Lakes Guides

Donald 1774

Aaron's Town, Brampton
Abbey (Low Hall, Blindbothel)
Abbey (Skirwith Abbey, Culgaith)
Abbey Couper (Abbey Cowper, Holme Abbey)
Abbey Cowper, Holme Abbey
Abbey Holm (Abbey Town, Holme Abbey)
Abbey Leonard Cost (Lanercost, Burtholme)
Abbey Street, Carlisle
Abbey Street, Carlisle
Abbey Terrace, Holme Abbey
Abbey Town, Holme Abbey
Abbey Town to Grune Point
Abbey Town to Grune Point
Abbey Town to Grune Point
Acorn Bank, Temple Sowerby
Acre Walls (Acrewalls, Weddicar)
Acrewalls, Weddicar
Addingham, Glassonby
Addisons Alley (Addison Street, Whitehaven)
Addison Street, Whitehaven
Addy House, Gosforth
Aglionby, Wetheral
Aglionby Beck
Aikbank, Whitehaven
Aikbank, Waverton
Aikbank Farm, Irton with Santon
Aikbank Mill, Blindbothel
Aiket (Aikhead, Woodside)
Aiketgate, Hesket
Aikhead, Woodside
Aikin, Above Derwent
Aikton, Aikton
Ain House, Irton with Santon
Ainstable, Ainstable
Ainstable Hall, Ainstable
Aira Beck
Aira Beck
Aira Bridge, Matterdale
Airy Bridge (Aira Bridge, Matterdale)
Ake Bank (Aikbank, Whitehaven)
Ake Bank (Aikbank Mill, Blindbothel)
Ake Bank (Aikbank, Waverton)
Aketon (Aikton, Aikton)
Aketons, High (High Aketon, Bromfield)
Akien (Aikin, Above Derwent)
Alauna, Maryport
Albion Street, Whitehaven
Albion Terrace, Whitehaven
Alby Field (Albyfield, Cumrew)
Albyfield, Cumrew
Aldby, Dacre
Aldoth, Holme Abbey
Aldstone (Alston, Alston Moor)
Ale (Ayle)
Ale Burn (Ayle Burn)
Allanby Hall (Ellonby Hall, Skelton)
Allansteads (Allensteads, Kingwater)
Allan Wood (Allenwood, Hayton)
Alldby (Auldby, Skelton)
Allensteads, Kingwater
Allenwood, Hayton
Allerby, Oughterside and Allerby
Allerby Hall, Oughterside and Allerby
Allerby Mill, Oughterside and Allerby
Allergarth, Askerton
Allhallows, Allhallows
Allonby, Allonby
Allonby Bay, Allonby
Allonby Beck
All Saints Church, Dalston
All Saints Church, Matterdale
All Saints Church, Cockermouth
All Saints Rooms, Cockermouth
Alston, Alston Moor
Alston Bridge, Alston Moor
Alstonby Grange, Westlinton
Alstonby Hall, Kirklinton Middle
Alston to Barnard Castle
Ambleside to Keswick
Ambleside to Keswick
Ambleside to Keswick
Ambrose Holme, Wetheral
Ameshaugh, Alston Moor
Amorous Holm (Ambrose Holme, Wetheral)
Anchor (Millholme, Bootle)
Angerton, Kirkbride
Angerton, Westlinton
Angerton, Broughton West
Anger Town (Angerton, Westlinton)
Anges Well (Anguswell, Hethersgill)
Anguswell, Hethersgill
Annan Bridge
Annan, River
Annan Water (Annan, River)
Annaside, Whicham
Annas, River
Annat Walls, Alston Moor
Annet Walls (Annat Walls, Alston Moor)
Annetwell Street, Carlisle
Annetwell Street (Finkle Street, Carlisle)
Anns Hill, Bridekirk
Anns's Side (Annaside, Whicham)
Anthorn, Bowness
Antons Onset (Antonstown, Bewcastle)
Antonstown, Bewcastle
Antonstown Burn
Appleby to Penrith
Appleby to Penrith
Appleby to Penrith
Apple End (Applehead, Millom Without)
Applehead, Millom Without
Applethwaite, Underskiddaw
Archer Beck
Archer Burn (Archer Beck)
Arkleby, Plumbland
Arkleby Bridge, Aspatria
Arkleby Hall, Plumbland
Arkleby Mill, Plumbland
Arlecdon, Arlecdon and Frizington
Arlecdon Hill, Arlecdon and Frizington
Armaside, Lorton
Armathwaite (Armathwaite Hall, Bassenthwaite)
Armathwaite Bridge, Hesket
Armathwaite Castle, Hesket
Armathwaite Chapel (Christ and St Mary's Church, Hesket)
Armathwaite Hall, Bassenthwaite
Armbath (Armboth, St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn)
Armboth, St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn
Armiside (Armaside, Lorton)
Armont House, Eskdale
Arnaby, Millom Without
Arons Town (Aaron's Town, Brampton)
Arrowthwaite, Whitehaven
Arthuret, Arthuret
Arthurs Cross, Nicholforest, Nicholforest
Arthur's Round Table, Yanwath and Eamont Bridge
Asby, Arlecdon and Frizington
Asenby (Alstonby Hall, Kirklinton Middle)
Asgill (Ashgill, Alston Moor)
Asgill Burn (Ash Gill)
Asgill Side (Ashgillside, Alston Moor)
Ash, Bewcastle
Ashes, Waverton
Ashes, Castle Sowerby
Ashes, Bootle
Ashes (Ash House, Millom Without)
Ashfield Head (Fieldhead, Bewcastle)
Ashford (Oakshaw Ford, Bewcastle)
Ash Gill
Ashgill, Alston Moor
Ashgillside, Alston Moor
Ashgrove, Cockermouth
Ash House, Millom Without
Ashley Grove, Egremont
Ashness, Borrowdale
Ashy Croft (Ashycroft, Bewcastle)
Ashycroft, Bewcastle
Askerton Castle, Askerton
Askerton Park, Askerton
Askew (Askew Rigg, Mungrisdale)
Askew Rigg, Mungrisdale
Aspatria, Aspatria
Aspatria East Mill, Aspatria
Aspes (Asby, Arlecdon and Frizington)
Athurs Cross (Arthurs Cross, Nicholforest, Nicholforest)
Aughertree, Ireby
Auldby, Skelton
Auterfield House, Walton
Ayle Burn

