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Nunes Gauges

The Nunes Gauges.
- Part of the 100 left by Miss Nunes was devoted to supplying some rain gauges, which were erected in 1883. A summary of their history was given in British Rainfall, 1886, and it will suffice to say that of those there reported as at work, two have been returned, as the observers were unable to continue to observe them, and these have been re-erected, one at Boston Spa, Yorkshire, and the other at Eskdale, Cumberland. Four returns for 1888 have failed to arrive, and of these one gauge is totally lost; the others I shall try to recover and to set to work elsewhere. All the others are in regular use, and being well cared for.
The Royal Society Lake District Gauges.
- Almost all these have continued in good order throughout 1888. The exceptions are that one of the Stye gauges burst with the frost, the Rev. R. Armstrong neglected to read the one at Newlands, and I can get no tidings of the one sent to Kirkstone Pass.
Miss Eleanor Nunes lived at Torrington, Devon, where she made rainfall observations at Langtree Wick from 1872 to 1878. She moved to London, 1878, but continued to pay for observations to be made at Langtree Wick. She died in ?1882 and left 100 for meteorological purposes fom which 30 rain gauges were erected, including one at Hesket Newmarket, Cumberland (as reported in British Rainfall 1883).
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