Vicarage, Cumwhitton L
NY50575227 well, Cumwhitton L
NY50895071 Whinnyhill, Cumwhitton 
NY51265283 Whitehead Hill, Cumwhitton 
NY551478 Woodgill House, Cumwhitton 
NY50625225 St Mary, Cumwhitton L
NY503503 Moorthwaite Quarries, Cumwhitton 
NY52374947 fingerpost, Cumwhitton 
NY52215034 fingerpost, Cumwhitton (2) 
NY50905077 fingerpost, Cumwhitton (3) 
NY50665292 fingerpost, Cumwhitton (4) 
NY3658 Eden, River 
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