Back Corkickle, Whitehaven
Back Dike
Back Ginns, Whitehaven
Back Lane (South Street, Cockermouth)
Back Lane (South Street, Cockermouth)
Back Lane (South Street, Cockermouth)
Baggarah, Nether Denton
Baggertey (Baggrow, Allhallows)
Baggra Yeat, Ireby
Baggrow, Allhallows
Bag Row (Baggarah, Nether Denton)
Bagrowgate (Baggra Yeat, Ireby)
Bailey Head (Baileyhead, Bewcastle)
Baileyhead, Bewcastle
Baileytown, Arthuret
Bailey Water
Bailie Town (Baileytown, Arthuret)
Bakerstead, Eskdale
Bakeston Gill (Baxton Gill, Nicholforest)
Baldhow, Matterdale
Baldwinholm (Baldwinholme, Orton N)
Baldwinholme, Orton N
Bales (Bayles, Alston Moor)
Bampton Beck
Bank (Low Bank Farm, Blindbothel)
Bank (Banks, Castle Sowerby)
Bank (Bank Hall, Culgaith)
Bank, Waberthwaite
Bankdale Farm, St Cuthbert Without
Bank End (Bankend, Lamplugh)
Bankend, Lamplugh
Bank End (Bank End Farm, Maryport)
Bankend, Embleton
Bankend, Castle Sowerby
Bank End (Bankend, Kingmoor)
Bankend, Kingmoor
Bankend, Bewcastle
Bank End Farm, Maryport
Bankend Mill, Caldbeck
Bankfoot (Beckfoot, Eskdale)
Bank Hall, Culgaith
Bank Head, Kirkandrews
Bankhead (Bank Head, Kirkandrews)
Bankhead (Bankshead, Waterhead)
Bankhead, Bewcastle
Bank Head, High (High Bankhill, Kirkoswald)
Bank House (Bank House Farm, Gosforth)
Bank House, Ennerdale and Kinniside
Bank House, Millom Without
Bank House (Esk Bank, Eskdale)
Bank House Farm, Gosforth
Banks, Castle Sowerby
Banks (Middle Banks, Burtholme)
Banks Burn
Bankshead, Waterhead
Bank Side (Bankside, Millom Without)
Bankside, Millom Without
Bannock Row (Branthwaite Row Farm, Dean)
Banton, Little (Little Bampton, Kirkbampton)
Bardy Lane, Whitehaven
Bardywell Street (Bardy Lane, Whitehaven)
Bar Field (Barfield, Whicham)
Barfield, Whicham
Bargate, Loweswater
Barkbath (Barkbeth, Bassenthwaite)
Barkbeth, Bassenthwaite
Barkhouse, Setmurthy
Barngill, Moresby
Barnhead (Crookburn Head, Nicholforest)
Barnkirk Hill
Barnkirk Hills (Barnkirk Hill)
Barnscar, Muncaster
Baronwood, Lazonby
Baronwood Park, Lazonby
Barren Wood House (Baronwood, Lazonby)
Barren Wood Park (Baronwood Park, Lazonby)
Barrock Fell, Hesket
Barrock Field, Hesket
Barrock Side, Hesket
Barrockstown, Westlinton
Barrow, Muncaster
Barrow Gill
Barrow Mouth (Barrowmouth, Whitehaven)
Barrowmouth, Whitehaven
Barsea, City of (Barnscar, Muncaster)
Barton, Barton
Barugh, Waverton
Barwick Field (Barrock Field, Hesket)
Barwick, Great (Barrock Fell, Hesket)
Barwick Side (Barrock Side, Hesket)
Basco Dike (Bascodyke, Ainstable)
Bascodyke, Ainstable
Bascodyke Head, Ainstable
Baskall (Baskill, Ulpha)
Baskill, Ulpha
Bason Bank (Baystone Bank Farm, Whicham)
Bassenthwaite Lake, Bassenthwaite
Bassenthwaite Lake, Bassenthwaite
Bassenthwaite Water (Bassenthwaite Lake, Bassenthwaite)
Bassenthwaite Water (Bassenthwaite Lake, Bassenthwaite)
Batenbush, Kirkandrews
Batsmoor Currick, Geltsdale
Batsmore Rigg Pike (Batsmoor Currick, Geltsdale)
Battle of Solway Moss, Kirkandrews
Bawd Hall, Above Derwent
Baxton Gill, Nicholforest
Bayles, Alston Moor
Baystone Bank Farm, Whicham
Beacon (Gillalees Beacon, Askerton)
Beakerstead (Bakerstead, Eskdale)
Beanlands (Beanlands Park, Irthington)
Beanlands Park, Irthington
Beaton Bush (Batenbush, Kirkandrews)
Beaumont, Beaumont
Beck, Lamplugh
Beck (Beck Farm, Bromfield)
Beck, Kirkandrews
Beck (Troutbeck, Hayton)
Beck, Ainstable
Beck (Beck Farm, The, Irthington)
Beck (Beck, The, Millom)
Beck Bank (Beck Bank Farm, Millom Without)
Beck Bank Farm, Millom Without
Beckbrow, Bowness
Beck Burn
Beck Coat (Beckcote, St Bridget Beckermet)
Beckcote, St Bridget Beckermet
Beckermet, St John Beckermet
Beckermouth (Beckermet, St John Beckermet)
Beck Farm, Bromfield
Beck Farm, The, Irthington
Beckfoot, Ennerdale and Kinniside
Beckfoot, Holme St Cuthbert
Beckfoot, Eskdale
Beckfoot, Millom Without
Beckfoot Bridge, Eskdale
Beck Grange, Caldbeck
Beckgrange (Beck Grange, Caldbeck)
Beck House (Beckfoot, Ennerdale and Kinniside)
Beckhouse, Embleton
Beck House, Irthington
Beckhouse (Beck House, Irthington)
Beck House, Waberthwaite
Beck Houses (Beckhouse, Embleton)
Becklands, Kirklinton Middle
Becklees, Kirkandrews
Beckleys (Becklees, Kirkandrews)
Beck Mill, St Bees
Beck Mill, Culgaith
Beck Stones (Beckstones, Millom Without)
Beckstones, Millom Without
Beck, The, Millom
Beckthorns, St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn
Beckwithop (Beck Wythop, Wythop)
Beck Wythop, Wythop
Beeby Gate, Bootle
Beech Hill, Blindbothel
Beerpot Ironworks, Workington
Beggar Mire (Bigert Mire, Ulpha)
Bella Port (Harrington Harbour, Workington)
Bell Bridge (Bellbridge, Sebergham)
Bellbridge, Sebergham
Bellfield, Kirkandrews
Bell Hill (Hall Carleton, Drigg and Carleton)
Bell Hill Farm, Drigg and Carleton
Bell House, St Bees
Bell House, Ireby
Bellsfield (Bellfield, Kirkandrews)
Bells Hill (Oakdene, Westlinton)
Bells's Town, Arthuret
Bells Town (Old Town, Stapleton)
Bell Thorn (Gubbergill, Irton with Santon)
Belmount, Dacre
Below Bridge (Main Street, Cockermouth)
Below Bridge (Main Street, Cockermouth)
Bengarth, Gosforth
Bennethead, Matterdale
Bent (Bent, Bewcastle, Bewcastle)
Bent, Bewcastle, Bewcastle
Berkey Shaw (Little Hen Hill, Kingwater)
Berriar (Berrier, Mungrisdale)
Berrier, Mungrisdale
Berry Hill, Kingwater
Bess Brown Ground, Ulpha
Bewaldeth, Bewaldeth and Snittlegarth
Bew Castle, Bewcastle
Bewcastle (Bew Castle, Bewcastle)
Bewcastle Fells, Bewcastle
Bewcastle Mill, Bewcastle
Big Croft, Arlecdon and Frizington
Bigcroft (Big Croft, Arlecdon and Frizington)
Bigert Mire, Ulpha
Biglands, Aikton
Bigrigg, Egremont
Binsey, Bewaldeth and Snittlegarth
Birch Bush, Askerton
Birchcraig, Nether Denton
Birchtimber Hill, Nicholforest
Bird House (Birdhow, Eskdale)
Bird House, Blennerhasset and Torpenhow
Birdhouse (Bird House, Blennerhasset and Torpenhow)
Birdhow, Eskdale
Birdnest (Brougham Hall, Brougham)
Birdoswald, Waterhead
Bire Stead (Byerstead, Whitehaven)
Birk Bank, Blindbothel
Birkbank (Birk Bank, Blindbothel)
Birkbush (Birch Bush, Askerton)
Birkby, Crosscanonby
Birk Close, High (High Birchclose, Matterdale)
Birk Close, Low (Low Birchclose, Matterdale)
Birk Crag, High (Birchcraig, Nether Denton)
Birk Crag, Low (Low Birk Crag, Nether Denton)
Birkerthwaite, Eskdale
Birker Thwaits (Birkerthwaite, Eskdale)
Birket Banks (Near Birkett Bank, St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn)
Birket Field (Birkettfield, Threlkeld)
Birket, Low (Low Birker, Eskdale)
Birket Mire (Birkett Mire, St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn)
Birkettfield, Threlkeld
Birkett Mire, St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn
Birkhirst (High Birkhurst, Nether Denton)
Birk Mire (Birkmire, Ireby)
Birkmire, Ireby
Birk Moss, Ennerdale and Kinniside
Birkmoss (Birk Moss, Ennerdale and Kinniside)
Birkrigg, Above Derwent
Birks, Arlecdon and Frizington
Birks, Ulpha
Birks (Birks, The, Castle Sowerby)
Birkshall, Castle Carrock
Birks Hill, Castle Sowerby
Birkshill (Birks Hill, Castle Sowerby)
Birkside Gill
Birks, The, Castle Sowerby
Birkthwaite, Hesket
Birk Timber Tree (Birchtimber Hill, Nicholforest)
Birrel Sike
Bishop Mill, Dalston
Bishop Pot (Bishopspot, Mungrisdale)
Bishopspot, Mungrisdale
Bitt, Irton with Santon
Bitter Beck
Bitter Beck
Bitter Beck
Black Beck
Blackbeck, Haile
Black Beck
Blackbeck (Blakebeck, Mungrisdale)
Black Beck
Black Beck
Blackbeck Bridge, Haile
Blackbeck Bridge, Drigg and Carleton
Blackbrock Stone, Geltsdale
Blackbrow, Aikton
Black Burn
Black Burn
Black Burn
Black Burn
Blackburn Bridge, Alston Moor
Blackburn Mill, Alston Moor
Black Cock, Blindcrake
Black Comb (Black Combe, Whicham)
Black Comb (Black Combe, Whicham)
Black Combe, Whicham
Black Combe, Whicham
Black Dike (Blackdyke, Holme Low)
Blackdike, Westlinton
Blackdike Bridge (Blackdike, Westlinton)
Black Dub
Black Dub (Saughtrees, Bewcastle)
Black Dubs, Bowness
Blackdyke, Holme Low
Blackford, Westlinton
Blackfriars Street, Carlisle
Black Gap (Black Gaps, Irthington)
Black Gaps, Irthington
Black Hall, Ulpha
Blackhall (Black Hall, Ulpha)
Blackhall Park, St Cuthbert Without
Blackhall Wood, St Cuthbert Without
Blackhambleton (Blackhamilton, Kirklinton Middle)
Blackhamilton, Kirklinton Middle
Blackhill (Blake Hills Farm, Mungrisdale)
Black Hill (Blackhill, Kirklinton Middle)
Blackhill, Kirklinton Middle
Black House, Solport
Blackhouse (Black House, Solport)
Black House, Irthington
Black House, Alston Moor
Black How, Cleator Moor
Blackhow (Row, Cleator Moor)
Blacking (Black Ling, Egremont)
Blacklaw Cross, Alston Moor
Blacklaw Hill (Little Blacklaw Hill, Geltsdale)
Blacklaws Cross (Blacklaw Cross, Alston Moor)
Black Line River (Black Lyne)
Black Line River (Black Lyne)
Black Ling, Egremont
Black Lyne
Black Lyne
Black Mire, Cleator Moor
Blackmoss Pool, Wetheral
Blackrigg, Arthuret
Blackrigg, Stapleton
Black Riggs (Blackrigg, Stapleton)
Black Sark
Blackshaw Hill (Blackshaws Hill, Kingwater)
Blackshaws Hill, Kingwater
Blackshaw Sike (Blackshaws Sike)
Blackshaws Sike
Black Shield House, Kingwater
Black Sike Coal Pit, Hayton
Blackwell, St Cuthbert Without
Blagill, Alston Moor
Blaing and Ponsonby Fells (Ponsonby Fell, Ponsonby)
Blaing and Ponsonby Fells (Ponsonby Fell, Ponsonby)
Blaing and Ponsonby Fells (Bleng Fell, Gosforth)
Blaingdale (Blengdale, Gosforth)
Blaing Fellgate (Blengfell Gate, Gosforth)
Blaing Tongue (Bleng Tongue, Gosforth)
Blaithwaite (Blaithwaite House, Waverton)
Blaithwaite House, Waverton
Blakebeck, Mungrisdale
Blake Fell, Lamplugh
Blake Fell, Lamplugh
Blake Hills Farm, Mungrisdale
Blapsley (High Whineray Ground, Dunnerdale-with-Seathwaite)
Blatum Bulgium (Maia, Bowness)
Blaze (Blease, Threlkeld)
Blaze Fell, Lazonby
Blea Bank, Blindbothel
Bleabank (Blea Bank, Blindbothel)
Bleaberry (Bleaberryrigg, Arthuret)
Bleaberryrigg, Arthuret
Bleaberry Tarn, Buttermere
Bleagate, Alston Moor
Blease, Threlkeld
Bleatarn, Irthington
Bleatern (Bleatarn, Irthington)
Blea Wath (Bleawath, Gosforth)
Bleawath, Gosforth
Bleckhall (Blackwell, St Cuthbert Without)
Bleckhall Wood (Blackhall Wood, St Cuthbert Without)
Blencarn, Culgaith
Blencogo, Bromfield
Blencogo Hall, Bromfield
Blencow, Greystoke
Blencow Hall, Greystoke
Bleng Bridge, Gosforth
Blengdale, Gosforth
Bleng Fell, Gosforth
Bleng Fell, Gosforth
Bleng Fell, Gosforth
Blengfell Gate, Gosforth
Bleng River (Bleng, River)
Bleng, River
Bleng Tongue, Gosforth
Blennerhasset, Blennerhasset and Torpenhow
Blennerhasset Bridge, Blennerhasset and Torpenhow
Blennerhasset Mill, Blennerhasset and Torpenhow
Blincrake (Blindcrake, Blindcrake)
Blindcrake, Blindcrake
Blitter Lees (Blitterlees, Silloth-on-Solway)
Blitterlees, Silloth-on-Solway
Blue Dial, Oughterside and Allerby
Blunderfield, Kirkoswald
Boak Hills (Clark's Hill, Kingwater)
Boathow (Baldhow, Matterdale)
Bog, Sebergham
Bogburn, Kirkandrews
Bogbushknowe, Arthuret
Bogdale, Weddicar
Bogels (Bogdale, Weddicar)
Bogfield, Castle Carrock
Boggs, The, Westlinton
Bog Hall, Boltons
Boghall (Bog Hall, Boltons)
Bog Hall, Bowness
Bog Hall (Boggs, The, Westlinton)
Boghead, Arthuret
Bog House (High Boghouse, Millom Without)
Bog Side (Bogside, Askerton)
Bogside, Askerton
Bolt How, Gosforth
Bolton (Boltongate, Boltons)
Bolton Fell, Hethersgill
Bolton Gate (Boltongate, Boltons)
Boltongate, Boltons
Boltongate Bridge, Boltons
Boltongate Mill, Boltons
Bolton Hall, Gosforth
Bolton Head, Gosforth
Bolton Wood, Gosforth
Bolton Wood (Bolton Wood House, Boltons)
Bolton Wood House, Boltons
Bolton Wood Lane, Boltons
Boltonwood Lane (Bolton Wood Lane, Boltons)
Bonescales (Bowscale, Ulpha)
Bone Wood (High Boonwood, Gosforth)
Boney (Bonny Farm, Moresby)
Bonny Farm, Moresby
Boon Wood (Boonwood, Distington)
Boonwood, Distington
Boonwood (Bovewood, Cumrew)
Boot, Eskdale
Bootbank Head (Boatbankhead)
Boot Bridge, Distington
Boothby, Brampton
Bootle, Bootle
Bootle Fell, Bootle
Bootle Fell, Bootle
Boradale Ground (Borrowdale Ground, Waberthwaite)
Border Houses (East Border, Holme Abbey)
Borrans Farm Hill, Sebergham
Borrick Town (Barrockstown, Westlinton)
Borrowdale, Borrowdale
Borrowdale and Buttermere
Borrowdale and Buttermere
Borrowdale and Buttermere
Borrowdale and Buttermere
Borrowdale and Buttermere
Borrowdale and Buttermere
Borrowdale and Buttermere
Borrowdale Fells, Borrowdale
Borrowdale Fells, Borrowdale
Borrowdale Graphite Mine (black lead mine, Seathwaite, Borrowdale)
Borrowdale Ground, Waberthwaite
Borwens Hill (Borrans Farm Hill, Sebergham)
Borwick Rails, Millom
Botcherby, Carlisle
Botcherby Bridge, Carlisle
Botcherby Mill, Carlisle
Botcher Gate (Botchergate, Carlisle)
Botchergate, Carlisle
Bothel, Bothel and Threapland
Botherick Burn (Bothrigg Burn)
Bothrigg Burn
Bottom (Waterend, Loweswater)
Bouderdale (Bowderdale, Nether Wasdale)
Bought How (Bolt How, Gosforth)
Boulton, Gosforth
Boulton End (Bolton Head, Gosforth)
boundary stone, Nag's Head, Alston Moor
Bountreehill (Rowantree Hill, Kingwater)
Boustead Hill, Burgh by Sands
Bovewood, Cumrew
Bow, Orton N
Bowbank, High (High Bowbank,, Farlam)
Bowbank, Low (Low Bowbank,, Farlam)
Bow Bridge, Gosforth
Bowderdale, Nether Wasdale
Bowder Stone, Borrowdale
Bowerhouse Bridge, Irton with Santon
Bow Fell, Lakes
Bowling Green (bowling green, Whitehaven, Whitehaven)
bowling green, Cockermouth, Cockermouth
bowling green, Whitehaven, Whitehaven
bowling green, Whitehaven, Whitehaven
bowling green, Whitehaven, Whitehaven
Bowness, Ennerdale and Kinniside
Bowness (Bowness Farm, Bassenthwaite)
Bowness (Bowness-on-Solway, Bowness)
Bowness Common, Bowness
Bowness Common, Bowness
Bowness Common, Bowness
Bowness Farm, Bassenthwaite
Bowness-on-Solway, Bowness
Bowscale, Allonby
Bowscale, Mungrisdale
Bowscale, Ulpha
Bowscale Fell, Mungrisdale
Bowscale Fell, Mungrisdale
Bowscales (Bowscale, Allonby)
Bowscale Tarn, Mungrisdale
Bowstead Hill (Boustead Hill, Burgh by Sands)
Bowthorn (Bowthorn Farm, Cleator Moor)
Bowthorn Farm, Cleator Moor
Bowthor Stone (Bowder Stone, Borrowdale)
Brackenbank, Lazonby
Brackenburgh, Hesket
Bracken Hill, Hayton
Brackenhill (Brackenhill Tower, Arthuret)
Brackenhill (Brackenhill Farm, Arthuret)
Bracken Hill (Breconhill, Brampton)
Brackenhill Farm, Arthuret
Brackenhill Tower, Arthuret
Brackenlands (Brackenlands Farm, Wigton)
Brackenlands Farm, Wigton
Brackenrigg (Brackenrigg Cottages, Bassenthwaite)
Brackenrigg, Bowness
Brackenrigg Cottages, Bassenthwaite
Brackens (Breckons, Stapleton)
Brackenside, Brampton
Brackenthwaite, Buttermere
Brackenthwaite, Westward
Brackenthwaite, Cumrew
Brackenthwaite, Ulpha
Brackenthwaite, Whitehaven
Brackenthwaite, Whitehaven
Brackenthwaite Mill, Buttermere
Brad Leys (High Broad Leys, Haile)
Bradshaw Hill (Breakshaw Hill, Askerton)
Braidness (Broadness, Bassenthwaite)
Braim Crag (Bram Cragg, St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn)
Braithwaite, Above Derwent
Braithwaite Bridge, Skelton
Braithwaite, High (High Braithwaite, Skelton)
Braithwaite How, Above Derwent
Braithwaite, Little (Little Braithwaite, Above Derwent)
Braithwaite, Low (Low Braithwaite, Skelton)
Bram Cragg, St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn
Bramery, Ainstable
Bramery Bank
Bramley, Blindbothel
Brammerys (Bramery Bank)
Brampton, Brampton
Brampton Church (Old Church, Brampton)
Brampton Law (Horseholme, Kingwater)
Brampton Mill (New Mills, Brampton)
Brampton to Alston
Brampton to Alston
Brampton to Alston
Brampton to Alston
Brampton to Alston
Brampton to Alston
Brampton to Carlisle
Brampton to Carlisle
Brampton to Carlisle
Brampton to Longtown
Brandel How (Old Brandelhow, Above Derwent)
Brandlehow Mine, Above Derwent
Brandlingill, Blindbothel
Branken Wall, Muncaster
Branling Gill (Brandlingill, Blindbothel)
Bransty Arch, Whitehaven
Bransty Beck
Bransty Brow (Bransty Row, Whitehaven)
Bransty Brow (Bransty Road, Whitehaven)
Bransty Gill (Bransty Beck)
Bransty Road, Whitehaven
Bransty Row, Whitehaven
Bransty Turnpike, Whitehaven
Branthwaite, Dean
Branthwaite, Caldbeck
Branthwaite Bridge, Dean
Branthwaite Hall, Dean
Branthwaite Hedge (Far Branthwaite Edge, Dean)
Branthwaite Row Farm, Dean
Brathahill (Brathay Hill, Setmurthy)
Brathay Hill, Setmurthy
Brattah (Brotto, St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn)
Bray Shaw (Brayshaw, Haile)
Brayshaw, Haile
Bray Stones (Braystones, Lowside Quarter)
Braystones, Lowside Quarter
Braystones Tarn, Lowside Quarter
Brayton Hall (Brayton Park, Aspatria)
Brayton Park, Aspatria
Breakshaw Hill, Askerton
Breckons, Stapleton
Breconhill, Brampton
Breeches Street (Quay Street, Whitehaven)
Brick Street (New Street, Whitehaven)
Brick Street (New Street, Whitehaven)
Brideholm Town, Bewcastle
Bridekirk, Bridekirk
Bridekirk Dovenby School, Bridekirk
Bridge (Ennerdale Bridge, Ennerdale and Kinniside)
bridge, Aspatria, Aspatria
bridge, Beckces, Hutton
bridge, Beckermet, St John Beckermet
bridge, Bootle, Bootle
bridge, Borrowdale, Borrowdale
bridge, Buttermere, Buttermere
bridge, Carlisle, Carlisle
bridge, Cleator Moor, Cleator Moor
bridge, Dockray, Matterdale
bridge, Dundraw, Dundraw
bridge, Egremont, Egremont
Bridge End (Bridge End Farm, St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn)
Bridge End, Brampton
Bridge End (Irthing House, Irthington)
Bridge End, Alston Moor
Bridge End (Irt Cottage, Irton with Santon)
Bridge End, Waberthwaite
Bridge End Farm, St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn
bridge, Eskdale, Eskdale
Bridgefoot Bridge, Little Clifton
Bridgefoot Turnpike, Brigham
bridge, Green, Millom Without
bridge, Greystoke, Greystoke
bridge, Hallthwaites, Millom Without
bridge, Haltcliff, Caldbeck
bridge, Highbridge House, Dalston
Bridge House, St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn
bridge, Howtown, Martindale
bridge, Islekirk, Westward
bridge, Keskadale, Above Derwent
bridge, Legburthwaite, St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn
bridge, Little Braithwaite, Above Derwent
bridge, Loweswater, Loweswater
Bridge Mill, Waverton
bridge, Millom Without, Millom Without
bridge, Millom Without, Millom Without
bridge, Muncaster, Muncaster
bridge, Mungrisdale, Mungrisdale
Bridgend Mill, Alston Moor
bridge, New Mill, Gosforth
bridge, Ouse Bridge, Blindcrake
Bridge Petton, Gosforth
Bridge Pitten (Bridge Petton, Gosforth)
bridge, Snittlegarth, Bewaldeth and Snittlegarth
bridge, St Bees, St Bees
bridge, St John's Castlerigg etc, St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn
bridge, St John's Castlerigg etc, St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn
Bridge Street, Carlisle
Bridge Street, Carlisle
bridge, Thirlspot, St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn
bridge, Ullock, Dean
bridge, Whicham, Whicham
bridge, Whicham, Whicham
bridge, Whitbeck, Whicham
bridge, Whitehaven, Whitehaven
bridge, Whitehaven, Whitehaven
Bridgewood Foot, Brampton
bridge, Wythop Mill, Embleton
Bridgwood Foot (Bridgewood Foot, Brampton)
Briggle Beck
Brigham, Brigham
Brighouse (Bridge House, St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn)
Brig House (Brighouse, Ulpha)
Brighouse, Ulpha
Brightenflat, Scaleby
Brighting Flatts (Brightenflat, Scaleby)
Brindhom (Brundholme, Underskiddaw)
Brisco, St Cuthbert Without
Briscoe Hill (Brisco Hill, Arthuret)
Brisco Hill, Arthuret
Brisco Hill, St Cuthbert Without
Broad Croft, Arthuret
Broad Field, Hesket
Broadgate, Millom Without
Broadgate, High (Broadgate, Millom Without)
Broadgate, Low (Low Broadgate, Millom Without)
Broadmeadows, Ousby
Broadness, Bassenthwaite
Broadoak Beck
Broadwath, Wetheral
Brocavum, Brougham
Brockle Bank (Brocklebank, Westward)
Brocklebank, Westward
Brocklebank Fell, Westward
Brocklebank Fell, Westward
Brockle Beck
Brocklecrag, Ireby
Brockle Craig (Brocklecrag, Ireby)
Brockle Moor (Brockleymoor House, Hesket)
Brocklewath, Cumwhitton
Brockleymoor House, Hesket
Brokle Wath (Brocklewath, Cumwhitton)
Bromfield, Bromfield
Bromfield Row (Broomfield, Dalston)
Broom (Broom Farm, Gosforth)
Broom Farm, Gosforth
Broomfield, Dalston
Broomhill (Broomhills, Cummersdale)
Broomhill Beck
Broomhill, High (High Broom Hill, Nether Denton)
Broomhill, Low (Low Broom Hill, Nether Denton)
Broomhills, Cummersdale
Broom Hills (Broomhills, Arthuret)
Broomhills, Arthuret
Broom Park (Broompark, Holme East Waver)
Broompark, Holme East Waver
Broomshield (Burnt Shields, Bewcastle)
Broom Well (Broomwell, Irthington)
Broomwell, Irthington
Broomy Know, Westlinton
Brotherilkeld, Eskdale
Brothey Beck (Brothy Beck)
Brothy Beck
Brotto, St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn
Brougham Castle, Brougham
Brougham Hall, Brougham
Broughton, Great (Great Broughton, Broughton)
Broughton in Furness to Ravenglass
Broughton in Furness to Ravenglass
Broughton in Furness to Ravenglass
Broughton in Furness to Ravenglass
Broughton in Furness to Ravenglass
Broughton, Little (Little Broughton, Broughton)
Broughton Mill, Broughton
Broughton Moor, Broughton Moor
Broughton Moor, Broughton Moor
Brovoniacum (Brocavum, Brougham)
Brow (Hollin Brow, St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn)
Browhead (Millees, Kirkandrews)
Brow Houses (Browhouses)
Brown Bank (Brownbank, Seascale)
Brownbank, Seascale
Brown Dyke, Scaleby
Brown Dykes (Brown Dyke, Scaleby)
Brown Knot (Brown Knott, Drigg and Carleton)
Brown Knott, Drigg and Carleton
Brownrigg, Arlecdon and Frizington
Brownrigg, Holme Abbey
Brownrigg, Caldbeck
Brownrigg, Matterdale
Brownrigg, Kirklinton Middle
Brown Rigg, Lazonby
Brownrigg (Brown Rigg, Lazonby)
Brown Rigg, Cumrew
Brownrigg (Brownside, Alston Moor)
Brownside, Alston Moor
Brow Top, Keswick
Brundholme, Underskiddaw
Brunstock, Stanwix Rural
Brunstock Beck
Brunstock Beck
Brunthill, Kingmoor
Bruntons Hill, Arthuret
Bruthwaite Forest, Midgeholme
Buckabank, Dalston
Buckman Hall, Millom Without
Bugbush Know (Bogbushknowe, Arthuret)
Bullgill Bridge, Gilcrux
Bullman Hills, Ousby
Bully House, Setmurthy
Bulman Hills (Bullman Hills, Ousby)
Bulwark, Whitehaven
Burblethwaite, Caldbeck
Burgh by Sands, Burgh by Sands
Burgh Marsh, Burgh by Sands
Burgh on the Sands (Burgh by Sands, Burgh by Sands)
Burghthwaite (Birkthwaite, Hesket)
Burn Eauld (Burntfauld, Nicholforest)
Burnfield, Millom Without
Burn Foot (Burnfoot, Arthuret)
Burnfoot, Arthuret
Burn Foot, Stapleton
Burn Foot, Bewcastle
Burnham Walls (Branken Wall, Muncaster)
Burnhope Burn (Sally Grain)
Burnhope Seat, Alston Moor
Burnmoor Tarn, Eskdale
Burnmouth (Under Burnmouth)
Burns (Burns Farm, St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn)
Burns Farm, St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn
Burnside, Hethersgill
Burnstone Hill (Bruntons Hill, Arthuret)
Burntfauld, Nicholforest
Burnt Hill (Brunthill, Kingmoor)
Burnt Hill, Kirklinton Middle
Burnt House, Irton with Santon
Burnthwaite, High (High Burnthwaite, St Cuthbert Without)
Burnthwaite, Low (Bankdale Farm, St Cuthbert Without)
Burnt Shields, Bewcastle
Burnt Stones (Burntstones)
Burrellhill, Culgaith
Burrow Crails (Borwick Rails, Millom)
Burth Holm (Burtholme, Burtholme)
Burthinghirst (Burthinghurst, Burtholme)
Burthinghurst, Burtholme
Burtholme, Burtholme
Burthwaite, St Cuthbert Without
Burthwaite Bridge, Borrowdale
Bush (Bush on Esk, Kirkandrews)
Bush (Bush on Lyne, Arthuret)
Bushgill Head (Bushgillhead, Woodside)
Bushgillhead, Woodside
Bushley Bank, Askerton
Bush Nook, Upper Denton
Bush on Esk, Kirkandrews
Bush on Lyne, Arthuret
Busk (Busk Rigg, Kirkoswald)
Busk Rigg, Kirkoswald
Busley Bank (Bushley Bank, Askerton)
Bustabeck, Castle Sowerby
Butterburn, Kingwater
Butter Burn
Butterburn (Butter Burn)
Butterdale (Butterdales Holdings)
Butterdales Holdings
Butter Hill (Butterhill, Bewcastle)
Butterhill, Bewcastle
Butter Ilket (Brotherilkeld, Eskdale)
Buttermere, Buttermere
Buttermere Dubs
Buttermere Hause, Buttermere
Buttermire (Buttermere, Buttermere)
Buttermire Hause (Buttermere Hause, Buttermere)
Buttermire Water (Buttermere, Buttermere)
Butt of Blackburn, Midgeholme
Byegill, Hayton
Byers Pike, Midgeholme
Byerstead, Whitehaven
Byre, Low (Lowbyer Manor, Alston Moor)

