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Addison, Lancelot, learned Dean of Lichfield, Crosby Ravensworth, 1632.
Airey, Dr. Adam, principal of Edmund Hall, one of the founders of Barton School in 1649, Barton.
--- Christopher, 1609.
--- Dr. Henry, author of some Calvinistic works, Kentmere, 1560.
Appleby, Roger de, Bishop of Ossory (ob. 1404).
--- Thomas de, Bishop of Carlisle (ob. 1395).
Askew, Anthony, eminent physician, Kendal, 1722.
Bainbridge, Christopher, Cardinal, Abp. of York, poisoned at Rome, 1514, Barton.
Barlow, Dr. Thomas, Bishop of Lincoln, Orton, 1607.
Barwick, John D.D. eminent divine and loyalist, Witherslack, 1612.
--- Peter, M.D. brother of the above, whose life he wrote in elegant Latin, Witherslack, 1619.
Braithwaite, Richard, the well-known facetious and eccentric author of 'Drunken Barnaby,' Burneshead (ob. 1678).
Buckle, Sir Cuthbert, Lord Mayor of London in 1598, Stanemore.
BURN, Dr. RICHARD, author of 'Ecclesiastical Law,' &c. Winton (ob. 1785).
CHAMBERS, EPHRAIM, author of the Encyclopedia, Kendal (ob. 1740).
Chambré, Sir Allan, one of the Justices of the Common Pleas, Abbot Hall, near Kendal (ob. 1823).
Clifford, George, Earl of Cumberland, Brougham Castle, 1558.
Close, Nicholas, Bishop of Lichfield, Birbeck (ob. 1453).
Crackenthorpe, Richard, controversial divine, Strickland, 1587.
Dawes, Lancelot, one of the founders of Barton School, and Prebendary of Carlisle, Barton, 1580.
Fothergill, Dr. Geo. principal of St. Edm. Hall, Ox. Lockholme in Ravenstonedale, 1705.
Fothergill, Thomas, benefactor to his native parish, Brounber in Ravenstonedale.
Garnett, Dr. Thomas, physician and natural philosopher, Casterton, 1766.
GIBSON, EDMUND, the learned and esteemed Bp. of London, High Knype, 1669.
--- Thomas, uncle of the Bishop, and son-in-law of Protector Richard Cromwell, High Knype.
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