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Hartsop, Patterdale
locality:-   Hartsop
civil parish:-   Patterdale (formerly Westmorland)
county:-   Cumbria
locality type:-   locality
locality type:-   buildings
coordinates:-   NY40841312 (etc) 
1Km square:-   NY4013
10Km square:-   NY41

BOE69.jpg (taken 11.9.2007)  
BXI45.jpg (taken 18.9.2012)  

evidence:-   old map:- OS County Series (Wmd 19 3) 
placename:-  Low Hartsop
placename:-  Hartsop, Low
source data:-   Maps, County Series maps of Great Britain, scales 6 and 25 inches to 1 mile, published by the Ordnance Survey, Southampton, Hampshire, from about 1863 to 1948.
Low Hartsop

evidence:-   hearth tax returns:- Hearth Tax 1675
placename:-  Nether Hartsopp
source data:-   Records, hearth tax survey returns, Westmorland, 1674/75.
"Nether Hartsopp"
in  "Patterdale"

evidence:-   hearth tax returns:- Hearth Tax 1670
placename:-  Hartsopp
source data:-   Records, hearth tax returns, exchequer duplicates, Westmorland, 1670.

evidence:-   perhaps descriptive text:- Fiennes 1698
item:-  horseshoe
source data:-   Travel book, manuscript record of Journeys through England including parts of the Lake District, by Celia Fiennes, 1698.
"They reckon it but 8 mile from the place I was at the night before but I was 3 or 4 hours at least going it; here I found a very good smith to shooe the horses, for these stony hills and wayes pulls off a shooe presently and wears them as thinn that it was a constant charge to shooe my horses every 2 or 3 days; but this smith did shooe them so well and so good shooes that they held some of the shooes 6 weeks; the stonyness of the wayes all here about teaches them the art of makeing good shooes and setting them on fast."

evidence:-   perhaps descriptive text:- Fiennes 1698
item:-  houseclap bread
source data:-   Travel book, manuscript record of Journeys through England including parts of the Lake District, by Celia Fiennes, 1698.
"Here I came to villages of sad little hutts made up of drye walls, only stones piled together and the roofs of same slatt; there seemed to little or noe tunnells for their chimneys and have no morter or plaister within or without; for the most part I tooke them at first sight for a sort of houses or barns to fodder cattle in, not thinking them to be dwelling houses, they being scattering houses here one there another, in some places there may be 20 or 30 together, and the Churches the same; it must needs be very cold dwellings but it shews something of the lazyness of the people; indeed here and there there was a house plaister'd, but there is sad entertainment, that sort of clap bread and butter and cheese and a cup of beer all one can have, they are 8 mile from a market town and their miles are tedious to go both for illness of way and length of the miles."

evidence:-   old map:- Jefferys 1770 (Wmd) 
placename:-  Low Hartshope
placename:-  Hartshope, Low
source data:-   Map, 4 sheets, The County of Westmoreland, scale 1 inch to 1 mile, surveyed 1768, and engraved and published by Thomas Jefferys, London, 1770.
"Low Hartshope"
blocks, labelled in italic lowercase text; settlement, village? 
item:-  National Library of Scotland : EME.s.47
Image © National Library of Scotland

evidence:-   old text:- Clarke 1787
placename:-  Hartsop
source data:-   Guide book, A Survey of the Lakes of Cumberland, Westmorland, and Lancashire, written and published by James Clarke, Penrith, Cumberland, and in London etc, 1787; published 1787-93.
image CL13P032, button  goto source
Page 32:-  "... The whole Dale [Patterdale] consists at present of five small manors; Hartsop, the property of the Earl of Lonsdale; Deep-Dale, of the Duke of Norfolk; Griesdale and Pless-Fell, of William Hassel, Esq; of Dalemain; and Glenridding, of John Mounsey, Esquire."

evidence:-   old map:- Cary 1789 (edn 1805) 
placename:-  Low Hartshope
placename:-  Hartshope, Low
source data:-   Map, uncoloured engraving, Westmoreland, scale about 2.5 miles to 1 inch, by John Cary, London, 1789; edition 1805.
"Low Hartshope"
block/s, labelled in italic lowercase; house, or hamlet 
item:-  JandMN : 129
Image © see bottom of page

evidence:-   old map:- Cooper 1808
placename:-  Hartsop
source data:-   Map, hand coloured engraving, Westmoreland ie Westmorland, scale about 9 miles to 1 inch, by H Cooper, 1808, published by R Phillips, Bridge Street, Blackfriars, London, 1808.
image  click to enlarge
circle; village or hamlet 
item:-  Dove Cottage : 2007.38.53
Image © see bottom of page

evidence:-   old text:- Wordsworth 1810
placename:-  Hartsop
source data:-   Guide book, A Description of the Scenery of the Lakes, later A Guide through the District of The Lakes, by William Wordsworth, 1810-35.
image WW01pr22, button  goto source
page xxii  "... the decaying hamlet of Hartsop, remarkable for its cottage architecture, ..."