Caber, Kirkoswald
Cable Clugh (Old Carr's Burn)
Cairn Beck
Cairnbridge, Cumwhitton
Cairnbrig Know (Cairnbridge, Cumwhitton)
Caisbank (Kaysbank, Stapleton)
Cais House (Cays House, Stapleton)
Calbreak (Calebreck, Caldbeck)
Cald Beck
Caldbeck, Caldbeck
Caldbeck Fells, Caldbeck
Caldbeck Fells, Caldbeck
Caldbeck Fells, Caldbeck
Caldcotes, Carlisle
Calder, Ponsonby
Calder Abbey, St Bridget Beckermet
Calder Bridge, St Bridget Beckermet
Calder Foot
Calderfoot (Calder Foot)
Calder Hall, Ponsonby
Calder River (Calder, River)
Caldew Beck (Caldewbeck, Sebergham)
Caldewbeck, Sebergham
Caldew Bridge, Carlisle
Caldew Bridge, Carlisle
Caldew Gate (Bridge Street, Carlisle)
Caldew Gate (Bridge Street, Carlisle)
Caldewgate mill race, Carlisle
Caldewgate mill race, Carlisle
Caldewgate mill race, Carlisle
Caldew River (Caldew, River)
Caldew River (Caldew, River)
Caldew River (Caldew, River)
Caldew River (Caldew, River)
Caldew River (Caldew, River)
Caldew, River
Caldew, River
Caldew, River
Caldew, River
Caldew, River
Caldew, River
Caldew, River
Calebreck, Caldbeck
Calmon Flat (Common Flatt, Bewcastle)
Calthwaite, Hesket
Calthwaite Close (Scawthwaite Close, Ireby)
Calthwaite House, Hesket
Calva, Workington
Calva Hall, Dean
Calvertfold, Alston Moor
Calvey (Calva Hall, Dean)
Calvey (Calva, Workington)
Calvey (Calvo, Holme Low)
Calvo, Holme Low
Calvo Marsh, Holme Abbey
Cam Beck
Cam Beck
Cambeck Bridge, Brampton
Cambeck Hill (Cambeckhill, Irthington)
Cambeckhill, Irthington
Camboglanna, Walton
Camerton Hall, Camerton
Cammerton Hall (Camerton Hall, Camerton)
Camp House (Hope and Anchor Inn, Westward)
Canahaugh (Cannerheugh, Kirkoswald)
Cannerheugh, Kirkoswald
Cannonby (Crosscanonby, Crosscanonby)
Cannonby (Canonbie)
Canonbie Bridge
Capon Tree, Brampton
Carby Hill
Cardew, Dalston
Cardew Hall, Dalston
Cardew Lees (Cardewlees, Dalston)
Cardewlees, Dalston
Cardew Mire (Cardew Mires, Dalston)
Cardew Mires, Dalston
Cardurnock, Bowness
Cardurnock and Bowness Flow (Bowness Common, Bowness)
Cardurnock and Bowness Flow (Bowness Common, Bowness)
Cardurnock and Bowness Flow (Bowness Common, Bowness)
Cardurnock and Bowness Moss (Bowness Common, Bowness)
Cardurnock and Bowness Moss (Bowness Common, Bowness)
Cardurnock and Bowness Moss (Bowness Common, Bowness)
Cardurnock Lough, Bowness
Carel Cross (market cross, Carlisle, Carlisle)
Cargate Head, Kirkandrews
Cargo, Kingmoor
Cargo Hill (Cargohill, Kingmoor)
Cargohill, Kingmoor
Carlatton (Carlatton Demesne, Carlatton)
Carlatton Demesne, Carlatton
Carlatton Mill, Carlatton
Carleton, St John Beckermet
Carleton, St Cuthbert Without
Carleton, Penrith
Carleton, Drigg and Carleton
Carleton Hall, Penrith
Carleton Hall, Drigg and Carleton
Carleton Mill, St Cuthbert Without
Carlisle, Carlisle
Carlisle: St Albans Row, Carlisle
Carlisle Castle, Carlisle
Carlisle Castle, Carlisle
Carlisle Castle, Carlisle
Carlisle Cathedral, Carlisle
Carlisle Cathedral, Carlisle
Carlisle Cross (market cross, Carlisle, Carlisle)
Carlisle Gate, Boltons
Carlisle, Old (Old Carlisle, Westward)
Carlisle to Abbey Town
Carlisle to Abbey Town
Carlisle to Abbey Town
Carlisle to Abbey Town
Carlisle to Abbey Town
Carlisle to Allonby
Carlisle to Allonby
Carlisle to Allonby
Carlisle to Allonby
Carlisle to Allonby
Carlisle to Bowness-on-Solway
Carlisle to Bowness-on-Solway
Carlisle to Bowness-on-Solway
Carlisle to Bowness-on-Solway
Carlisle to Bowness-on-Solway
Carlisle to Gretna
Carlisle to Longtown
Carlisle to Longtown
Carlisle to Longtown
Carlisle to Wigton
Carlisle to Wigton
Carlisle to Wigton
Carlisle to Wigton
Carlisle to Wigton
Carlton (Carleton, St John Beckermet)
Carlton (Carleton, Penrith)
Carlton Hall (Carleton Hall, Penrith)
Carnetley, Farlam
Carrock Beck
Carrock Fell, Caldbeck
Carry House (Corry House, Hayton)
Carshill, Kingwater
Carter Lane, Whitehaven
Carwenlaw Burn (Carwinley Burn)
Carwen Law Mill (Carwinley Mill, Arthuret)
Carwinley Burn
Carwinley Mill, Arthuret
Cash Burn
Cashburn (Cash Burn)
Castle, Loweswater
Castle (Epiacum)
Castle (Millom Castle, Millom)
Castle Carrick (Castle Carrock, Castle Carrock)
Castle Carrick Common (Castle Carrock Common, Castle Carrock)
Castle Carrick Common (Castle Carrock Common, Castle Carrock)
Castle Carrick Fell (Castle Carrock Fell, Castle Carrock)
Castle Carrock, Castle Carrock
Castle Carrock Common, Castle Carrock
Castle Carrock Common, Castle Carrock
Castle Carrock Fell, Castle Carrock
Castle Crag, Borrowdale
Castle Gate (Castlegate, Cockermouth)
Castlegate, Cockermouth
Castle Head, Keswick
Castle Hill (Castle Crag, Borrowdale)
Castlehow, Castle Sowerby
Castle Rigg (Castlerigg, Distington)
Castlerigg, Distington
Castle Rigg (Castlerigg, St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn)
Castlerigg, St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn
Castlerigg Stone Circle, St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn
Castle Shield (Castleshields, Wetheral)
Castleshields, Wetheral
Castle Sowerby, Castle Sowerby
Castlesteads (Camboglanna, Walton)
Castle Street, Carlisle
Castle Street, Carlisle
Castle Street, Carlisle
Castle Town (Castletown, Rockcliffe, Rockcliffe)
Castletown (Castletown, Rockcliffe, Rockcliffe)
Castra Exploratorum (roman fort, Westward, Westward)
Catches Hill (Deer Hill, Kingwater)
Catch Hill (Cote Hill, Hayton)
Catgill (Catgill Hall, Egremont)
Cat Gill
Catgill Foot (Cadgillfoot)
Catgill Hall, Egremont
Catgill Summer House, Egremont
Catheren Street (Catherine Street, Whitehaven)
Catheren Street (Catherine Street, Whitehaven)
Catherine Street, Whitehaven
Catherine Street, Whitehaven
Cathow, Ennerdale and Kinniside
Catlands, Boltons
Catlands Fell, Boltons
Catlands Fell, Boltons
Catlowdy, Nicholforest
Catta (Cathow, Ennerdale and Kinniside)
Catterlen, Catterlen
Catterlen Bridge, Penrith
Catterlen Hall, Catterlen
Caud Beck
Causeway Foot, St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn
Causewayhead, Holme Low
Cawd Beck (Caud Beck)
Caw Fell, Ennerdale and Kinniside
Cays House, Stapleton
Chalk Beck
Chalk Hall, Dalston
Challoner Street, Cockermouth
Challoner Street, Cockermouth
Chandler Lane (Challoner Street, Cockermouth)
Chandler Lane (Challoner Street, Cockermouth)
Chapel, Bassenthwaite
Chapel Beck
Chapel Beck
Chapel Burn (Chapelburn, Nether Denton)
Chapelburn, Nether Denton
chapel, Cockermouth, Cockermouth
Chapel House, Whitehaven
Chapel House Farm, Ireby
chapel, Nicholforest, Nicholforest
Chapel of the Grune, Silloth-on-Solway
Chapels, Muncaster
Chapel Street, Whitehaven
Chapel Town (Chapeltown, Arthuret)
Chapeltown, Arthuret
chapel, Whitehaven, Whitehaven
Chapless (Chapel House, Whitehaven)
Chapless (Chapel House Farm, Ireby)
Chappels, Millom Without
Charlesfield, Kirklinton Middle
Charles Ground (Gillfoot, Waberthwaite)
Charlesground, Waberthwaite
Charles Street, Whitehaven
Cheese Burn
Cheeseburn (Cheese Burn)
Cherbuckle, Kirkoswald
Cherrytree (Cherry Tree Inn, St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn)
Cherry Tree Inn, St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn
Christ and St Mary's Church, Hesket
Christ Church, Allonby
Christcliff, Eskdale
Christenbury Crags (Christianbury Crag, Bewcastle)
Christianbury Crag, Bewcastle
Christ Left (Christcliff, Eskdale)
Church Bridge, Haile
Church Bridge, Loweswater
Church Hill, Westward
Church Land (Kirklands Farm, Irton with Santon)
Church Street, Carlisle
Church Street, Whitehaven
Church Street, Whitehaven
Cinderdale Beck
Citadel (Citadel, The, Carlisle)
Citadel, The, Carlisle
City, St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn
City of Barsea (Barnscar, Muncaster)
City Walls, Carlisle
City Walls, Carlisle
City Walls, Carlisle
City Walls, Carlisle
City Walls, Carlisle
City Walls, Carlisle
City Walls, Carlisle
City Walls, Carlisle
Claplaws (Chappels, Millom Without)
Clarghyll Hall, Alston Moor
Clargill (Clarghyll Hall, Alston Moor)
Clargill Burn
Clarkes Town (Clarkestown, Kirkandrews)
Clarkestown, Kirkandrews
Clark's Close, Stapleton
Clark's Hill, Kingwater
Clea Hall, Westward
Clea Mire (Cleamire, Westward)
Cleamire, Westward
Cleatabank (Cleaty Bank, Blindbothel)
Cleator, Cleator Moor
Cleator Forge, Cleator Moor
Cleaty Bank, Blindbothel
Cleugh Head, Hethersgill
Cleugh Head, Arthuret
Cleugh Head, Nether Denton
Cleugh Side, Hethersgill
Cleughside, Bewcastle
Cliff, Kirklinton Middle
Cliffton, Great (Great Clifton, Great Clifton)
Cliffton, Little (Little Clifton, Little Clifton)
Close (Close Farm, Embleton)
Close, Irthington
Close Farm, Embleton
Close Head (Closehead, Hayton)
Closehead, Hayton
Close, High (High Close, Hayton)
Close House, Stanwix Rural
Close House, Westlinton
Close Houses (Close House, Westlinton)
Close, Nether (Netherclose, Loweswater)
Closes (Close, Irthington)
Close, The, Holme Low
Clowsgill (High Closegill, Nether Denton)
Clowsgill Holm (Clowsgill Holme, Farlam)
Clowsgill Holme, Farlam
Clowsgill Limeworks, Farlam
Clugh Head (Cleugh Head, Hethersgill)
Clugh Head (Cleugh Head, Arthuret)
Clugh Side (Charlesfield, Kirklinton Middle)
Clugh Side (Cleughside, Bewcastle)
Coach Road, Whitehaven
Coal Beck (Holebeck, Arlecdon and Frizington)
Coal Beck
Coal Beck (Coalbeck, Blindcrake)
Coalbeck, Blindcrake
Coal Fell (Coalfell, Farlam)
Coalfell, Farlam
Coal Hills (Cotehill, Lazonby)
Coalhole Hill, Westward
Coat (East Cote, Silloth-on-Solway)
Coat Gate (Ghyll Cottage, St Bees)
Coathill (Cotehill, Brampton)
Coathills (Cotehill, Wetheral)
Coat House (Cote House, Wetheral)
Coathouse Island, Wetheral
Coatleth Hill (Coatlith Hill, Alston Moor)
Coatlith Hill, Alston Moor
Coats Lane (Cross Street, Whitehaven)
Cockan, Lamplugh
Cock Bridge, Blennerhasset and Torpenhow
Cockeltygill (Cockleygill, Lamplugh)
Cocken (Cockan, Lamplugh)
Cocker Bridge, Cockermouth
Cocker Bridge, Cockermouth
Cocker Lane, Cockermouth
Cockermouth, Cockermouth
Cockermouth, Cockermouth
Cockermouth, Cockermouth
Cockermouth Castle, Cockermouth
Cockermouth Castle, Cockermouth
Cockermouth to Abbey Town
Cockermouth to Abbey Town
Cockermouth to Abbey Town
Cockermouth to Abbey Town
Cockermouth to Abbey Town
Cockermouth to Allerby
Cockermouth to Carlisle
Cockermouth to Carlisle
Cockermouth to Carlisle
Cockermouth to Carlisle
Cockermouth to Carlisle
Cockermouth to Carlisle
Cockermouth to Maryport
Cockermouth to Whitehaven
Cockermouth to Whitehaven
Cockermouth to Whitehaven
Cockermouth to Whitehaven
Cockermouth to Whitehaven
Cockermouth to Whitehaven
Cockermouth to Whitehaven
Cockermouth to Whitehaven
Cockermouth to Whitehaven
Cockermouth to Workington
Cockermouth to Workington
Cockermouth to Workington
Cockermouth to Workington
Cocker, River
Cocker, River
Cocker, River
Cocker, River
Cocker, River
Cocker, River
Cocklet Hill, Hethersgill
Cockley Beck, Dunnerdale-with-Seathwaite
Cockley Beck Bridge, Dunnerdale-with-Seathwaite
Cockleygill, Lamplugh
Cockshot Beck
Cockstone Place (Cookson Place, Irton with Santon)
Cod Beck (Little Lingbank, Gosforth)
Cogills (Caw Fell, Ennerdale and Kinniside)
Coin House, Seaton
Cold Fell (Kinniside Common, Ennerdale and Kinniside)
Cold Fell, Geltsdale
Cold Keld, Great Salkeld
Coldkell (Oakbank, Loweswater)
Cold Pike Fell (Cold Fell, Geltsdale)
Cold Side (Coldside, Bewcastle)
Coldside, Bewcastle
Coledale Beck
College (College, The, Kirkoswald)
College Street, Whitehaven
College, The, Kirkoswald
Collier Gate (Colliergate, Lamplugh)
Colliergate, Lamplugh
Colliergate Beck
Collins Town (Collinstown, Kirkandrews)
Collinstown, Kirkandrews
Colt Close, Hesket
Combe Gill
Comb Gill
Common Flatt, Bewcastle
Common Gate, Hayton
Common Moss, Holme Abbey
Common Moss, Holme Abbey
Cookson Place, Irton with Santon
Coom, Kirkandrews
Coople How (Cropple How, Muncaster)
Copeland Forest, Nether Wasdale
Copeland Forest, Nether Wasdale
copperas works, Whitehaven, Whitehaven
Corby (Great Corby, Wetheral)
Corby Castle, Wetheral
Corbygate (Corby Gates Farm, Alston Moor)
Corby Gates Farm, Alston Moor
Corby, Little (Little Corby, Hayton)
Corcickle (Corkickle, Whitehaven)
Corie Leys (Corrylees, Solport)
Corkickle, Whitehaven
Corney Fell, Waberthwaite
Corney Hall, Waberthwaite
Corney, High (High Corney, Waberthwaite)
Cornhow, Buttermere
Cornrigg Burn (Stanners Gill)
Corporation Dam, Carlisle
Corries Mill
Corries Mill Bridge, Kirkandrews
Corrigg (Low Cowrigg, Castle Sowerby)
Corry House, Hayton
Corrylees, Solport
Cotehill, Wetheral
Cotehill, Lazonby
Cote Hill, Hayton
Cotehill, Brampton
Cote House, Wetheral
Coulderton, Lowside Quarter
Countess Pillar, Brougham
Couper (New Cowper, Holme St Cuthbert)
Cove, Matterdale
Covert Hall (Calvertfold, Alston Moor)
Cow'd Close (Colt Close, Hesket)
Cowgap (Low Cowgap, Alston Moor)
Cowgate, Holme St Cuthbert
Cowgill (Howgill, Castle Sowerby)
Cow Lane (Cowlane, Holme Low)
Cowlane, Holme Low
Cow Lyers (Cowlyers, Holme Low)
Cowlyers, Holme Low
Cowraik Quarry, Penrith
Cowrake Stone Quarrys (Cowraik Quarry, Penrith)
Cowran, Hayton
Cowren (Cowran, Hayton)
Cow Rigg (Cowrigg, Arthuret)
Cowrigg, Arthuret
Cows Law (Cowslaw, Westward)
Cowslaw, Westward
Cowslaw Bridge, Westward
Cow Wath, Ireby
Crabtree Beck (Crabtreebeck, Loweswater)
Crabtreebeck, Loweswater
Crackburn (Cragburn, Nicholforest)
Cracrop, Stapleton
Crag (Crag Farm House, Ennerdale and Kinniside)
Crag, Setmurthy
Crag (Crags, Westward)
Crag (Crag House, Matterdale)
Crag (Craigs, Bewcastle)
Crag (Cragg Farm, Muncaster)
Cragburn, Nicholforest
Cragburn (Craigburn, Askerton)
Crag Cottage
Crag Farm House, Ennerdale and Kinniside
Cragfield (Cragshield, Alston Moor)
Cragg Farm, Muncaster
Crag Hall, High (High Craghall, Ulpha)
Crag Hall, Low (Low Craghall, Ulpha)
Crag, High (High Crag, Alston Moor)
Crag Hill (Craig Hill, Kingwater)
Crag Hills, Dean
Crag House, Matterdale
Crag, Low (Low Crag, Alston Moor)
Crag, Middle (Middle Crag, Alston Moor)
Crags, Westward
Cragshield, Alston Moor
Craigburn, Askerton
Craig Hill, Kingwater
Craigs, Bewcastle
Crakeplace Hall, Dean
Cranklands, Muncaster
Cray Cottage, Muncaster
Creakrope (Cracrop, Stapleton)
Crew, Bewcastle
Crewgarth, Ousby
Crime Crag (Grimecrag, Ulpha)
Crindledyke, Kirkoswald
Cringlagill, Arlecdon and Frizington
Croasdale, Ennerdale and Kinniside
Croft, Bewcastle
Croftangry, Nicholforest
Croft Foot (Croftfoot, Ennerdale and Kinniside)
Croftfoot, Ennerdale and Kinniside
Croft Head (Crofthead, Arthuret)
Crofthead, Arthuret
Crofton Bridge, Westward
Crofton Hall, Thursby
Crofton Sike
Crofts, Arlecdon and Frizington
Croglin, Ainstable
Croglin Bridge, Ainstable
Croglin Fell, Ainstable
Croglin Hall (Croglin Low Hall, Kirkoswald)
Croglin High Hall, Kirkoswald
Croglin Low Bridge, Ainstable
Croglin Low Hall, Kirkoswald
Croglin Water
Croglin Water
Croock (Crook, The, Ulpha)
Crook, Bewcastle
Crook Bridge, Stapleton
Crookburn, Bewcastle
Crook Burn
Crookburn Head, Nicholforest
Crookburn Pike, Geltsdale
Crookdake, Bromfield
Crookdake Hall, Bromfield
Crookdake Mill, Bromfield
Crookgarth (Crewgarth, Ousby)
Crookham (Crookholm)
Crookholme Mill, Sebergham
Crookhurst, Allonby
Crook, The, Ulpha
Crookust (Crookhurst, Allonby)
Crook Wath (Crookwath, Matterdale)
Crookwath, Matterdale
Cropple How, Muncaster
Crosby, Crosscanonby
Crosby (Low Crosby, Stanwix Rural)
Crosby Bridge, Ulpha
Crosby Gill
Crosby, High (High Crosby, Stanwix Rural)
Crosby Thwaite (Crosbythwaite, Ulpha)
Crosbythwaite, Ulpha
Crosbythwaite Bridge, Ulpha
Crosby Turnpike, Stanwix Rural
Croslakin (Crosslacon, Arlecdon and Frizington)
Cross (Rosehill, Moresby)
Cross (Scot Hall, Gosforth)
cross, Alston Moor, Alston Moor
Cross Bank, Millom Without
Crossbarrow, Great Clifton
Crosscanonby, Crosscanonby
Cross Fell, Culgaith
Cross Field (Crossfield, Cleator Moor)
Crossfield, Cleator Moor
Crossfield, Kirkoswald
Cross Gill, Arlecdon and Frizington
Crossgill, Alston Moor
Cross Gill
Crossgill Bridge, Alston Moor
Crossgill Burn (Cross Gill)
Cross Green (Crossgreens, Bewcastle)
Crossgreens, Bewcastle
Crosshill, Waverton
Cross Hill (Crosshill, Bewcastle)
Crosshill, Bewcastle
Cross Hills (Crosshill, Waverton)
Crosslacon, Arlecdon and Frizington
Cross Lands (Crosslands, Alston Moor)
Crosslands, Alston Moor
Cross Street, Whitehaven
cross, Wetheral, Wetheral
Crosthwaite (Great Crosthwaite, Keswick)
Crosthwaite, Little (Little Crosthwaite, Underskiddaw)
Crowdundle Beck
Crowdundle Beck
Crown Street, Cockermouth
Crowpark Wood, Whitehaven
Crowsdale (Croasdale, Ennerdale and Kinniside)
Crubbins Hill, Bewcastle
Crummock Beck
Crummock Water, Buttermere
Crummock Water, Buttermere
Cubbam (Cubben, Irton with Santon)
Cubben, Irton with Santon
Cubby Hill (Cubbyhill, Kirkandrews)
Cubbyhill, Kirkandrews
Culgaith, Culgaith
Cullgaith (Culgaith, Culgaith)
Cumberland: threapland 2, Midgeholme
Cumblands, Drigg and Carleton
Cumcatch, Brampton
Cumcrook, Stapleton
Cumdivock, Dalston
Cumlands (Cumblands, Drigg and Carleton)
Cummersdale (High Cummersdale, Cummersdale)
Cummersdale Print Works, Cummersdale
Cumpstones, Whicham
Cumrew, Cumrew
Cumrew Fell, Cumrew
Cumwhinton, Wetheral
Cumwhitton, Cumwhitton
Cunningarth (Cunning Garth, Holme Abbey)
Cunningarth, Westward
Cunning Garth, Holme Abbey
Custom House (Old Custom House, Whitehaven)
Customhouse Dock, Whitehaven
Customhouse Quay, Whitehaven

