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British Rainfall 1867 page 88

General Tables of Total Rainfall, 1867


The divisions are the same as those adopted by the Registrars General of England and Scotland.
The boundaries of these divisions are shown on the map prefixed to British Rainfall, 1863.
The counties follow the same order as in the reports of the aforesaid officers.
An alphabetical list of the counties is given with the page or pages on which all returns from each will be found.
The stations in each county are arranged in the order of their latitude from South to North.
In order to facilitate finding the fall in any part of the country, the first name is almost always that of a place given in Bradshaw or the British Postal Guide; the second name is added occasionally, to fix accurately the site of Observation. In a very few instances, this second name is in [ ] instead of ( ); it shows the nearest town, which is then in an adjoining county.
The contents of the columns are sufficiently explained by the headings, except that in the column headed "diameter" figures will occasionally be noticed of a different type from the rest of the tables; these figures indicate the length of the sides of rectangular mouthed gauges. These measurements are all in inches.
An asterisk * denotes that the gauge was tested before erection, and a † that it has been visited and examined since. A note of interrogation (?) implies doubt, not necessarily error. ... indicates absence of information.
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