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Transcriptions from British Rainfall 1867-1918

Transcriptions of interest to Westmorland and Cumberland etc, from British Rainfall, published London, 1860 to 1918. The annual reports used are in the Armitt Library.
The Armitt Library has issues from 1867 to 1918, and the issues of the successor series, an official Meteorological Office publication, 1919 to 1946.
source type: Symons 1860


Not surprisingly there are articles about the Lakes in the reports, and especially about the Sty Head and Seathwaite. The pages relevant to The Westmorland, Cumberland etc are transcribed, and a selection of general rainfall interest.

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button Rainfall in the Cumberland Mountains, 1867
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button Rainfall, Mapped by Isohyets
button Rainfall, Differences from Average
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button The Most Rainy Part of England
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G J Symons

George James Symons, meteorologist; born 1838; trained at the School of Mines, Jermyn Street, London; joined the Royal Meteorological Society about 1855, and became secretary and president; published British Rainfall from 1860; elected a Fellow of the Royal Society, 1878; died 1900.

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