Dacre, Dacre
Dacre Beck
Dacre Bridge, Dacre
Dacre Castle, Dacre
Daffenside Beacon, Kirkoswald
Daffiestonrigg, Kirkandrews
Daffies Town Rigg (Daffiestonrigg, Kirkandrews)
Daker End (Wasdale Hall, Nether Wasdale)
Dale, Ainstable
Dale Bottom, St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn
Dalegarth Hall, Eskdale
Dale Head, Dunnerdale-with-Seathwaite
Dale Head, Buttermere
Dale Head (Dalehead Hall, St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn)
Dalehead Hall, St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn
Dalemain, Dacre
Dalemain Mill, Dacre
Dale Mill, Ainstable
Dalston, Dalston
Dalston Bridge, Dalston
Dalston Hall, Dalston
Dash (Dash Farm, Ireby)
Dashatgate, Millom Without
Dash Farm, Ireby
Dashwellgreen, Arthuret
Dashwood Gate (Dashatgate, Millom Without)
Dashwood Green (Dashwellgreen, Arthuret)
Dawson Ground (Woolpack Inn, Eskdale)
Dead Stones, Alston Moor
Dean, Dean
Dean Scales (Deanscales, Dean)
Deanscales, Dean
Dearham, Dearham
Dearham Bridge, Dearham
Dearham Hall, Dearham
Dearham Mill, Dearham
Dearham Moor (Broughton Moor, Broughton Moor)
Dearham Moor (Broughton Moor, Broughton Moor)
Debatable Land, Kirkandrews
Deer Hill, Kingwater
Deer Rudding, Mungrisdale
Demain (Demesne, Whitehaven)
Demesn (Demesne, Kingwater)
Demesne, Whitehaven
Demesne, Kingwater
Dent, Cleator Moor
Denton Gate (Lane Head, Nether Denton)
Denton Hall, Nether Denton
Denton Mill, Nether Denton
Denton, Nether (Nether Denton)
Denton Rigg, Upper Denton
Denton, Upper (Upper Denton, Upper Denton)
Derventio, Papcastle
Derwent Bay, Above Derwent
Derwent Bridge, Cockermouth
Derwent Bridge, Cockermouth
Derwent Fold (Derwentfolds, Threlkeld)
Derwentfolds, Threlkeld
Derwent Isle, Keswick
Derwent, River
Derwent, River
Derwent, River
Derwent, River
Derwent, River
Derwent, River
Derwent, River
Derwent, River
Derwent, River
Derwent, River
Derwent River (Derwent, River)
Derwent, River
Derwent, River
Derwent River (Derwent, River)
Derwent River (Derwent, River)
Derwent Water, Keswick
Derwent Water, Keswick
Desoglin, Kingwater
Devock Water (Devoke Water, Eskdale)
Devoke Water, Eskdale
Dike (High Dykes, Ainstable)
Dike Head, Hethersgill
Dike Head (Dikehead, Nicholforest)
Dikehead, Nicholforest
Dike Head (Hill Head)
Dike Nook, St Bees
Dike Nook, Arlecdon and Frizington
Dikenook (Dike Nook, Arlecdon and Frizington)
Dikes Field (Dykesfield, Burgh by Sands)
Dike Side (Dykeside, Kirklinton Middle)
Dikeside, Stanwix Rural
Dikes Town (Oakbank, Kirkandrews)
Dike Yate, Scaleby
Dirt Hole, Gosforth
Dirtpot Burn (Black Burn)
Dirtup, Bewcastle
Disputed Ground (Cumberland: threapland 1, Upper Denton)
Distington, Distington
Distington Beck
Distington Mill, Distington
Distressed Sailor, Whitehaven
Distrest Sailor (Distressed Sailor, Whitehaven)
Dixon Clugh Head (Cleugh Head, Nether Denton)
Dixon Hill, Haile
Dockeray (Dockray, Woodside)
Dockra Nook (Dockray Nook, Lamplugh)
Dockray, Woodside
Dockray, Matterdale
Dockray Nook, Lamplugh
Dockwray (Dockray, Matterdale)
Dodbury, Alston Moor
Dodd Fell (Great Dodd, St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn)
Dodd Fell (Great Dodd, St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn)
Doddick, Threlkeld
Dodding Wood (Todhillwood)
Dodds End
Dodgons (Dodgsontown, Stapleton)
Dodgsontown, Stapleton
Dods End (Dodds End)
Dolphenby, Langwathby
Dormansteads, Stapleton
Dormansteads, Middle (Pattieshill, Stapleton)
Dormoss (Normoss, Waberthwaite)
Dorryfield, Stapleton
Dorryfield Gate (Dorryfield, Stapleton)
Double Dikes (North Doubledykes)
Double Mills, Cockermouth
Doudle Beck
Doughenby (Dolphenby, Langwathby)
Dove Crags, Bewcastle
Dovenby, Bridekirk
Dovenby Hall, Bridekirk
Down by Rigg, Westlinton
Down Hall, Aikton
Dowthwaite Head (Dowthwaitehead, Matterdale)
Dowthwaitehead, Matterdale
Draughtsike, Nicholforest
Draw Dikes (Drawdykes Castle, Stanwix Rural)
Drawdykes Castle, Stanwix Rural
Drawdykes Mill, Stanwix Rural
Drayrigg (Dryrigg Farm, Boltons)
Drest (Dryhurst, Ennerdale and Kinniside)
Drigg, Drigg and Carleton
Drigg Hall, Drigg and Carleton
Drigg Moorside, Drigg and Carleton
Drigg Point, Drigg and Carleton
Drinkalds, Millom Without
Drinkets (Drinkalds, Millom Without)
Drover's Lane, Carlisle
Druid Stones (Castlerigg Stone Circle, St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn)
Drumburgh, Bowness
Drumburgh Castle, Bowness
Drumleaning, Aikton
Drumlining (Drumleaning, Aikton)
Dry Beck
Drybeck (Dry Beck)
Drybeck, Hesket
Dryburn, Alston Moor
Dry Fold, Bromfield
Dryfold (Dry Fold, Bromfield)
Dryholm (Dryholme, Holme Low)
Dryholme, Holme Low
Dryhurst, Ennerdale and Kinniside
Dryrigg Farm, Boltons
Dub (Dubs, The, Dean)
Dub Beck
Dub Beck
Dub Hall, Arlecdon and Frizington
Dubhall (Dub Hall, Arlecdon and Frizington)
Dubhead, Arlecdon and Frizington
Dub Mill, Allonby
Dubmill (Dub Mill, Allonby)
Dubs, The, Dean
Dubwath (High Dubwath, Hethersgill)
Dubwath Beck
Duddock (Doddick, Threlkeld)
Duddon Bank (Duddon Bridge, Millom Without)
Duddon Bridge, Millom Without
Duddon Bridge, Broughton West
Duddon Estuary
Duddon Estuary
Duddon Hall, Millom Without
Duddon Mount, Millom Without
Duddon Mouth (Duddon Estuary)
Duddon Mouth (Duddon Estuary)
Duddon River (Duddon, River)
Duddon, River
Duddon, River
Duddon, River
Duddon River (Duddon, River)
Duddon, River
Duddon, River
Duffergill Burn
Duke Pit, Whitehaven
Duke Street, Whitehaven
Duke Street, Whitehaven
Duke Street, Whitehaven
Duke Street, Whitehaven
Dumblar Rigg, Kingwater
Dumbler Rigg (Dumblar Rigg, Kingwater)
Duncow Fold (Duncowfold, Wetheral)
Duncowfold, Wetheral
Dundraw, Dundraw
Dunmail Raise Stones, St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn
Dunmallard Hill, Dacre
Dunmallet (Dunmallard Hill, Dacre)
Dunmelraise Stones (Dunmail Raise Stones, St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn)
Dunning Well (High Dunningwell, Millom Without)
Dunthwaite, Setmurthy
Durdar, St Cuthbert Without
Durdare (Durdar, St Cuthbert Without)
Durnock (Dornock)
Durtop (Dirtup, Bewcastle)
Dyke, Muncaster
Dyke Nook, Bassenthwaite
Dykesfield, Burgh by Sands
Dykeside, Kirklinton Middle
Dyke Side (Dikeside, Stanwix Rural)

Eagle Crag, Borrowdale
Eagle Cragg (Eagle Crag, Borrowdale)
Eaglesfield, Dean
Eaglesfield Crag, Dean
Eamont Bridge, Yanwath and Eamont Bridge
Eamont, River
Eamont, River
Eamont, River
Eamont, River
Eamont, River
earthwork, Ponsonby, Ponsonby
Easby, Great (Great Easby, Brampton)
Easby, Little (Little Easby, Brampton)
East Border, Holme Abbey
East Cote, Silloth-on-Solway
East Curthwaite, Westward
Eastead (Easthwaite, Irton with Santon)
Easthwaite, Irton with Santon
East Kirkthwaite (East Curthwaite, Westward)
Easton, Bowness
Easton Marsh, Bowness
East Strand, Whitehaven
East Tower Lane, Carlisle
East Woodside, Westward
Edderside, Holme St Cuthbert
Edenal (Edenhall, Langwathby)
Eden Bridge, Carlisle
Eden Bridge, Lazonby
Eden Bridge, Temple Sowerby
Eden Bridge, Carlisle
Eden Bridge, Carlisle
Eden Hall, Langwathby
Edenhall, Langwathby
Eden River (Solway Firth)
Eden River (Solway Firth)
Eden River (Solway Firth)
Eden, River
Eden, River
Eden, River
Eden, River
Eden, River
Eden River (Eden, River)
Eden, River
Eden River (Eden, River)
Eden River (Eden, River)
Eden River (Eden, River)
Eden River (Eden, River)
Eden, River
Eden, River
Eden, River
Eden, River
Eden, River
Eden, River
Eden, River
Edmond Castle, Hayton
Edmund Castle (Edmond Castle, Hayton)
Edstones (Dead Stones, Alston Moor)
Edward I Monument, Burgh by Sands
Eel Beck
Eelbeck Bridge, Eskdale
Eelbeck Ground, Irton with Santon
Eel Tarn, Eskdale
Egremont, Egremont
Egremont Castle, Egremont
Egremont to Cockermouth
Egremont to Whitehaven
Egremont to Whitehaven
Egremont to Whitehaven
Egremont to Whitehaven
Ehen Foot
Ehenfoot (Ehen Foot)
Ehen Hall, Cleator Moor
Ehen, River
Ehen, River
Ehen, River
Ehen River (Ehen, River)
Ehen, River
Ehen Side (Low Ehenside, Lowside Quarter)
Ellenborough, Maryport
Ellen Bridge, Maryport
Ellen Hall, Gilcrux
Ellenhall Mill, Plumbland
Ellen, River
Ellen, River
Ellen, River
Ellen, River
Ellen, River
Ellen, River
Ellen, River
Eller Beck
Eller Beck
Ellergill Beck
Eller House, Waverton
Ellers, Borrowdale
Ellerton (Ellerton Grange, Hesket)
Ellerton Grange, Hesket
Ellery Cleugh, Bewcastle
Ellery Clugh (Ellery Cleugh, Bewcastle)
Elliotstown, Askerton
Ellonby, Skelton
Ellonby Hall, Skelton
Embleton, Embleton
English Gate, Carlisle
English Kershope, Bewcastle
English Street, Carlisle
English Street, Carlisle
English Town (Englishtown, Kirkandrews)
Englishtown, Kirkandrews
Ennerdale, Ennerdale and Kinniside
Ennerdale Bridge, Ennerdale and Kinniside
Ennerdale Mill, Lowside Quarter
Ennerdale Mill, Ennerdale and Kinniside
Ennerdale Water, Ennerdale and Kinniside
Ennerdale Water, Ennerdale and Kinniside
Eskat (Eskett, Lamplugh)
Esk Bank, Eskdale
Eskdale, Eskdale
Eskdale, Eskdale
Eskdale Bout (Boot, Eskdale)
Esk Estuary
Eskett, Lamplugh
Esk Meals (Eskmeals, Bootle)
Eskmeals, Bootle
Eskmeals House, Bootle
Eskrigg, Woodside
Esk, River
Esk, River
Esk, River
Esk River (Esk, River)
Esk River (Esk, River)
Esk, River
Esps, Embleton
Etherside (Edderside, Holme St Cuthbert)
Etterby, Carlisle
Evening Hill (Eveninghill, Thursby)
Eveninghill, Thursby
Ewanrigg Hall, Maryport
Ewerhill (Hewerhill, Castle Sowerby)

Fair Bank, Hesket
Fairbank (Fair Bank, Hesket)
Fairbank (Fairhill, Alston Moor)
Fairhill, Alston Moor
Fangs, Loweswater
Far Branthwaite Edge, Dean
Far End, Whicham
Farhill, Burgh by Sands
Far House (Dyke Nook, Bassenthwaite)
Farhouse (Farhow, Mungrisdale)
Farhow, Mungrisdale
Far Kiln Bank, Dunnerdale-with-Seathwaite
Farlam (Kirkhouse, Farlam)
Farlam Hall, Farlam
Farmanby, Hunsonby
Farmary (Farmery, St Bridget Beckermet)
Farmery, St Bridget Beckermet
Farmland (Farmlands, Moresby)
Farmlands, Moresby
Far Moorend, Ennerdale and Kinniside
Far Row, Boltons
Far Town
Faugh, Hayton
Fauld Mill, Arthuret
Faulds, Caldbeck
Fauld, The, Arthuret
Fell Brow, Whicham
Felldike (Felldyke, Lamplugh)
Felldyke, Lamplugh
Fellend, Ennerdale and Kinniside
Fellend, Bewaldeth and Snittlegarth
Fellend, Cumwhitton
Fell End (Fellend, Stapleton)
Fellend, Stapleton
Fell End (Fell Brow, Whicham)
Fellgate, Kirkoswald
Fell Side, Ponsonby
Fell Side (Fellside, Blindbothel)
Fellside, Blindbothel
Fell Side, Caldbeck
Fellside, Great (Fell Side, Caldbeck)
Fellside, Little (Little Fellside, Caldbeck)
Felltop (Hilltop, Westward)
Fenton, Hayton
Fenwick, Millom Without
Fewsteads, Alston Moor
Fieldend (Woodlands, Waverton)
Field Foot, Nicholforest
Fieldfoot (Field Foot, Nicholforest)
Field Foot, Waterhead
Fieldgarth, Kirkoswald
Fieldhead (Calthwaite House, Hesket)
Field Head (Fieldhead, Irthington)
Fieldhead, Irthington
Field Head (Fieldhead, Cumwhitton)
Fieldhead, Cumwhitton
Fieldhead, Bewcastle
Field House, Castle Sowerby
Field Side (High Fieldside, St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn)
Fieldside, St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn
Fingland, Bowness
Fingland Rigg, Bowness
Finkle Street, Carlisle
Firbank, Westlinton
Firehouse Lane, Whitehaven
Fisher Cross (Port Carlisle, Bowness)
Fisher Gill
Fisher Ground, Eskdale
Fisher Place, St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn
Fisherplace Gill
Fisher Street, Carlisle
Fisher Street, Carlisle
Fishgarth Holm, Cumwhitton
Fish House (Skinburnessbank, Silloth-on-Solway)
Fish House, Kirkandrews
fish pond, Brayton Park, Aspatria
Fitts (Fitz, Blennerhasset and Torpenhow)
Fitz, Blennerhasset and Torpenhow
Fitz Mill, Cockermouth
Flag House, Whitehaven
Flat (Whitehaven Castle, Whitehaven)
Flat, Aikton
Flat (Flatt)
Flat (Flatt, The, Bewcastle)
Flat (Meadow Flatt, Alston Moor)
Flat (Whitehaven Castle, Whitehaven)
Flat (Whitehaven Castle, Whitehaven)
Flatfell End, Ennerdale and Kinniside
Flatfell Side (Flatfell End, Ennerdale and Kinniside)
Flat Meadows, Whitehaven
Flat Meadows, Whitehaven
Flatt (Flat, Aikton)
Flatt Farm, The, Hayton
Flatts (Flatt Farm, The, Hayton)
Flatt, The, Bewcastle
Flat Walks, Whitehaven
Flat Walks, Whitehaven
Fleetwith, Buttermere
Fleswick (Fleswick Bay, St Bees)
Fleswick Bay, St Bees
Flimby, Maryport
Flory Ford (Shopford, Askerton)
Floutern Tarn, Loweswater
Fog Close, Kirkoswald
Fold (Fauld, The, Arthuret)
Fold Gate, Waberthwaite
Folds (Faulds, Caldbeck)
Folds, Ulpha
Foot oth' Hill
Force Mill, Great Salkeld
Fordsike (Fordsyke, Scaleby)
Fordsyke, Scaleby
ford, Wigton, Wigton
Foreshield, Alston Moor
Forester Fold, Westward
Forest of Geltsdale, Kings (King's Forest of Geltsdale, Geltsdale)
Forest of Geltsdale, Kings (King's Forest of Geltsdale, Geltsdale)
Forest of Geltsdale, Kings (King's Forest of Geltsdale, Geltsdale)
Forge Bridge, Eskdale
Forge House, Eskdale
forge, Maryport, Maryport
Fornside, St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn
Fornside Head (Fornside, St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn)
Fort, New (Old Fort, Whitehaven)
Foss (Foss House, Whicham)
Foss House, Whicham
Foulbog Sike
Foulbog Waste, Askerton
Foulbridge, St Cuthbert Without
Foulgap (Scalerigg House, Caldbeck)
Foulgate (Foulyeat, St Bees)
Foulgate (Fold Gate, Waberthwaite)
Foul Lane (Foul Loaning, Alston Moor)
Foul Loaning, Alston Moor
Foulsike (Foulsyke, Nether Wasdale)
Foulsike (Foulsyke, Loweswater)
Foulsike (Foulsyke, Holme Abbey)
Foulsyke, Nether Wasdale
Foulsyke, Loweswater
Foulsyke, Holme Abbey
Foulyeat, St Bees
Fourham Butts, Stanwix Rural
Fows (Cray Cottage, Muncaster)
Fox Houses, Whitehaven
Fox Lane, Whitehaven
Foxley Henning, Dalston
Foxleyhenning (Foxley Henning, Dalston)
French Field (Frenchfield, Penrith)
Frenchfield, Penrith
Fresh Creek
Friar Hill, Solport
Friar Hill Gate, Solport
Friar's Bush, Arthuret
Friends Meeting House, Cockermouth
Frierbush (Friar's Bush, Arthuret)
Frier Gate (Friar Hill Gate, Solport)
Frier Hill (Friar Hill, Solport)
Frisington Hall (Frizington Hall, Arlecdon and Frizington)
Frith Hall, Ulpha
Frizington Hall, Arlecdon and Frizington
Froddle Crook, Wetheral
Front Corkickle, Whitehaven
Froth Hall (Frith Hall, Ulpha)
Furnace Mill, Maryport