evidence:-   old map:- Otley 1818
placename:-  Hartsop
source data:-   Map, uncoloured engraving, The District of the Lakes, Cumberland, Westmorland, and Lancashire, scale about 4 miles to 1 inch, by Jonathan Otley, 1818, engraved by J and G Menzies, Edinburgh, Scotland, published by Jonathan Otley, Keswick, Cumberland, et al, 1833.
item:-  JandMN : 48.1
Image © see bottom of page

evidence:-   old map:- Ford 1839 map
placename:-  Hartshope
source data:-   Map, uncoloured engraving, Map of the Lake District of Cumberland, Westmoreland and Lancashire, scale about 3.5 miles to 1 inch, published by Charles Thurnam, Carlisle, and by R Groombridge, 5 Paternoster Row, London, 3rd edn 1843.
item:-  JandMN : 100.1
Image © see bottom of page

evidence:-   old map:- Garnett 1850s-60s H
placename:-  Lower Hartsop
source data:-   Map of the English Lakes, in Cumberland, Westmorland and Lancashire, scale about 3.5 miles to 1 inch, published by John Garnett, Windermere, Westmorland, 1850s-60s.
"Lowr. Hartsop"
blocks, settlement 
item:-  JandMN : 82.1
Image © see bottom of page

evidence:-   old photograph:- Marr 1916
placename:-  Hartsop
source data:-   Photograph, halftone print, Round topped hill near Hartsop, Patterdale, Westmorland, 1916.
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item:-  JandMN : 173.19
Image © see bottom of page

evidence:-   town plan:- Historical Monuments 1936
placename:-  Low Hartsop
source data:-   Town plan, uncoloured lithograph, Patterdale Low Hartsop Plan Showing the Position of Monuments, Hartsop, Patterdale, Westmorland, scale about 1 to 2200, published by Royal Commission on Historical Monuments England, London, 1936.
image  click to enlarge
On p.192 of the Inventory of the Historical Monuments in Westmorland. 
item:-  Armitt Library : A745.116
Image © see bottom of page

evidence:-   old drawing:- 
placename:-  Hartsop
source data:-   Drawing, At Hartsop, Patterdale, Westmorland, by John Harper, 1840.
image  click to enlarge
View of single storey Lakeland vernacular building at Hartsop, Patterdale. Executed in pencil with touches of white gouache on buff coloured paper. Preparatory sketch drawn on the spot by the artist. 
at bottom left:-  "At Hartsop. Patterdale 5 Sept./40"
item:-  Tullie House Museum : 2009.89.17
Image © Tullie House Museum

BXI44.jpg (taken 18.9.2012)  

BQT28.jpg  What is it?
(taken 9.6.2009)  
The reply, from Sara Batterly, 27 September 2016, is:-
This was the cold store where the farmer delivered the milk. People in the village would leave their small milk churns in the "safe" to be filled by the farmer.
The butcher and the vegetables man also used to stop at this corner of Hartsop on their rounds.

NY40731300 Bank End (Patterdale) L
NY40821310 Beck Side (Patterdale) L
NY40881312 bee boles, Hartsop (Patterdale)
NY40551298 Beetham Cottage (Patterdale)
NY40261342 bridge, Hartsop (Patterdale)
NY40541304 Brothersfield Cottage (Patterdale) L
NY40851380 Calf Close (Patterdale)
NY40991304 Chamberlain Cottage (Patterdale) L
NY40261337 Cow Bridge (Patterdale) L
NY40561350 Cross Gate (Patterdale)
NY41021308 Dale Head (Patterdale) L
NY4113 Eden Beck (Patterdale)
NY40751304 Fell Yeat (Patterdale) L
NY40791308 ford, Hartsop (Patterdale)
NY40571321 Gatelands (Patterdale)
NY39831204 Hartsop Hall (Patterdale) L
NY40401306 Hartsop High Field (Patterdale)
NY40841312 Hartsop (Patterdale)
NY40871308 High Beckside (Patterdale)
NY40541315 Horseman Bridge (Patterdale)
NY40891312 How Green Farm (Patterdale) L
NY40781312 Low House (Patterdale) L
NY41361284 mill, Hartsop (Patterdale)
NY40921308 Mireside (Patterdale) L
NY40911311 Parcey House (Patterdale) L
NY41031295 Pasture Beck Bridge (Patterdale) L
NY39781167 settlement, Hartsop (Patterdale)
NY40861309 Simpson House (Patterdale) L
NY41401287 stone wall, Hartsop (Patterdale)
NY40531319 telephone box, Hartsop (Patterdale) L gone
NY40871310 Thorn House (Patterdale) L
NY41561265 Myers Head Mine (Patterdale)
 Borrowdale in Hartsop (Patterdale)
NY41161288 sheep pens, Hartsop (Patterdale)
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