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Page 106:-
Vallibus †, who afterwards, to purchase absolution from the Pope, built Lanercost Priory, and endowed it.
2. ASKERTON. Founded by one of that name in Edward I's. time.
3. SCALEBY. An ancient castle, given by Henry I. to Richard Tyllioff, commonly called the Rider, for his dexterity in horsemanship; he repaired it, and it now belongs to Rowland Stephenson, Esq.
4. NAWORTH. Built by Hubert de Vallibus, and repaired by Ranulph de Dacre, now the Earl of Carlisle's.
5. CASTLESTEADS, - By the Romans, close by the Picts wall, but has been long in ruins; was once the seat of the Moultons - Camb.
6. CASTELCARROCK, - By Robert de Castle Carrock, in the time of Henry III.
7. CORBY, - By the Salkelds, date uncertain, now Howard's.
8. LYNSTOCK. Waldeof son of Gospatrick.
9. ROWCLIFF. Adam de Bray.
10. DRUMBUGH. Built by Thomas de Moulton in Henry III.'s time.
11 ARMATHWAITE. Some say William Rufus, only because he built and endowed an Abbey near it; others the Romans, now William Millbourn's, Esquire.
12. ROSE. The Bishop of Carlisle's seat, built by William Rufus.
13. HIGHGATE, - Or Heathcot, where Richmond the King's Forester, (or hind,) lived. It is said by different authors that Edward the I. killed one hundred bucks in this forest in one day with his own hand.
14. WULSTY, - Mentioned by Speed. I cannot find it, unless we would suppose it to be Kirkoswald, a place he does not name.
15 CALDBECK. William de Vedey and Walter Maleclerk.
16. HUTTON, - By Thomas de Halton, Henry III.
17 GREYSTOCK. Ranulph Fitz-Walter, now the Duke of Norfolk's.
18. PENRITH. Some say Henry VI. others Richard III. I do not believe either. (For reasons, see account of it.)
19 DAKER. The Dakers, now spelled Dacre, (see Dacre.)
20. HAY CASTLE, - Some say, stood upon the rock in Borrowdale called Castle, behind Grainge, built by the Romans, (as named before,) others say (as Speed) a place near Whitehaven, which I cannot find.
21. PAP CASTLE. - Said to be begun by Stilco the Roman General, and finished afterwards by the Romans, (Horsley.)
22. COCKERMOUTH, - A noble building, with the arms of Moulton and Percy.
23. WORKINGTON. The Culwens, now Curwens, no place there now called Castle.
24. EGREMONT. William de Meschiens.
25. MILLUM. Godartus Dapifer.
26. KIRKOSWALD. Sir Hugh de Morvill.
† Horlsey.
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