Gaitle Burn
Gaitscale, Ulpha
Gaitsgill, Dalston
Gale (Gale House, Winscales)
Gale (Gale, The, Holme Abbey)
Gale (Common Gate, Hayton)
Gale Gill
Gale Hall, Ousby
Galehall (Gale Hall, Ousby)
Gale House, Winscales
Galemire, Weddicar
Gale Scale (Gaitscale, Ulpha)
Gale, The, Holme Abbey
Galligill (Mid Galligill, Alston Moor)
Galliliace (Gillalees, Askerton)
Gallowbarrow, Cockermouth
Gallowbarrow, Cockermouth
Gallowberry, Askerton
Gallowbury (Gallowberry, Askerton)
Gamblesby (Gamelsby, Aikton)
Gamblesby, Glassonby
Gamblesby Beck
Gamelsby, Aikton
Garries Town (Garriestown, Rockcliffe)
Garriestown, Rockcliffe
Garrigill, Alston Moor
Garrigill Bridge, Alston Moor
Garrigillgate (Garrigill, Alston Moor)
Garth Fold (Garthfolds, Lazonby)
Garthfolds, Lazonby
Garth Foot (Garth Foot House, Castle Carrock)
Garth Foot House, Castle Carrock
Garth Head, Castle Carrock
Garth Side (Garthside, Burtholme)
Garthside, Burtholme
Gasketh, Irton with Santon
Gategill, Threlkeld
Gatehouse (Yeat House, Arlecdon and Frizington)
Gates Bridge, Caldbeck
Gatesgarth, Buttermere
Gatesgarthdale Beck
Gatesgill (Gaitsgill, Dalston)
Gateshaw Hill (Gateshawhill, Cumwhitton)
Gateshawhill, Cumwhitton
Gateshaw Mill, Cumwhitton
Gateside, Solport
Gate Side (Gateside, Whicham)
Gateside, Whicham
Gavel Fell, Ennerdale and Kinniside
Gavelock Hill, Kingwater
Gawtreehouse, Hunsonby
Gelt Bridge (Low Geltbridge, Brampton)
Gelt House, Hayton
Gelt Mill, Hayton
Gelt River (Gelt, River)
Gelt River (Gelt, River)
Geltsdale House, Castle Carrock
Gelt Side (Geltside, Hayton)
Geltside, Hayton
George Street, Whitehaven
George Street, Whitehaven
George Street, Whitehaven
Ghyll Bank, Above Derwent
Ghyll Cottage, St Bees
Ghyll Farm, Lamplugh
Ghyll Head, Westward
Gibbs Hill (Gibshill, Stapleton)
Gibbs Town (Gibstown, Solport)
Gibshill, Stapleton
Gibstown, Solport
Gilcrux, Gilcrux
Gilderdale Burn
Gilderdale Burn
Gildersdale Burn (Gilderdale Burn)
Gildersdale Burn (Gilderdale Burn)
Gilestown, Kirklinton Middle
Gilgarran, Distington
Gill (Gill Cottage, St Bees)
Gill (Ghyll Farm, Lamplugh)
Gill, Ennerdale and Kinniside
Gill (Gill House, Bromfield)
Gill, Boltons
Gill (High Bewaldeth Cottage, Bewaldeth and Snittlegarth)
Gill (Gill, The, Dalston)
Gill (Greystoke Gill, Greystoke)
Gill (Gill, The, Kirklinton Middle)
Gillalees, Askerton
Gillalees Beacon, Askerton
Gill Bank, Eskdale
Gillbank (Ghyll Bank, Above Derwent)
Gill Beck
Gill Beck
Gill Beck
Gillbrow (High Gilbrea, Lorton)
Gill Brow (Gillbrow, Above Derwent)
Gillbrow, Above Derwent
Gillbrow, Kirklinton Middle
Gillbrowhead (Gillbraehead)
Gillcambon, Greystoke
Gill Common (Gillcambon, Greystoke)
Gill Cottage, St Bees
Gillcrux (Gilcrux, Gilcrux)
Gillerthwaite, Ennerdale and Kinniside
Gillerthwaite, Loweswater
Gillerthwat (Gillerthwaite, Loweswater)
Gill Field, Mungrisdale
Gill Foot (Gillfoot, Egremont)
Gillfoot, Egremont
Gillfoot (Low Gillfoot, Ennerdale and Kinniside)
Gill Foot (Gillfoot, Caldbeck)
Gillfoot, Caldbeck
Gill Foot (Gillside)
Gill Foot, Cumrew
Gillfoot, Waberthwaite
Gillgaron (Gilgarran, Distington)
Gillhead, Moresby
Gill Head (Ghyll Head, Westward)
Gill House, Irton with Santon
Gill House, Bromfield
Gill House, Irthington
Gillhouse (Ranbeck, Culgaith)
Gillian Briggs Pike (Gillingbrig Gate, Ainstable)
Gillingbrig Gate, Ainstable
Gilling Holm (Julian Holme, Gosforth)
Gills (Gillsrow, Matterdale)
Gillsrow, Matterdale
Gill, The, Dalston
Gill, The, Kirklinton Middle
Gilsland Spa, Waterhead
Gilsland Spa Hotel, Waterhead
Gilsland Spaw (Gilsland Spa, Waterhead)
Ginners (Nook, The, Scaleby)
Ginns, Whitehaven
Ginns, Whitehaven
Ginns, Whitehaven
Ginns Engine, Whitehaven
Gins (Ginns, Whitehaven)
Glannoventa, Muncaster
glass house, Whitehaven, Whitehaven
Glasson, Bowness
Glassonby, Glassonby
Glassonby Beck
Glencairn (Glencoyne, Patterdale)
Glencairn Beck (Glencoyne Beck)
Glencairn Beck (Glencoyne Beck)
Glencairn Mill, Wetheral
Glencoyne, Patterdale
Glencoyne Beck
Glencoyne Beck
Glenderamacken (Glenderamackin, River)
Glenderamackin, River
Glenderaterra (Glenderaterra Beck)
Glenderaterra Beck
Glendining Rigg (Glendinningrigg, Nicholforest)
Glendinningrigg, Nicholforest
Glenridding Beck
Glenridding Bridge, Patterdale
Glinger (Glingerburn, Kirkandrews)
Glinger Burn
Glingerburn, Kirkandrews
Glinger Foot (Glenzierfoot)
Globe Lane, Carlisle
Goat Mills, Cockermouth
Goat Mills, Cockermouth
Goat Mills, Cockermouth
Godderthwaite (High Godderthwaite, St Bridget Beckermet)
Godferhead, Loweswater
Godfred (Godferhead, Loweswater)
Godholm (Low Holme, Cumwhitton)
Goldrill Bridge, Patterdale
Goldscope Mine, Above Derwent
Gold Skop Copper Mines (Goldscope Mine, Above Derwent)
Goody Hills (Goodyhills, Holme St Cuthbert)
Goodyhills, Holme St Cuthbert
Goose and Goslings, Bewcastle
Goose Butts, Weddicar
Goosegreen, Matterdale
Goose Well (Goosewell Farm, St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn)
Goosewell Farm, St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn
Gornal Ground, Millom Without
Gosforth, Gosforth
Gosforth School (school, Gosforth, Gosforth)
Gosling Sike
Gosling Sykes (Gosling Sike)
Gote Road, Cockermouth
Gotree (Gawtreehouse, Hunsonby)
Governor Square (Hunley, Scaleby)
Gowbarrow Hall, Matterdale
Gowbarrow Park, Matterdale
Gowbarrow Park, Matterdale
Gowbarrow Parks (Gowbarrow Park, Matterdale)
Gowbarrow Parks (Gowbarrow Park, Matterdale)
Grahams Anset (Lordstown, Bewcastle)
Grahams Anset Yate (Graham's Onset, Bewcastle)
Graham's Onset, Bewcastle
Grain, Arthuret
Grain (Grainbrow, Hethersgill)
Grainbrow, Hethersgill
Grainger Houses, Westward
Grain Head (Grainhead, Hethersgill)
Grainhead, Hethersgill
Grains Gill
Grains, High (High Grains, Askerton)
Grains, Low (Low Grains, Bewcastle)
Graitnay (Gretna)
Graitnay, Old (Old Graitney)
Grange, St John Beckermet
Grange (Raby Grange, Holme East Waver)
Grange, Borrowdale
Grange, Waberthwaite
Grange Bridge, Borrowdale
Granger Houses (Grainger Houses, Westward)
Grapes Lane, Carlisle
Grasmoor, Buttermere
Grass Dike
Grass Field (Grassfield, Alston Moor)
Grassfield, Alston Moor
Grassgarth, Sebergham
Grass Guards (Grassguards, Ulpha)
Grassguards, Ulpha
Grassmire (Grasmoor, Buttermere)
Gray Crag (Crag Cottage)
Graymains, Muncaster
Graysouthen (Greysouthen, Greysouthen)
Graystock (Greystoke, Greystoke)
Graystock Park (Greystoke Castle, Greystoke)
Graystock Park (Greystoke Castle, Greystoke)
Graystone House, Millom Without
Graythwaite, Blindbothel
Gready Gate (Greety Gate, Broughton West)
Grearshill, Kingmoor
Great Barwick (Barrock Fell, Hesket)
Great Blacklaw Hill, Geltsdale
Great Broughton, Broughton
Great Cliffton (Great Clifton, Great Clifton)
Great Clifton, Great Clifton
Great Corby, Wetheral
Great Crosthwaite, Keswick
Great Dodd, St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn
Great Dodd, St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn
Great Easby, Brampton
Great Fellside (Fell Side, Caldbeck)
Great Gutter
Great Mell Fell, Hutton
Great Orton, Orton N
Great Ranalinton (Randalinton, Arthuret)
Great Salkeld, Great Salkeld
Greaves, Matterdale
Greaves Beck
Green, Nicholforest
Greenah (Greenah Hall, Bromfield)
Greenah Hall, Bromfield
Greenah Hill (Greena Tower)
Greena Hill
Greena Tower
Green Bank (Greenbank Hotel, Whitehaven)
Greenbank Hotel, Whitehaven
Greencastle Tarn, Alston Moor
Green Close (Greenclose, Hutton)
Greenclose, Hutton
Green Ends (Greenends, Alston Moor)
Greenends, Alston Moor
Green Gate (Greengate, Irton with Santon)
Greengate, Irton with Santon
Green Hill (Greenhill Lodge, Westward)
Greenhill Lodge, Westward
Green Hills (North Greenhill, Stapleton)
Greenholm (Greenholme, Hayton)
Greenholm (Greenholme, Bewcastle)
Greenholme, Hayton
Greenholme, Bewcastle
Green House (Hawkbarrow Farm, Gosforth)
Green Market, Carlisle
Greenrigg, Caldbeck
Greenrow, Silloth-on-Solway
Greenrow, Matterdale
Greens (Greens, The, Castle Sowerby)
Greensburn, Kingwater
Green Side (Greenside, Waverton)
Greenside, Waverton
Greenside, Drigg and Carleton
Green Slade (Greenslade, St Bees)
Greenslade, St Bees
Greens, The, Castle Sowerby
Green Swang (Greenswang, Arthuret)
Greenswang, Arthuret
Green, The, Millom Without
Greenthwaite Hall, Greystoke
Green Trees (Greentrees, Blindbothel)
Greentrees, Blindbothel
Greenup Gill
Greenwell (Greenwrae)
Greenwell, Hayton
Greers Hill (Grearshill, Kingmoor)
Greeta River (Greta, River)
Greeta River (Greta, River)
Greety Gate, Broughton West
Gregory, Arthuret
Greta Bridge, Keswick
Greta, River
Greta, River
Grey Havens, Bowness
Greymoorhill, Kingmoor
Greysouthen, Greysouthen
Greystoke, Greystoke
Greystoke Castle, Greystoke
Greystoke Castle, Greystoke
Greystoke Gill, Greystoke
Greystoke Mill, Greystoke
Grice Croft, Whicham
Grimecrag, Ulpha
Grimoor Hill (Greymoorhill, Kingmoor)
Grinel Dike, High (High Crindledike, Kingmoor)
Grinel Dike, Low (Low Crindledyke, Kingmoor)
Grinsdale, Beaumont
Grisdale Pike (Grisedale Pike, Above Derwent)
Grisedale Bridge, Patterdale
Grisedale Pike, Above Derwent
Groundy Croft, Drigg and Carleton
Grove (Greaves, Matterdale)
Grovens Hillhead (Crubbins Hill, Bewcastle)
Grune Point, Silloth-on-Solway
Guard House (Guardhouse, Threlkeld)
Guardhouse, Threlkeld
Guard House, Carlisle
Guards (Guards Farm, Kirkandrews)
Guards Farm, Kirkandrews
Gubbergill, Irton with Santon
Gudderscale (Gutherscale, Above Derwent)
Gudham Gill Mines, Alston Moor
Gutherscale, Above Derwent
Gutterby, Whicham
Gylocks Hill (Gavelock Hill, Kingwater)

