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Page 213:-
its banks: at the head two vallies open among the mountains: one, that by which we came down, the other Langdale, in which Wrynose and Hardknot, two great mountains, rise above the rest: from thence the fells visibly sink, and soften along its sides; sometimes they run into it (but with a gentle declivity) in their own dark and natural complexion: oftener they are green and cultivated, with farms interspersed, and round eminences, on the border covered with trees: towards the south it seemed to break into large bays, with several islands, and a wider extent of cultivation. The way rises continually, till a place called Orrest-head where it turns south-east, losing sight of the water.
Passed by Ings chapel, and Staveley; but I can say no farther, for the dusk of the evening coming on, I entered Kendal almost in the dark, and could distinguish only a shadow of the castle on a hill, and tenter grounds spread far and wide round the town, which I mistook for houses. My inn promised sadly, having two wooden galleries, like Scotland, in front of it: it was indeed an ill-contrived house, but kept by civil, sensible people; so I stayed two nights with them, and fared and slept very comfortably.
Oct. 9. The air mild as summer, all corn off the ground, and the sky-larks singing aloud (by the way, I saw not one at Keswick, perhaps because the place abounds in birds of prey.) I went up the castle-hill: the town chiefly consists of three nearly parallel streets, almost a mile long; except these, all the other houses seem as if they had been dancing a country dance, and were out: there they stand back to back, corner to corner, some up-hill, some down, without intent or meaning. Along by their side runs a fine brisk stream, over which there are three stone bridges: the buildings (a few comfortable houses excepted) are mean, of stone, and covered with a
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