Hackbeck (Haggbeck, Solport)
Hadrian's Wall, Bowness
Hadrian's Wall, Bowness
Hadrian's Wall, Bowness
Hadrian's Wall, Bowness
Hadrian's Wall, Bowness
Hadrian's Wall, Bowness
Hadrian's Wall, Bowness
Hadrian's Wall, Bowness
Hadrian's Wall, Bowness
Hadyade (Hadyaud, Bewcastle)
Hadyaud, Bewcastle
Hagg (Harelawhagg)
Haggbeck, Solport
Haggistone Holm, Arthuret
Haggot (Howgate, Arlecdon and Frizington)
Haggy Faugh (Hillhead, Bewcastle)
Haggystone Holm (Haggistone Holm, Arthuret)
Haglin Clugh (Hagling, Nicholforest)
Hagling, Nicholforest
Hag Town, Kirkandrews
Hail (Haile, Haile)
Haile, Haile
Haile Hall, Haile
Haile Parish Church, Haile
Hail Hall (Haile Hall, Haile)
Hail, Head of (Head of Haile, Haile)
Hail, Hole of (Town End, Haile)
Haining Bank (Hennan Bank, Askerton)
Haining Burn
Haining House, Midgeholme
Haithwaite, Nicholforest
Halcat (Hallcat, Lowca)
Halfway House, Scaleby
Hall (Bolton Hall, Gosforth)
Hall (Hawes, Lamplugh)
Hall (Wolsty Hall, Holme Low)
Hall (Parkgate Hall, Waverton)
Hall (Whicham Hall, Whicham)
Hallbank (Hallbankgate, Farlam)
Hallbankgate, Farlam
Hallbeck House, Whicham
Hall Bolton, Gosforth
Hall Boulton (Hall Bolton, Gosforth)
Hall Bridge, Dunnerdale-with-Seathwaite
Hall Burn
Hallburn (Hallburn Farm, Arthuret)
Hallburn Farm, Arthuret
Hallburn Pike (pile of stones, West Dun Hill)
Hall Carleton, Drigg and Carleton
Hallcat, Lowca
Hallees, Arthuret
Hallfield, Castle Sowerby
Hall Flat (Hall Flatt, Scaleby)
Hall Flatt, Scaleby
Hallfoot, Hethersgill
Hallfoot Mill, Hethersgill
Hallfoot Mills (Hallfoot Mill, Hethersgill)
Hall Foss, Whicham
Hall Green (Hallgreen)
Hall Guards, Kingwater
Hall Hills, Hethersgill
Hall House (Hole House, Millom Without)
Hallin Fell, Martindale
Hall Leys (Hallees, Arthuret)
Hall, Old (Old Hall, Nicholforest)
Hallrigg, Hesket
Halls, Bassenthwaite
Halls Beck
Halls Burn (Hall Burn)
Hallsenna, Gosforth
Hallsford, Solport
Hall Side (Hallside, Hethersgill)
Hallside, Hethersgill
Hall Sina (Hallsenna, Gosforth)
Halls Oven, Solport
Halls Tenament (Hall's Tenement, Carlatton)
Hall's Tenement, Carlatton
Hall, The, Whitehaven
Hall, The, Bromfield
Hallthwaites, Millom Without
Hallthwaits (Hallthwaites, Millom Without)
Hall Waberthwaite, Waberthwaite
Haltcliff (Haltcliff View, Caldbeck)
Haltcliff Bridge, Mungrisdale
Haltcliff Hall, Caldbeck
Haltcliff View, Caldbeck
Halton Lea
Halton Lee (Halton Lea)
Haltwhistle to Brampton
Haltwhistle to Brampton
Haltwhistle to Brampton
Hames Hall, Cockermouth
Hameshaugh (Ameshaugh, Alston Moor)
Hames Hill, Cockermouth
Hamilton Lane, Whitehaven
Hampton Ford (Hemplands, Solport)
Hams Lane, Arthuret
Hanging How, Irton with Santon
Haraby (Harraby, Carlisle)
Haraby Cross (Harraby Cross, Carlisle)
Harberry Beck
harbour, Ravenglass, Muncaster
Harby Brow (Harbybrow, Allhallows)
Harbybrow, Allhallows
Harby Brow Mill, Allhallows
Hardcake Hall, Aikton
Harden Gate (Hardengate, Matterdale)
Hardengate, Matterdale
Hardhirst (Hardhurst, Kingwater)
Hardhurst, Kingwater
Hard Knot (Hard Knott, Eskdale)
Hard Knott, Eskdale
Hardknott Gill
Hard Rigg, Alston Moor
Hardrigg (Hard Rigg, Alston Moor)
Hardrigg Hall, Skelton
Hare Beck
Hare Hill, Burtholme
Hare Hills (Hare Hill, Burtholme)
Harelaw Hill (Harelawhill)
Harelaw Hole (Harelawhole)
Haresceugh, Kirkoswald
Haresceugh Castle, Kirkoswald
Harescugh (Nether Haresceugh, Kirkoswald)
Harescugh (Haresceugh, Kirkoswald)
Harker (Low Harker, Rockcliffe)
Harlaws (Harelaw)
Harley Bank, Burtholme
Harper Hill (Harperhill, Stapleton)
Harperhill, Stapleton
Harraby, Carlisle
Harraby Bridge, Carlisle
Harraby Cross, Carlisle
Harras, Whitehaven
Harras, The, Ainstable
Harrington, Workington
Harrington Harbour, Workington
Harrington Parks, Workington
Harrithwaite (Arrowthwaite, Whitehaven)
Harrot, Lorton
Harroth Fell (Harrot, Lorton)
Harrows (Harras, The, Ainstable)
Harter Fell, Ulpha
Hart Horn, Kingwater
Hart Horn Tree, Brougham
Hartland Hall (Hycemoor House, Bootle)
Hartlaw, Holme Low
Hartley's Rope Walk (rope walk, Whitehaven, Whitehaven)
Hartley's Rope Walk (rope walk, Whitehaven, Whitehaven)
Hartley's Rope Walk (rope walk, Whitehaven, Whitehaven)
Hartside Cross, Glassonby
Hartside Fell (Hartside Height, Glassonby)
Hartside Fell (Hartside Height, Glassonby)
Hartside Fell (Hartside Height, Glassonby)
Hartside Height, Glassonby
Hartside Height, Glassonby
Hartside Height, Glassonby
Harvest Bank (High Onset, Bewcastle)
Hasell Head (Hazel Head, Ulpha)
Hasel Rigg (Hazel Rigg, Glassonby)
Hasle Spring (Hazelsprings Farm, Westward)
Haughton (Houghton, Stanwix Rural)
Haughton Townhead (Town Head Farm, Stanwix Rural)
Hause, Above Derwent
Hause End (Hawes End, Above Derwent)
Hause Gill
Hause Head, Matterdale
Hausehead (Hause Head, Matterdale)
Havercroft Farm, Lamplugh
Haverigg, Millom
Haverigg Haws, Millom Without
Haverigg Pool
Haveriggs (Haverigg, Millom)
Haverlands (Havercroft Farm, Lamplugh)
Haverlands House, Kirkbampton
Hawberry (Howberry, Kirklinton Middle)
Hawes, Lamplugh
Hawes End, Above Derwent
Hawkbarrow Farm, Gosforth
Hawksdale, Dalston
Hawksdale Bridge, Dalston
Hawksdale Hall, Dalston
Hawrigg (Hallrigg, Hesket)
Haws, Millom Without
Hay, Setmurthy
Hay, Setmurthy
Hay Castle (Hayes Castle, Lowca)
Hay Close (Old Hayclose, Hesket)
Hay Cock (Haycock, Ennerdale and Kinniside)
Haycock, Ennerdale and Kinniside
Hayes Castle, Lowca
Hay Hill (Hay, Setmurthy)
Hay Hill (Hay, Setmurthy)
Hayrigg, Holme Low
Hayrigg House, Holme Low
Hayston House, Arlecdon and Frizington
Haythwaite (Haithwaite, Nicholforest)
Haythwaite Burn, Nicholforest
Hayton, Hayton and Mealo
Hayton, Hayton
Hayton Castle, Hayton and Mealo
Hayton Gate (Haytongate, Burtholme)
Haytongate, Burtholme
Hazel Head, Ulpha
Hazel Rigg, Glassonby
Hazelrigg Beck
Hazelsprings Farm, Westward
Head of Hail (Head of Haile, Haile)
Head of Haile, Haile
Heads Nook, Wetheral
Headsnook (Heads Nook, Wetheral)
Heads Wood, Irthington
Heather Know (Heatheryknowe, Arthuret)
Heatheryknowe, Arthuret
Heauthwaite Hall (Hewthwaite Hall, Setmurthy)
Heberah (Hill Brow, Millom Without)
Heggil Foot (Hegglefoot, Mungrisdale)
Heggil Head (Hegglehead, Mungrisdale)
Heggil Lane (Heggle Lane, Mungrisdale)
Hegglefoot, Mungrisdale
Hegglehead, Mungrisdale
Heggle Lane, Mungrisdale
Height (Height, The, Westward)
Height, The, Westward
Hell Beck
Hell Hole (Hennel Cleugh, Bewcastle)
Helvellin (Helvellyn, St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn)
Helvellin (Helvellyn, St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn)
Helvellyn, St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn
Helvellyn, St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn
Helvellyn Gill
Hemble Gate (Hemblesgate, Brampton)
Hemblesgate, Brampton
Hemplands, Solport
Hen Hill, Askerton
Henhill Gate (Hen Hill, Askerton)
Hening House (Hinning House, Muncaster)
Hen Moss, Kingmoor
Hennah Hall, Broughton Moor
Hennan Bank, Askerton
Hennel Cleugh, Bewcastle
Hennet Hall (Hennah Hall, Broughton Moor)
Henning House (Hinning House, Dunnerdale-with-Seathwaite)
Henrys Town (Henrystown, Kirkandrews)
Henrystown, Kirkandrews
Hensingham, Whitehaven
Herd Hill, Askerton
Herdhouse (Herdus, Ennerdale and Kinniside)
Herdus, Ennerdale and Kinniside
Hesket Bridge, Caldbeck
Hesket, High (High Hesket, Hesket)
Hesket, Low (Low Hesket, Hesket)
Hesket Newmarket, Caldbeck
Hesket Newmarket road
Hesket Newmarket road
Hesket Newmarket road
Hesket Newmarket road
Hestham Hall Farm, Millom Without
Hestholm, Low (Hestham Hall Farm, Millom Without)
Hethergill Lane (Hethersgill, Hethersgill)
Hethersgill, Hethersgill
Hether Side (Hetherside, Kirklinton Middle)
Hetherside, Kirklinton Middle
Hetherside Mill, Kirklinton Middle
Hewerhill, Castle Sowerby
Hewrigg (Hewrigg Farm, Irton with Santon)
Hewrigg Farm, Irton with Santon
Hews Town (Hewstown, Stapleton)
Hewstown, Stapleton
Hewthwaite Hall, Setmurthy
Hicks Lane, Whitehaven
Hicks's Lane (Hicks Lane, Whitehaven)
High (Bawd Hall, Above Derwent)
High Aketon, Bromfield
High Aketons (High Aketon, Bromfield)
High Ameshaugh, Alston Moor
High Bank, Blindbothel
High Bank Head (High Bankhill, Kirkoswald)
High Bankhill, Kirkoswald
High Beck Cote, St Bridget Beckermet
High Beckstones Mill, Millom Without
Highberries, Scaleby
Highberries Beck
High Bewaldeth Cottage, Bewaldeth and Snittlegarth
High Birchclose, Matterdale
High Birk Close (High Birchclose, Matterdale)
High Birk Crag (Birchcraig, Nether Denton)
High Birkhurst, Nether Denton
High Boghouse, Millom Without
High Boonwood, Gosforth
High Bowbank,, Farlam
High Braithwaite, Skelton
High Bridge, Dacre
High Broadgate (Old Broadgate, Millom Without)
High Broad Leys, Haile
High Broom Hill, Nether Denton
High Broomhill (High Broom Hill, Nether Denton)
High Burnthwaite, St Cuthbert Without
Highburys (Highberries, Scaleby)
High Close, Plumbland
High Close, Hayton
High Closegill, Nether Denton
High Corney, Waberthwaite
Highcotgate (Aiketgate, Hesket)
High Crag, Alston Moor
High Crag Hall (High Craghall, Ulpha)
High Craghall, Ulpha
High Crindledike, Kingmoor
High Crosby, Stanwix Rural
High Cross (Highcross, Loweswater)
Highcross, Loweswater
High Cross, Broughton West
High Cummersdale, Cummersdale
High Dappleymoor, Stapleton
High Dike (High Dyke, Blindbothel)
High Dubwath, Hethersgill
High Dunningwell, Millom Without
High Dyke, Blindbothel
High Dykes, Ainstable
High Eskholme, Muncaster
High Field (Highfield, Nether Denton)
Highfield, Nether Denton
High Fieldside, St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn
High Galligill, Alston Moor
Highgate (Highgateclose, Matterdale)
Highgate, Hutton
Highgateclose, Matterdale
High Gilbrea, Lorton
High Gillfoot, Ennerdale and Kinniside
High Godderthwaite, St Bridget Beckermet
High Grains, Askerton
High Grinel Dike (High Crindledike, Kingmoor)
High Ground, Eskdale
High Hall, Westward
High Hall (Croglin High Hall, Kirkoswald)
High Head Castle, Skelton
Highhead Castle (High Head Castle, Skelton)
High Hesket, Hesket
High Hestholm (High Eskholme, Muncaster)
High Hirst (High Hurst, Ulpha)
High Hollins, Buttermere
High Hollows, Threlkeld
High Holm Mire (Common Moss, Holme Abbey)
High Holm Mire (Common Moss, Holme Abbey)
High House (Whinnerah, Gosforth)
High House, Arlecdon and Frizington
High House, Distington
High House, Buttermere
High House, Holme East Waver
High House (High Houses, Bewaldeth and Snittlegarth)
High House, Matterdale
High House (High House Farm, Hesket)
High House, Askerton
High House Farm, Hesket
High Houses, Bewaldeth and Snittlegarth
High Hurst, Ulpha
High Intack, Caldbeck
High Ireby, Ireby
Highkay Hall (High Keyhow, Irton with Santon, Irton with Santon)
High Keyhow (High Keyhow, Irton with Santon, Irton with Santon)
High Kiln Bank, Dunnerdale-with-Seathwaite
High Kirkgate Bridge, Cockermouth
High Kiskin, Bootle
High Knells, Stanwix Rural
High Lascals (High Lowscales, Millom Without)
High Latterhead, Loweswater
High Laws (Highlaws, Holme Abbey)
Highlaws, Holme Abbey
High Lee (Over Lee House, Alston Moor)
High Leys, Lamplugh
Highleys (High Leys, Lamplugh)
High Lingbank, Gosforth
High Liza Bridge, Buttermere
High Longthwaite, Matterdale
High Loning (High Lonning, Farlam)
High Lonning, Farlam
High Lorton, Lorton
High Low Hall, St Bees
High Lowscales, Millom Without
High Luckens, Stapleton
High Meeting (Kirk Mission Hall, Whitehaven)
High Merebeck, Cleator Moor
High Mill, Gosforth
High Mill, Egremont
High Mill, Dean
High Mill, Lorton
High Mill, Bassenthwaite
High Mill, Burgh by Sands
High Millgillhead, Lamplugh
High Moat (Highmoat, Kirkandrews)
Highmoat, Kirkandrews
Highmoor, Wigton
High Moor (High Moor Farm, Hayton)
High Moor (High Dappleymoor, Stapleton)
High Moor Farm, Hayton
High Moorhouse (Moorhouse, Woodside)
High Mosser (Mosser, Blindbothel)
High Mossthorn, Stapleton
High Nest, Alston Moor
High Netherscale, Embleton
High Nook (High Nook Farm, Loweswater)
High Nook, Nether Denton
High Nook Farm, Loweswater
High Northsceugh, Cumwhitton
High Noscoe (High Northsceugh, Cumwhitton)
High Onset, Bewcastle
Highpark, Loweswater
High Parkfoot, Stapleton
High Pike, Caldbeck
High Pow, Boltons
High Prior Scales, St Bridget Beckermet
High Raise, Alston Moor
High Redwing, Alston Moor
High Rogerscale, Blindbothel
High Row, St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn
High Row, Threlkeld
High Row, Matterdale
High Row, Nether Denton
High Row
High Sand Lane, Cockermouth
High Scalegill (High Skelgill, Alston Moor)
High Scales, Bromfield
High Scaw, Workington
High Shalton (Shatton Lodge, Embleton)
High Side, Embleton
High Side, Bassenthwaite
Highside (High Side, Bassenthwaite)
High Side (High Row, Threlkeld)
High Skelgill, Alston Moor
High Skydes, Alston Moor
High Snab, Above Derwent
High Southfield, Winscales
High Stile, Buttermere
High Stockeysteads (Stockastead, Bewcastle)
High Stonythwaite, Ulpha
High Stowbank, Lamplugh
High Stow Beck (High Stowbank, Lamplugh)
High Street, Whitehaven
High Swinside, Lorton
High Thistleton, Gosforth
High Todholes, Bewcastle
High Tree, Kirkandrews
High Trees (High Trees East Farm, Lamplugh)
High Trees East Farm, Lamplugh
High Trees West Farm, Lamplugh
High Walton, St Bees
High Waterside, Ennerdale and Kinniside
High Whineray Ground, Dunnerdale-with-Seathwaite
High Wreah, Weddicar
Hill (Hill Farm, Loweswater)
Hill (Hill Farm, The, Holme Abbey)
Hill (Hill, The, Westlinton)
Hill, Matterdale
Hill (Hill, The, Hesket)
Hill, Hethersgill
Hill (Hill, The, Hayton)
Hill (Hill House, Midgeholme)
Hill (Hill House, Alston Moor)
Hill (Hill Farm, Bootle)
Hill (Hill Farm, Drigg and Carleton)
Hill (Hill, The, Bootle)
Hill Brow, Millom Without
Hillend, Bewcastle
Hill End, Whicham
Hill Farm, Loweswater
Hill Farm, Bootle
Hill Farm, Drigg and Carleton
Hill Farm, The, Holme Abbey
Hill Head, Kirklinton Middle
Hillhead (Hill Head, Kirklinton Middle)
Hill Head, Solport
Hill Head (Hillhead, Bewcastle)
Hillhead, Bewcastle
Hillhead, Bewcastle
Hillhead, Bewcastle
Hill Head
Hill House, Holme St Cuthbert
Hill House, Midgeholme
Hill House, Alston Moor
Hill Houses, Hesket
Hillmoorhead (Broadmeadows, Ousby)
Hill, Nether (Nether Hill, Bewcastle)
Hills Town (Hillstown, Kirkandrews)
Hillstown, Kirkandrews
Hill, The, Westlinton
Hill, The, Hesket
Hill, The, Hayton
Hill, The, Bootle
Hill Top (Hames Hall, Cockermouth)
Hilltop, Westward
Hill Top, St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn
Hill Top, Hesket
Hill Top (Lodge Hill, Hethersgill)
Hindscarth, Above Derwent
Hinning House, Dunnerdale-with-Seathwaite
Hinning House, Bootle
Hinning House, Muncaster
Hinninghouse Bridge, Bootle
Hird Hill (Herd Hill, Askerton)
Hirst, High (High Hurst, Ulpha)
Hirst, Low (Hurstside, Ulpha)
Hirst, Nether (Netherhirst, Solport)
Hirst, Owlet (Owlethirst, Solport)
Hise Moor Side (Hycemoor Side, Bootle)
Hoadyoad (Hodyoad, Lamplugh)
Hobbies Burn, Arthuret
Hobies Burn (Hobbies Burn, Arthuret)
Hodbarrow, Millom
Hodbarrow Point, Millom
Hodyoad, Lamplugh
Hoglegill (Potsloan, Kingwater)
Holborn Hill, Millom
Holburn Hill (Holborn Hill, Millom)
Hole (Hole House, Alston Moor)
Hole Beck
Holebeck, Arlecdon and Frizington
Hole Beck (Hallbeck House, Whicham)
Holedale, Lamplugh
Holegill Back
Holegill Bridge, Whicham
Hole House, Alston Moor
Hole House, Millom Without
Hole House, Ulpha
Hole in Line (Hole of Lyne, Bewcastle)
Hole Mire, Lorton
Hole of Hail (Town End, Haile)
Hole of Lyne, Bewcastle
Holeshields, Hethersgill
Holland Bush (Holynbush)
Hollands, Nicholforest
Hollas, Brampton
Hollin Brow, St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn
Hollin Fell (Hallin Fell, Martindale)
Holling House (Hollin How, Eskdale)
Hollin How, Eskdale
Hollin Root, Westward
Hollin Root, St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn
Hollins, Lamplugh
Hollins, Ennerdale and Kinniside
Hollins (Low Hollins, Buttermere)
Hollins (Hollands, Nicholforest)
Hollin Stone (Hollinstone, Brampton)
Hollinstone, Brampton
Hollow Dike (Hollowdyke Farm, Arlecdon and Frizington)
Hollowdyke Farm, Arlecdon and Frizington
Hollows (Hollows Farm, Borrowdale)
Hollows (High Hollows, Threlkeld)
Hollows Farm, Borrowdale
Hollow Stones (Hollowstones, Muncaster)
Hollowstones, Muncaster
Holm Beck
Holme, Millom Without
Holme Gate, Wetheral
Holme Hards, Holme Abbey
Holme Head, Arthuret
Holmehead, Burtholme
Holmehead, Bewcastle
Holme Hill, Holme Abbey
Holme Hill, Dalston
Holmes, Brampton
Holmes Mill, Beaumont
Holm Foot (Holmfoot, Kirklinton Middle)
Holmfoot, Kirklinton Middle
Holmgeate (Holme Gate, Wetheral)
Holm Hards (Holme Hards, Holme Abbey)
Holm Head (Holme Head, Arthuret)
Holm Head (Holmehead, Burtholme)
Holmhead (Holmehead, Bewcastle)
Holm Hill (Holme Hill, Holme Abbey)
Holmhill Farm, Dalston
Holm House, Dalston
Holmhouse (Holm House, Dalston)
Holm House (Holme, Millom Without)
Holm, Low (Low Holm, Drigg and Carleton)
Holm Marsh (Skinburness Marsh, Holme Abbey)
Holm Marsh (Calvo Marsh, Holme Abbey)
Holm Mill (Holmes Mill, Beaumont)
Holm Mire, High (Common Moss, Holme Abbey)
Holm Mire, High (Common Moss, Holme Abbey)
Holm Mire, Low (Low Holme Mire, Holme Low)
Holm Mire, Low (Low Holme Mire, Holme Low)
Holm Mire, Low (Low Holme Mire, Holme Low)
Holm Rook (Holmrook Hall, Irton with Santon)
Holmrook Hall, Irton with Santon
Holm Wrangle, Cumwhitton
Holmwrangle, Cumwhitton
Holy Trinity Chapel, Millom Without
Holy Well, Dundraw
Homesdale Green Bridge, St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn
Honeypot, Langwathby
Honeypot Hall (Honeypot, Langwathby)
Honistar Crag (Fleetwith, Buttermere)
Honistar Crag (Honister Crag, Buttermere)
Honister Crag, Buttermere
Hoodgill Burn (Hudgill Burn)
Hope (Hope, The, Buttermere)
Hope and Anchor Inn, Westward
Hope Beck (Hopebeck, Buttermere)
Hopebeck, Buttermere
Hopes (Hope's House, Solport)
Hopes (Wileysike House, Kingwater)
Hope's House, Solport
Hope, The, Buttermere
Hopsteps Beck
Hornick Hill (Hornickhill, Arthuret)
Hornickhill, Arthuret
Hornsby, Cumwhitton
Hornsby Gate (Hornsbygate, Cumwhitton)
Hornsbygate, Cumwhitton
Horrock Wood Farm, Matterdale
Horsegills, Hethersgill
Horse Head, Bewcastle
Horseholme, Kingwater
Hosket Hill (Hoskethill, Beaumont)
Hoskethill, Beaumont
Hot House (Hott, Irthington)
Hott, Irthington
Houghton, Stanwix Rural
Houthgill (Hayston House, Arlecdon and Frizington)
How (Hows, Eskdale)
How (How Farm, Blindbothel)
How, Above Derwent
How (Nearhow, Mungrisdale)
How (Howend, Thursby)
How, Hayton
How (Howhill, Alston Moor)
How Bank, Egremont
How Bank (Howbank, Muncaster)
Howbank, Muncaster
How Beck
Howberry, Kirklinton Middle
How Burn (Howburn, Alston Moor)
Howburn, Alston Moor
How Close, Bassenthwaite
Howdale, Askerton
How Dike (How Dyke, Setmurthy)
How Dyke, Setmurthy
How End, Embleton
Howend (How End, Embleton)
Howend, Thursby
How End (Howend, Arthuret)
Howend, Arthuret
How End, Waberthwaite
How Farm, Blindbothel
Howgate, Arlecdon and Frizington
Howgate, St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn
Howgill, Castle Sowerby
Howgill, Burtholme
Howgill Beck
Howgill Rigg, Alston Moor
Howgill Sike (Howgillsike, Alston Moor)
Howgillsike, Alston Moor
Howgill Staith, Whitehaven
Howgill Street, Whitehaven
How Hall (How Hall Farm, Ennerdale and Kinniside)
How Hall Farm, Ennerdale and Kinniside
How Hill, Castle Sowerby
Howhill (How Hill, Castle Sowerby)
Howhill, Alston Moor
How Man (Howman, St Bees)
Howman, St Bees
How Mill, Hayton
Howrigg, Westnewton
Howrigg, Westward
Hows, Eskdale
How Side (Howside, Ennerdale and Kinniside)
Howside, Ennerdale and Kinniside
How Side, Arthuret
How Wath (Howwath Bridge, Kirkbride)
Howwath Bridge, Kirkbride
Huddlesceugh Hall, Kirkoswald
Huddlescugh Hall (Huddlesceugh Hall, Kirkoswald)
Hudgill Burn
Hudgill Lees (Burrellhill, Culgaith)
Hudscales, Caldbeck
Hudson Place, Loweswater
Huggin Sike, Kirkandrews
Huller Bank (Hullerbank, Hayton)
Hullerbank, Hayton
Humphrie's House, Kirklinton Middle
Humphry's House (Humphrie's House, Kirklinton Middle)
Hundath Hill (Hundith Hill, Embleton)
Hunday, Winscales
Hundith Hill, Embleton
Hundith Hill Hotel, Embleton
Hungary Moor (Moor House, Waberthwaite)
Hungerhill (Arlecdon Hill, Arlecdon and Frizington)
Hunley, Scaleby
Hunsonby, Hunsonby
Hunter Holm (Hunter's Holme, Arthuret)
Hunter How, Lamplugh
Hunterhow (Hunter How, Lamplugh)
Hunter How (Hunter How, Gosforth, Gosforth)
Hunter How, Gosforth, Gosforth
Hunter's Holme, Arthuret
Hurlbarrow, Gosforth
Hurle (Grice Croft, Whicham)
Hurrel Barrow (Hurlbarrow, Gosforth)
Hurrock Wood (Horrock Wood Farm, Matterdale)
Hurstside, Ulpha
Hurtleton, Irthington
Husacre (Uzzicar, Above Derwent)
Hutton (St James's Church, Skelton)
Hutton Bridge, Hutton
Hutton End, Skelton
Hutton Hall (Hutton-in-the-Forest, Skelton)
Hutton-in-the-Forest, Skelton
Hutton John, Hutton
Hutton Moor, Hutton
Hutton Moor, Hutton
Hutton Moor End, Mungrisdale
Hutton Roof, Mungrisdale
Hycemoor House, Bootle
Hycemoor School, Bootle
Hycemoor Side, Bootle

Illbeck Ground (Eelbeck Ground, Irton with Santon)
Ill Gill
Ingwell, St Bees
Inner Harbour, Whitehaven
Inner Harbour, Whitehaven
Inninghall (Tinnishall)
Intack (Low Intack, Caldbeck)
Intack (Carnetley, Farlam)
Ireby, Ireby
Ireby Church (Ireby Old Chancel, Ireby)
Ireby Dale, Ireby
Ireby, High (High Ireby, Ireby)
Ireby High Bridge, Ireby
Ireby Low Bridge, Ireby
Ireby Mill, Ireby
Ireby Old Chancel, Ireby
Irish Damside, Carlisle
Irish Gate, Carlisle
Irish Sea
Irish Sea, The (Irish Sea)
Irish Street, Whitehaven
ironworks, Greysouthen, Greysouthen
Irt Bridge, Drigg and Carleton
Irt Cottage, Irton with Santon
Irthing Bridge, Brampton
Irthing House, Irthington
Irthing, River
Irthing, River
Irthing, River
Irthing, River
Irthing, River
Irthing, River
Irthing, River
Irthington, Irthington
Irthington Mill, Irthington
Irton (Irton Hall, Irton with Santon)
Irton Hall, Irton with Santon
Irt, River
Irt River (Irt, River)
Isel, Blindcrake
Iselgate,, Blindcrake
Isel Hall, Blindcrake
Isel Old Park, Blindcrake
Isel Road, Cockermouth
island, Cockermouth, Cockermouth
Island Cottages, Burtholme
Isle (Isel, Blindcrake)
Islegate (Iselgate,, Blindcrake)
Isle Hall (Isel Hall, Blindcrake)
Islekirk (Islekirk Hall, Westward)
Islekirk Hall, Westward
Itenfield Street (Itonfield Street, Hesket)
Itonfield Street, Hesket
Ivegill (Ive, River)
Ivegill (Ive, River)
Ivegill Mill, Skelton
Ive, River
Ive, River

Jackson Bridge, Woodside
Jackson Rigg (Rigg, Arthuret)
Jacksonrigg, Arthuret
Jack Trees (Jacktrees, Cleator Moor)
Jacktrees, Cleator Moor
Jailies Seat (Newlands, Stapleton)
James Street, Whitehaven
Jamys Hill (Snowden Close, Waterhead)
Jawlrow, Kirklinton Middle
Jaylies Town (Gilestown, Kirklinton Middle)
Jenkinstown, Solport
Jerries Town (Jerriestown, Westlinton)
Jerriestown, Westlinton
Jinkins Town (Jenkinstown, Solport)
Jockey Shield, Castle Carrock
Jockeys Shield (Jockey Shield, Castle Carrock)
Johnby, Greystoke
Johnby Crags, Greystoke
Johnby Hall, Greystoke
John's Burn
John's Lane, Whitehaven
Jonathan Swift House, Whitehaven
Joys Town (Alstonby Grange, Westlinton)
Julian Holme, Gosforth
Justice Town (Justicetown, Westlinton)
Justicetown, Westlinton

Kaysbank, Stapleton
Kecken (High Kiskin, Bootle)
Keekill Side (Keekle Grove, Weddicar)
Keekle Grove, Weddicar
Keekle, River
Kelbarrow, Catterlen
Keld Houses, Carlisle
Keld, The (Butt of Blackburn, Midgeholme)
Kell Bank, Ennerdale and Kinniside
Kell Bank (Kellbank, Whicham)
Kellbank, Whicham
Kell Bank (Low Kiln Bank, Dunnerdale-with-Seathwaite)
Kell Houses (Keld Houses, Carlisle)
Kells Town (Kilnstown, Bewcastle)
Kellwood, Walton
Kelsick, Dundraw
Kelsick Lane, Whitehaven
Kelsike Hill (Kylesyke Hill, Irthington)
Kelswick, Wythop
Kelswick (Kelsick, Dundraw)
Kelton Head, Lamplugh
Keltonhead (Kelton Head, Lamplugh)
Kelton Mill, Ennerdale and Kinniside
Keppelcove Tarn, Patterdale
Kersey Bridge, St John Beckermet
Kershope (English Kershope, Bewcastle)
Kershope Burn
Kershope Burn
Kershope Burn
Kershope Foot (Kershopefoot, Nicholforest)
Kershopefoot, Nicholforest
Kershope River (Kershope Burn)
Kershope River (Kershope Burn)
Kershope River (Kershope Burn)
Keskadale (Keskadale Farm, Above Derwent)
Keskadale Beck
Keskadale Farm, Above Derwent
Keswick, Keswick
Keswick Mill, Keswick
Keswick to Carlisle
Keswick to Carlisle
Keswick to Carlisle
Keswick to Carlisle
Keswick to Carlisle
Keswick to Carlisle
Keswick to Carlisle
Keswick to Carlisle
Keswick to Carlisle
Keswick to Cockermouth
Keswick to Cockermouth
Keswick to Cockermouth
Keswick to Cockermouth
Keswick to Cockermouth
Keswick to Cockermouth
Keswick to Cockermouth
Keswick to Cockermouth
Keswick to Cockermouth
Keswick to Cockermouth
Keyhow, Irton with Santon
Keyhow, High (High Keyhow, Irton with Santon, Irton with Santon)
Kid Back (Kidbeck Farm, Nether Wasdale)
Kid Beck
Kidbeck Bridge, Gosforth
Kidbeck Farm, Nether Wasdale
Kidburngill, Arlecdon and Frizington
Kile Wood (Kellwood, Walton)
Killhill (Kiln Hill, Waterhead)
Killhope Cross, Alston Moor
Killhope Head, Alston Moor
kiln, Allonby, Allonby
Kiln Hill, Waterhead
Kilnstown, Bewcastle
Kingarth (King Garth, Kingmoor)
King Arthurs Round Table (Arthur's Round Table, Yanwath and Eamont Bridge)
King Camp, Gosforth
Kingfield, Nicholforest
Kingfield Hass (Mid Kingfield, Nicholforest)
King Garth, Kingmoor
King Gate (Kinggate, Allhallows)
Kinggate, Allhallows
King Gate (Ring Gate, Hayton)
King Harry, Cumwhitton
King Hill, Burtholme
Kingmoor House, Kingmoor
Kings Arms Lane, Carlisle
Kings Church, Cockermouth
King's Forest of Geltsdale, Geltsdale
King's Forest of Geltsdale, Geltsdale
King's Forest of Geltsdale, Geltsdale
Kingside Hill, Holme Abbey
King Street, Whitehaven
King Street, Whitehaven
King Water
King Water
King Water
Kinkrey (Kinkry Hill, Bewcastle)
Kinkry Hill, Bewcastle
Kinmont Beck
Kinniside, Ennerdale and Kinniside
Kinniside Common, Ennerdale and Kinniside
Kirby Brow, Dean
Kirkandrews (Kirkandrews upon Eden, Beaumont)
Kirkandrews (Kirkandrews Tower, Kirkandrews)
Kirkandrews Tower, Kirkandrews
Kirkandrews upon Eden, Beaumont
Kirkbampton, Kirkbampton
Kirkbanton (Kirkbampton, Kirkbampton)
Kirk Beck
Kirk Beck
Kirkbeck Mouth (Elliotstown, Askerton)
Kirkbeckstown, Bewcastle
Kirkbeck Town (Kirkbeckstown, Bewcastle)
Kirkbride, Kirkbride
Kirk Burn
Kirkby (Kirby Brow, Dean)
Kirkbyhill (Carby Hill)
Kirkcambeck, Askerton
Kirkcamock (Kirkcambeck, Askerton)
Kirkgate, Cockermouth
Kirkhead, Loweswater
Kirkhill, Kirklinton Middle
Kirkhill River (Kirtle Water)
Kirkhouse, Setmurthy
Kirk House (Kirkhouse Farm, Farlam)
Kirkhouse, Farlam
Kirkhouse Farm, Farlam
Kirkland, Lamplugh
Kirkland, Woodside
Kirkland (Kirkland House, Bowness)
Kirkland, Culgaith
Kirkland Beck
Kirkland Guards, Blennerhasset and Torpenhow
Kirklandguards (Kirkland Guards, Blennerhasset and Torpenhow)
Kirkland House, Bowness
Kirkland How (Kirkland Howe, Arlecdon and Frizington)
Kirkland Howe, Arlecdon and Frizington
Kirklands Farm, Irton with Santon
Kirklinton, Kirklinton Middle
Kirklinton Hall, Hethersgill
Kirklinton Park, Hethersgill
Kirk Mission Hall, Whitehaven
Kirkoswald, Kirkoswald
Kirkoswald Castle, Kirkoswald
Kirksanck Town (Kirksanton, Millom Without)
Kirksanton, Millom Without
Kirksanton Bridge, Millom Without
Kirkscale (Kirsgill How, Arlecdon and Frizington)
Kirkthwaite, East (East Curthwaite, Westward)
Kirkthwaite, West (West Curthwaite, Westward)
Kirsgill How, Arlecdon and Frizington
Kirtle Water
Kitchen Ground, Irton with Santon
Kitty's Strait (Kitty Strait, Hethersgill)
Kitty Strait, Hethersgill
Knapethorn, Allhallows
Knells, High (High Knells, Stanwix Rural)
Knells House, Stanwix Rural
Knells, Low (Knells House, Stanwix Rural)
Knock Cross (Grey Havens, Bowness)
Knockmorton (Knock Murton, Lamplugh)
Knock Murton, Lamplugh
Knockupwards (Knockupworth, Beaumont)
Knockupworth, Beaumont
Knot (Knotts Farm, Matterdale)
Knot (Knott, The, Cumwhitton)
Knot End (Knott End, Muncaster)
Knot Mill (Pencil Mill, Matterdale)
Knott End, Muncaster
Knotts Farm, Matterdale
Knott, The, Cumwhitton
Know, Kirkandrews
Knowehill, Holme East Waver
Knowhead (Knowehead)
Know Hill (Knowehill, Holme East Waver)
Kylesyke Hill, Irthington

Lackerton Wood, Lamplugh
Lady Hall, Millom Without
Ladys Pillar (Countess Pillar, Brougham)
Lagget, Ennerdale and Kinniside
Lairds Town, Arthuret
Laithes, Skelton
Laithes Mill, Skelton
Lake, Kirklinton Middle
lake, Aspatria, Aspatria
Lake House, Kirkandrews
lake, Kirkbampton, Kirkbampton
lake, Plumpton, Hesket
Lakerton Wood (Lackerton Wood, Lamplugh)
Lamb Beck
Lamb Bridge, Matterdale
Lamb Field (Lambfield, Dalston)
Lambfield, Dalston
Lamb Ground (Lambground, Corney, Waberthwaite)
Lambground, Corney, Waberthwaite
Lammonby (Lamonby, Skelton)
Lamonby, Skelton
Lamonby Gate (Lamonby, Skelton)
Lampeart House (Lampert)
Lamplugh Hall, Lamplugh
Land Ends, Matterdale
Landsend (Land Ends, Matterdale)
Land Thet (Langthwaite Farm, Millom Without)
Lane End (Laversdale Lane, Irthington)
Lane End, Bootle
Lane End, Waberthwaite
Lanefoot Bridge, Lamplugh
Lane Head, Mungrisdale
Lanehead (Lane Head, Mungrisdale)
Lane Head, Nether Denton
Lanehead (Loaning Head, Alston Moor)
Lanercost, Burtholme
Lanercost Bridge, Burtholme
Lanercost Priory, Burtholme
Langburn (Longburn, Dundraw)
Langclugh Side (Longcleughside, Hethersgill)
Langery Know (Rawney, Bewcastle)
Langhorn, St Bees
Langlandhead (Longlands Head, Kirkbride)
Lang Lands (Longlands, Gosforth)
Langlands (Longlands, Ireby)
Langley Park, Waberthwaite
Langrigg, Bromfield
Langrigg Bank, Bromfield
Langrigg Beck
Langrigg Hall, Bromfield
Langron (Langhorn, St Bees)
Langrow Green (Longrigg Green, Eskdale)
Langstrath Beck
Langthwaite Farm, Millom Without
Langwathby, Langwathby
Langwathby Bridge, Langwathby
Langwathby Mill, Langwathby
Lanthwaite, Buttermere
Lanthwaite Wood, Buttermere
Lascals, High (High Lowscales, Millom Without)
Lascals, Low (Low Scales, Millom Without)
Laterd (High Latterhead, Loweswater)
Latrigg, Underskiddaw
Latterhead, Loweswater
Laverick Hall (Lavrock Hall, Lamplugh)
Laversdale, Irthington
Laversdale Beck
Laversdale Lane, Irthington
Lavrock Hall, Lamplugh
Lawrence Burn
Lawrenceholm (Lawrenceholme, Woodside)
Lawrenceholme, Woodside
Laws Hall, Arthuret
Laws Lane, Carlisle
Lawstown (Lawston)
Lawstown Holm (Lawston)
Laythes, Aikton
Lazonby, Lazonby
Leadgate, Alston Moor
Lea Houses (Leehouses)
Leaps Rigg, Walton
Leapsrigg (Leaps Rigg, Walton)
Leathersgill Beck
Leathes (Laythes, Aikton)
Leathes (Laithes, Skelton)
Leazes House
Leegate, Dean
Leegate House, Bromfield
Lee, High (Over Lee House, Alston Moor)
Leesey Brow (Lizza Brow, Ennerdale and Kinniside)
Lees Hill, Askerton
Leeshill (Lees Hill, Askerton)
Lees House (Leazes House)
Leesrigg (Leesrigg Farm, Allhallows)
Leesrigg Farm, Allhallows
Legburthwaite Mill, St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn
Lescoe (Liscow, Mungrisdale)
Lessonhall, Waverton
Leys (Woodhouselees)
Lickwhit (Leegate House, Bromfield)
Liddel River (Liddel Water)
Liddel River (Liddel Water)
Liddel River (Liddel Water)
Liddel Strength, Kirkandrews
Liddel Water
Liddel Water
Liddel Water
Lillyhall, Winscales
Lily Hall (Lillyhall, Winscales)
Linbeck Gill
Linbeck Mill, Eskdale
Linedraw (Lynedraw, Boltons)
Lineholm (Lyneholme, Stapleton)
Line How (Lynefoot, Westlinton)
Line Moor, Arthuret
Line River (Lyne, River)
Line River (Lyne, River)
Lines (Lynes, Askerton)
Linestead (Lynestead, Bewcastle)
Linewath, Caldbeck
Ling Bank (High Lingbank, Gosforth)
Ling Bank, Low (Newton Manor, Gosforth)
Ling Close (Lingcroft, Lamplugh)
Lingcroft, Lamplugh
Lingmell Beck
Lingmell Gill
Linkin How, Alston Moor
Linkin Know (Linkin How, Alston Moor)
Linstock Castle, Stanwix Rural
Liscow, Mungrisdale
Lissick (Lyzzick Hall, Underskiddaw)
Little Bampton, Kirkbampton
Little Banton (Little Bampton, Kirkbampton)
Little Blacklaw Hill, Geltsdale
Little Braithwaite, Above Derwent
Little Braithwaite Bridge, Above Derwent
Little Broughton, Broughton
Little Cliffton (Little Clifton, Little Clifton)
Little Clifton, Little Clifton
Little Corby, Hayton
Little Crosthwaite, Underskiddaw
Little Easby, Brampton
Little Fellside, Caldbeck
Little Gill
Littlegill (Little Gill)
Little Hen Hill, Kingwater
Little Lingbank, Gosforth
Little Mill, Wigton
Little Orton, Orton N
Little Ranalinton (Little Randalinton, Arthuret)
Little Randalinton, Arthuret
Little Salkeld, Hunsonby
Little Salkeld Mill, Hunsonby
Little Tarn, Seaton
Little Tarn, Ireby
Littlethwaite, Blindbothel
Little Town, Above Derwent
Little Waver
Liza Beck
Liza River (Liza, River)
Lizza Brow, Ennerdale and Kinniside
Loaden How, Skelton
Loaning Head, Alston Moor
Lobbs, Matterdale
Lockeay (Lowcray, Gosforth)
Lockrigg (Loughrigg, St Bees)
Lodge Field (Longmeg, Hunsonby)
Lodge Hill, Hethersgill
Lodges, Nether Denton
Lodore, Borrowdale
Logan Beck
Logan Beck (Loganbeck, Ulpha)
Loganbeck, Ulpha
London Head, Irton with Santon
London Wall (London Head, Irton with Santon)
Long Bridge, Keswick
Longburgh, Burgh by Sands
Longburn, Dundraw
Long Cleugh Burn
Longcleughside, Hethersgill
Longcleughside, Nicholforest
Long Close (Long Close Farm, Blindcrake)
Long Close, Underskiddaw
Long Close Farm, Blindcrake
Long Clough Head, Nether Denton
Long Clugh (Long Cleugh Burn)
Longclugh Side (Longcleughside, Nicholforest)
Longcroft (Longcroft Farm, Bowness)
Long Croft (Long Cross, Alston Moor)
Longcroft Farm, Bowness
Long Cross, Alston Moor
Long Crost Lane (Windmill Lane, Cockermouth)
Long Crost Lane (Windmill Lane, Cockermouth)
Long Dike (Longdyke Farm, Castle Carrock)
Long Dyke, Castle Carrock
Longdyke Farm, Castle Carrock
Long Garth, Ulpha
Longhirst, Nether Denton
Longlands, Gosforth
Longlands, Ireby
Longlands Head, Kirkbride
Long Lane (Wigton Road, Carlisle)
Long Lane, Carlisle
Longmeg, Hunsonby
Long Meg and Her Daughters, Hunsonby
Long Megg and her Daughters (Long Meg and Her Daughters, Hunsonby)
Longmoor, Ennerdale and Kinniside
Longmoor, Wigton
Long Newton (Newton Arlosh, Holme East Waver)
Long Park, Scaleby
Longpark, Scaleby
Longrigg, Kirkbampton
Longrigg Green, Eskdale
Longscales (Lonscale, Underskiddaw)
Longthwaite (Lanthwaite, Buttermere)
Longthwaite, Wigton
Longthwaite (Low Longthwaite, Matterdale)
Longtown, Arthuret
Longtown Bridge, Arthuret
Longtown to Edinburgh
Longtown to Edinburgh
Longtown to Edinburgh
Longwath, Westward
Longwathby (Langwathby, Langwathby)
Loning End (Lane End, Waberthwaite)
Loning, High (High Lonning, Farlam)
Loning, Low (Low Lonning, Farlam)
Lonning End (Lane End, Bootle)
Lonscale, Underskiddaw
Lop Bank, Lowside Quarter
Lord's Island, Borrowdale
Lordstown, Bewcastle
Lorton (High Lorton, Lorton)
Lorton Hall, Lorton
Lorton Low Bridge, Lorton
Lorton Low Mill, Blindbothel
Lorton Road, Cockermouth
Lorton Road, Cockermouth
Lothwaite (Lowthwaite, St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn)
Lothwaite Side, Wythop
Loucay (Lowca, Lowca)
Lough (Cardurnock Lough, Bowness)
Lough (Tarn, Rockcliffe)
Loughrigg, St Bees
Lounthwaite (Longthwaite, Wigton)
Lounthwaite Beck (Crowdundle Beck)
Lounthwaite Beck (Crowdundle Beck)
Lousey (Lowsay, Holme St Cuthbert)
Love Lady Shield (Lovelady Shield, Alston Moor)
Lovelady Shield, Alston Moor
Love Lane, Whitehaven
Love Lane, Whitehaven
Low Ameshaugh, Alston Moor
Low Bank Farm, Blindbothel
Low Birchclose, Matterdale
Low Birk Close (Low Birchclose, Matterdale)
Low Birk Crag, Nether Denton
Low Birker, Eskdale
Low Birket (Low Birker, Eskdale)
Low Boonwood, Gosforth
Low Bowbank,, Farlam
Low Braithwaite, Skelton
Low Bridge End Farm, St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn
Low Broadgate, Millom Without
Low Broad Leys, Haile
Low Broom Hill, Nether Denton
Low Broomhill (Low Broom Hill, Nether Denton)
Low Burnthwaite (Bankdale Farm, St Cuthbert Without)
Lowbyer Manor, Alston Moor
Low Byre (Lowbyer Manor, Alston Moor)
Lowca, Lowca
Lowca Beck
Low Closegill, Nether Denton
Low Cowgap, Alston Moor
Low Cowrigg, Castle Sowerby
Low Crag, Alston Moor
Low Crag Hall (Low Craghall, Ulpha)
Low Craghall, Ulpha
Lowcray, Gosforth
Low Crindledyke, Kingmoor
Low Crosby, Stanwix Rural
Low Dappleymoor, Stapleton
Lowdenhow (Loaden How, Skelton)
Low Door (Lodore, Borrowdale)
Low Dunningwell, Millom Without
Low Ehenside, Lowside Quarter
Lower Stainton, Waberthwaite
Lower Stanton (Lower Stainton, Waberthwaite)
Lowery Hill (Lowryhill, Irthington)
Low Eskholme, Muncaster
Loweswater, Loweswater
Low Field (Lowfield, Setmurthy)
Lowfield, Setmurthy
Low Galligill, Alston Moor
Low Garth (Long Garth, Ulpha)
Low Gelt Bridge, Brampton
Low Geltbridge, Brampton
Low Gillfoot, Ennerdale and Kinniside
Low Godderthwaite, St Bridget Beckermet
Low Grains, Bewcastle
Low Grinel Dike (Low Crindledyke, Kingmoor)
Low Ground, Eskdale
Lowgrove (Low Grove Farm, Underskiddaw)
Low Grove Farm, Underskiddaw
Low Hall (High Low Hall, St Bees)
Low Hall, Blindbothel
Low Hallburn, Arthuret
Low Harker, Rockcliffe
Low Hesket, Hesket
Low Hestholm (Hestham Hall Farm, Millom Without)
Low Hestholm (Low Eskholme, Muncaster)
Low Hirst (Hurstside, Ulpha)
Low Hollins, Buttermere
Low Holm (Low Holme, Eskdale)
Low Holm, Drigg and Carleton
Low Holme, Eskdale
Low Holme, Cumwhitton
Low Holme Mire, Holme Low
Low Holme Mire, Holme Low
Low Holme Mire, Holme Low
Low Holm Mire (Low Holme Mire, Holme Low)
Low Holm Mire (Low Holme Mire, Holme Low)
Low Holm Mire (Low Holme Mire, Holme Low)
Low House (Ashley Grove, Egremont)
Low House, Cleator Moor
Low House, Buttermere
Low House, Setmurthy
Lowhouse (Low House, Setmurthy)
Low House (Low House Farm, Above Derwent)
Low House (Rowling End Farm, Above Derwent)
Low House (Lowhouse, Hesket)
Lowhouse, Hesket
Low House, Scaleby
Low House, Wetheral
Low House Farm, Above Derwent
Lowhouse Mill, Hesket
Low Houses, Wigton
Low Houses, Nether Denton
Low Intack, Caldbeck
Lowkay Hall (Keyhow, Irton with Santon)
Low Keekle Bridge, Cleator Moor
Low Kiln Bank, Dunnerdale-with-Seathwaite
Low Knells (Knells House, Stanwix Rural)
Low Lane, Gosforth
Low Lascals (Low Scales, Millom Without)
Low Lee House, Alston Moor
Lowley House (Low Lee House, Alston Moor)
Low Leys, Lamplugh
Lowleys (Low Leys, Lamplugh)
Low Ling Bank (Newton Manor, Gosforth)
Low Liza Bridge, Buttermere
Low Longthwaite, Matterdale
Low Loning (Low Lonning, Farlam)
Low Lonning, Farlam
Low Luckens, Solport
Low Market, Whitehaven
Low Marshside, Millom Without
Low Mill, Lowside Quarter
Low Mill, Cleator Moor
Low Mill, Ireby
Low Mill, Mungrisdale
Low Mill, Burgh by Sands
Low Mill, Dalston
Low Mill Bridge, Mungrisdale
Low Millgillhead, Lamplugh
Low Moat (Lowmoat, Kirkandrews)
Lowmoat, Kirkandrews
Low Moor, Hayton
Low Moor (Low Dappleymoor, Stapleton)
Low Moor Dyke, Castle Sowerby
Low Moorend, Ennerdale and Kinniside
Low Mosser (Mosser Mains, Blindbothel)
Low Mossthorn, Stapleton
Low Nest, Alston Moor
Low Netherscale, Embleton
Low Nook, Nether Denton
Low Northsceugh, Cumwhitton
Low Noscoe (Low Northsceugh, Cumwhitton)
Lowpark, Loweswater
Low Park House, Askerton
Low Place, Eskdale
Low Pow, Boltons
Low Prior Scales, St Bridget Beckermet
Low Redwing, Alston Moor
Lowries Hill (Lowryhill, Carlisle)
Low Rigg, Walton
Low Rogerscale Farm, Blindbothel
Low Row, Bromfield
Lowrow (Low Row, Bromfield)
Low Row, Caldbeck
Low Row, Nether Denton
Low Row
Lowryhill, Carlisle
Lowryhill, Irthington
Lowsay, Holme St Cuthbert
Lowsay Causeway, Holme St Cuthbert
Low Scalegill (Low Skelgill, Alston Moor)
Low Scales, Bromfield
Low Scales, Millom Without
Low Scaw, Workington
Lowsey Causway (Lowsay Causeway, Holme St Cuthbert)
Low Shalton (Shatton Hall, Embleton)
Low Shaw, Millom Without
Low Sillyhall, Alston Moor
Low Skelgill, Alston Moor
Low Skydes, Alston Moor
Low Snab, Above Derwent
Low Southfield, Winscales
Low Stock Bridge, Underskiddaw
Low Stockeysteads (Low Town, Bewcastle)
Low Stonythwaite, Ulpha
Low Stowbank, Ennerdale and Kinniside
Low Stow Beck (Low Stowbank, Ennerdale and Kinniside)
Low Swinside, Lorton
Low, The, Ulpha
Lowther Bridge, Yanwath and Eamont Bridge
Lowther, River
Lowther Street, Carlisle
Lowther Street, Carlisle
Lowther Street, Carlisle
Lowther Street, Whitehaven
Lowther Street, Whitehaven
Lowther Street, Whitehaven
Lowther Street, Whitehaven
Low Thistleton, Gosforth
Low Thornhope
Lowthwaite, St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn
Lowthwaite Side (Lothwaite Side, Wythop)
Low Todholes, Bewcastle
Low Town, Bewcastle
Low Wall, Burtholme
Low Walton, St Bees
Low Waterside, Ennerdale and Kinniside
Low Wath, Great Salkeld
Low Whinnow Farm, Thursby
Low Wiza Bridge, Wigton
Low Wood, Wetheral
Low Woodnook, Blennerhasset and Torpenhow
Low Wreah, Weddicar
Luccans (High Luckens, Stapleton)
Luckens of Line (Low Luckens, Solport)
Lucy Close, Dean
Lund (Lund, The, Lamplugh)
Lund, The, Lamplugh
Lusty Close (Lucy Close, Dean)
Lynecrook, Stapleton
Lynedraw, Boltons
Lynefoot, Westlinton
Lyneholme, Stapleton
Lyne, River
Lyne, River
Lynes, Askerton
Lynestead, Bewcastle
Lyzzick Hall, Underskiddaw

Mabil Cross, Greystoke
Mable Cross (Mabil Cross, Greystoke)
Macey Bank (Maceybank, Hesket)
Maceybank, Hesket
Maia, Bowness
Maiden Way, Kirkby Thore
Maiden Way, Kirkby Thore
Maiden Way, Kirkby Thore
Mains (Mains Farm, Woodside)
Mains, Kirkoswald
Mains, Bewcastle
Mains Farm, Woodside
Mainsgate, Irton with Santon
Main Street, Cockermouth
Main Street, Cockermouth
Malbray (Mowbray, Arlecdon and Frizington)
Malbray Coat (Mawbray Cote, Holme St Cuthbert)
Malbray Hayrig (Mawbray Hayrigg, Holme St Cuthbert)
Malbray, New (Newtown, Holme St Cuthbert)
Malbray, Old (Mawbray, Holme St Cuthbert)
Mallsgate, Solport
Malls Know, Arthuret
Manesty, Borrowdale
Mansonrigg (Masonrigg, Walton)
Market Hall, Whitehaven
Market Place, Cockermouth
Market Place, Carlisle
Market Place, Whitehaven
Mark Lane, Whitehaven
Marlboro Street (Marlborough Street, Whitehaven)
Marlborough Street, Whitehaven
Marron, River
Marron, River
Marsh House, Bowness
Marsh Side (Low Marshside, Millom Without)
Martin Tarn, Woodside
Martin Tarn Castle (Martin Tarn Castle, Woodside, Woodside)
Marven's Pike
Maryport, Maryport
Maryport Harbour, Maryport
Maryport to Silloth
Maryport to Silloth
Maryport to Silloth
Maryport to Silloth
Maryport to Silloth
Maryport to Silloth
Masonrigg, Walton
Matterdale, Matterdale
Matterdale Church, Matterdale
Matterdale End, Matterdale
Matterdale Head (Matterdale End, Matterdale)
Matthew Ruddin (Matthew Rudding, Caldbeck)
Matthew Rudding, Caldbeck
Maughanby, Glassonby
Maughonby (Maughanby, Glassonby)
Maughs Gate (Mewsgate, Askerton)
Mawbray, Holme St Cuthbert
Mawbray Cote, Holme St Cuthbert
Mawbray Hayrigg, Holme St Cuthbert
Meadhope, Kirkandrews
Meadow Flatt, Alston Moor
Meala (Mealo House, Hayton and Mealo)
Mealo House, Hayton and Mealo
Mealrigg (Mealrigg Hall, Bromfield)
Mealrigg Hall, Bromfield
Meals (Eskmeals House, Bootle)
Mealsgate, Boltons
Meerlaw Hill (Merelaw Hill, Geltsdale)
Meer Syke (Mere Sike)
Melbecks, Bassenthwaite
Mellbeck (Melbecks, Bassenthwaite)
Mellbreak, Loweswater
Mell Fell (Great Mell Fell, Hutton)
Mell Fell (Mellfell House, Matterdale)
Mellfell House, Matterdale
Mellguards, Hesket
Melmerby, Ousby
Melmerby Beck
Melmerby Hall, Ousby
Melmerby Mill, Ousby
Melthwaite Side, Irton with Santon
Meolbank, Gosforth
Meregill, Blindbothel
Merelaw Hill, Geltsdale
Mereside, Bromfield
Mere Sike
Merry Gate (Mirygate, Bewcastle)
Mervins Pike (Marven's Pike)
Mewsgate, Askerton
Michael Lane (Michael Street, Whitehaven)
Michael Street, Whitehaven
Micklethwaite, Thursby
Micklethwaite Bridge, Woodside
Middle Bank, Waberthwaite
Middle Banks, Burtholme
Middle Boonwood, Gosforth
Middle Bridge, Hesket
Middle Cleugh Burn
Middle Clugh (Middle Cleugh Burn)
Middle Crag, Alston Moor
Middle Dormansteads (Pattieshill, Stapleton)
Middle Ehenside, Lowside Quarter
Middle Farm, Brampton
Middle House (Middle Houses, Alston Moor)
Middle Houses, Alston Moor
Middle Intack, Caldbeck
Middle Leys, Lamplugh
Middleleys (Middle Leys, Lamplugh)
Middle Marshside, Millom Without
Middle Nook (Low Nook, Nether Denton)
Middle Row, Nether Denton
Middle Row
Middlesceugh, Skelton
Middlescugh (Middlesceugh, Skelton)
Middle Skydes, Alston Moor
Middle Southfield, Winscales
Middle Stenton (Stainton, Muncaster)
Middle Toddles (Mid Todhills Farm, Bewcastle)
Middleton Place, Waberthwaite
Middle Town (Middletown, Lowside Quarter)
Middletown, Lowside Quarter
Middle Town, Kirkandrews
Middle Town (Midtown, Arthuret)
Mid Dubwath, Hethersgill
Mid Galligill, Alston Moor
Midgey Gill
Mid Kingfield, Nicholforest
Mid Todhills Farm, Bewcastle
Midtown, Arthuret
Mile Bank (Mite Bank, Drigg and Carleton)
Mile House (Mite Houses, Drigg and Carleton)
Mile Side (Miteside, Irton with Santon)
milestone, Brampton, Brampton
milestone, Brampton, Brampton
milestone, Carlisle, Carlisle
milestone, Carlisle, Carlisle
milestone, Hesket, Hesket
milestone, Hesket, Hesket
milestone, Hesket, Hesket
milestone, High Hesket, Hesket
milestone, Irthington, Irthington
milestone, Low Crosby, Stanwix Rural
milestone, Nether Denton, Nether Denton
milestone, Penrith, Penrith
milestone, Stanwix Rural, Stanwix Rural
milestone, Stanwix Rural, Stanwix Rural
milestone, St Cuthbert Without, St Cuthbert Without
milestone, St Cuthbert Without, St Cuthbert Without
Milkingstead, Eskdale
Mill (Mill Dam, Above Derwent)
Mill (Penton Mill, Nicholforest)
Millam (Millom)
Millam (Millom)
Millam Parks (Millom Park, Millom Without)
Millar Hill (Miller Hill, Waterhead)
Millar Place (Miller Place, Buttermere)
mill, Barngill, Distington
Mill Beck
Millbeck, Underskiddaw
Mill Beck
Mill Beck
Mill Beck
mill, Beckermet, St Bridget Beckermet
mill, Bewaldeth, Bewaldeth and Snittlegarth
mill, Blencarn, Culgaith
mill, Bootle, Bootle
mill, Braithwaite, Above Derwent
mill, Brampton, Brampton
Mill Bridge, Threlkeld
mill, Bridgefoot, Little Clifton
mill, Brigham, Cockermouth
mill, Bromfield, Bromfield
mill, Cairnbridge, Cumwhitton
mill, Calder Bridge, St Bridget Beckermet
mill, Cardurnock, Bowness
mill, Carlatton, Carlatton
mill, Carlisle, Carlisle
mill, Carlisle, Carlisle
Mill Dam, Above Derwent
mill, Dockray, Matterdale
mill, Drawdykes, Stanwix Rural
mill, Eamont Bridge, Yanwath and Eamont Bridge
mill, Edenhall, Langwathby
Millees, Kirkandrews
mill, Egremont, Egremont
Millergill Beck
Miller Hill, Waterhead
Miller Place, Buttermere
Mill Farm, St John Beckermet
mill, Gamelsby, Aikton
Millgate (Millyeat, Arlecdon and Frizington)
Mill Gill
Millgillhead (Low Millgillhead, Lamplugh)
mill, Gilsland, Upper Denton
Mill Hall (Millhaw, Whicham)
Millhaw, Whicham
Mill Hill, Loweswater
Millhill, Kirkandrews
Millholm (Millholme, Stapleton)
Millholme, Stapleton
Millholme, Bootle
Millholme Bridge, Bootle
mill, Holmrook, Irton with Santon
Mill House, Lamplugh
Mill House, Mungrisdale
Millhouse, Castle Sowerby
Mill House, Stanwix Rural
Millhouse Bridge, Castle Sowerby
mill, Ireby, Ireby
mill, Islekirk, Westward
mill, Kirkandrews, Kirkandrews
mill, Kirklinton, Hethersgill
mill, Kirksanton, Millom Without
mill, Laythes, Aikton
Mill Leys (Millees, Kirkandrews)
mill, Lowca, Lowca
mill, Lyneholmeford, Stapleton
mill, Maryport, Maryport
mill, Millbeck, Underskiddaw
mill, Millhouse, Castle Sowerby
mill, Milltown, Kirklinton Middle
mill, Mungrisdale, Mungrisdale
mill, Nether Wasdale, Nether Wasdale
mill, Newbiggin, Newbiggin
mill, New Mill, Ponsonby
mill, Newton Reigny, Catterlen
mill, Nunnery, Ainstable
Millom Castle, Millom
Millom Park, Millom Without
Millom road
Millom road
Millom road
Millom road
mill, Ousby, Ousby
Mill Place, Irton with Santon
Mill Place, Muncaster
Millrigg, Bowness
Millrigg, Dacre
Millrigg, Culgaith
Millrigg Bridge, Culgaith
mill, Santon Bridge, Irton with Santon
mill, St Bees, St Bees
mill, Stockdalewath, Dalston
Millstonemoor, Blindcrake
Millstone Moor House (Millstonemoor, Blindcrake)
Mill Town (Corries Mill)
Milltown, Kirklinton Middle
Mill Villa, Waverton
mill, Wampool, Aikton
mill, Wath, Ennerdale and Kinniside
mill, Weddicar, Weddicar
mill, Westlinton, Westlinton
mill, Westward, Westward
Millyeat, Arlecdon and Frizington
Milton, Brampton
Milton Hill, Brampton
mine, Barrow, Above Derwent
mines, Blagill, Alston Moor
mines, Blagillhead, Alston Moor
mines, Killhope Head, Alston Moor
mines, Nenthead, Alston Moor
mine, Tyne Head, Alston Moor
Mire, Westward
Mire (Myre, Bewcastle)
Mire End (Hundith Hill Hotel, Embleton)
Mireground, Waberthwaite
Mire House (Mirehouse, Bassenthwaite)
Mirehouse, Bassenthwaite
Mire House, Millom Without
Mire Mouth, Millom Without
Mireside (Miresyke, Loweswater)
Mireside (Mereside, Bromfield)
Mire Side (Mireside, Holme Abbey)
Mireside, Holme Abbey
Mire Side (Moor House, Drigg and Carleton)
Mire Side (Mireground, Waberthwaite)
Miresyke, Loweswater
Mirey Toddles (Low Todholes, Bewcastle)
Mirkholm (Mirkholme, Ireby)
Mirkholme, Ireby
Mirrenstown, Kirkandrews
Mirron Town (Mirrenstown, Kirkandrews)
Mirygate, Bewcastle
Mite Bank, Drigg and Carleton
Mite Houses, Drigg and Carleton
Miterdale, Eskdale
Miterdale Head, Eskdale
Mite, River
Mite, River
Miteside, Irton with Santon
Moadland Parks, Egremont
Moasdale Beck
Moat, High (Highmoat, Kirkandrews)
Moat Hill, Westlinton
Moat, Low (Lowmoat, Kirkandrews)
Mockerkin, Loweswater
Mockerkin Tarn, Loweswater
Mollen Wood, Askerton
Moncaster Fell (Muncaster Fell, Muncaster)
Moncaster Hall (Muncaster Castle, Muncaster)
Moncaster Head (Muncaster Head, Muncaster)
Monk Foss (Monk Foss Farm, Whicham)
Monk Foss Farm, Whicham
Monkhill, Beaumont
Monkhill Lough, Beaumont
Monkhill Mill, Beaumont
Moor, St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn
Moor (Moor End, Millom)
Moorbeck (High Merebeck, Cleator Moor)
Moorend (Low Moorend, Ennerdale and Kinniside)
Moorend (Hutton Moor End, Mungrisdale)
Moorend, Thursby
Moor End, Irton with Santon
Moor End, Millom
Moor Foot (Moorfoot, Askerton)
Moorfoot, Askerton
Moorgate, Weddicar
Moorgate, Irton with Santon
Moorgill (Meregill, Blindbothel)
Moor Guards (Moorguards, Kingwater)
Moorguards, Kingwater
Moor, High (High Dappleymoor, Stapleton)
Moor House, Haile
Moorhouse, Woodside
Moorhouse (Moorhouse Hall, Burgh by Sands)
Moor House, Drigg and Carleton
Moor House, Waberthwaite
Moorhouse Hall, Woodside
Moorhouse Hall, Burgh by Sands
Moorhouse, High (Moorhouse, Woodside)
Moorhouse Hill (Moorhousehill, Hesket)
Moorhousehill, Hesket
Moorhouse Mill, Woodside
Moorhouse Mill Bridge, Woodside
Moor Houses, Westlinton
Moorland Close, Dean
Moorleys Farm, St Bees
Moor, Low (Low Dappleymoor, Stapleton)
Moor Platt, St Bees
Moor Row, Egremont
Moor Row, Dundraw
Moor Side (Moorside Farm, Gosforth)
Moor Side (Gasketh, Irton with Santon)
Moor Side (Moorside, Waberthwaite)
Moorside, Waberthwaite
Moorside Farm, Gosforth
Moor Side Hall, Arlecdon and Frizington
Moorstown, Arthuret
Moorthwaite, Woodside
Moorthwaite, Cumwhitton
Moorton (Morton, Skelton)
Moorton Head (Morton Community Centre, Carlisle)
Moor Town (Moorstown, Arthuret)
Moota Hill, Blindcrake
Mora Leys (Moorleys Farm, St Bees)
Moresby, Moresby
Moresby Hall, Parton
Moricambe, Holme East Waver
Moricambe sands road
Moricambe sands road
Moricambe sands road
Moricambe sands road
Morley Hill, Cumwhitton
Morplay (Moor Platt, St Bees)
Morresby (Moresby, Moresby)
Mort (Murt, Nether Wasdale)
Morton (Murton, Lamplugh)
Morton, Skelton
Morton Community Centre, Carlisle
Mosband (Mossband, Kirkandrews)
Mosband Hall (Mossbandhall, Kirkandrews)
Mosedale, Mungrisdale
Mosedale Beck
Mosedale Beck
Mosedale Bridge, Mungrisdale
Moss, Waverton
Mossband, Kirkandrews
Mossbandhall, Kirkandrews
Mossdale (Mosedale, Mungrisdale)
Moss Dikes, St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn
Mossdikes (Low Moor Dyke, Castle Sowerby)
Moss End, Dalston
Mossend (Moss End, Dalston)
Moss End (Moss Nook, Hayton)
Mosser, Blindbothel
Mosser, High (Mosser, Blindbothel)
Mosser, Low (Mosser Mains, Blindbothel)
Mosser Mains, Blindbothel
Mosses (South Mosses, Lamplugh)
Moss Hill, Farlam
Moss House, Dunnerdale-with-Seathwaite
Mosshouse (Moss, Waverton)
Moss House (Parkend, Scaleby)
Mosside (Moss Side, Kirkandrews)
Mosside (Moss Side, Solport)
Moss Nook, Hayton
Moss Pladdow, Hayton
Mossplad House (Moss Pladdow, Hayton)
Moss Side, Gosforth
Moss Side, Holme East Waver
Moss Side, Kirkandrews
Moss Side, Stanwix Rural
Moss Side (Silver Hill, Scaleby)
Moss Side, Solport
Moss Thorn (High Mossthorn, Stapleton)
Mossy Land (Moss Hill, Farlam)
Mote, The, Brampton
Motherby, Greystoke
Mount Hulie, Askerton
Mounthully (Mount Hulie, Askerton)
Mount Pleasant, Hethersgill
Mount River (Mount Rivers, Bootle)
Mount Rivers, Bootle
Mounts, Westlinton
Moutay (Moota Hill, Blindcrake)
Mowbray, Arlecdon and Frizington
Mumps Hall, Upper Denton
Mumpshall (Mumps Hall, Upper Denton)
Muncaster Bridge, Muncaster
Muncaster Castle, Muncaster
Muncaster Fell, Muncaster
Muncaster Head, Muncaster
Muncaster Mill, Muncaster
Muncaster Mill Bridge, Muncaster
Mungrisdale, Mungrisdale
Munkhill (Monkhill, Beaumont)
Murrah, Mungrisdale
Murrays, Waterhead
Murt, Nether Wasdale
Murthwaite, Muncaster
Murton, Lamplugh
Myre, Bewcastle

Naddel (Naddle, St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn)
Naddel Bridge (Naddle Bridge, St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn)
Naddle, St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn
Naddle Beck
Naddle Bridge, St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn
Nag's Head, Alston Moor
Nalp Thorn (Knapethorn, Allhallows)
Natrass (Nattrass, Alston Moor)
Nattrass, Alston Moor
Naward Castle (Naworth Castle, Brampton)
Naworth Castle, Brampton
Nealhouse, Thursby
Near Bank, Waberthwaite
Near Birkett Bank, St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn
Near Birkettbank, St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn
Near Branthwaite Edge, Dean
Nearhow, Mungrisdale
Near Thwaites, Ennerdale and Kinniside
Needless Beck, Egremont
Needless Bridge
Nent Bridge, Alston Moor
Nent Hall, Alston Moor
Nenthall Bridge, Alston Moor
Nent Head (Nenthead, Alston Moor)
Nenthead, Alston Moor
Nenthead Mines, Alston Moor
Nent, River
Nent, River
Nent, River
Nentsberry, Alston Moor
Nentsberry Bridge, Alston Moor
Nentsbury (Nentsberry, Alston Moor)
Nest, St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn
Nest (Low Nest, Alston Moor)
Netherby, Arthuret
Nether Close (Netherclose, Loweswater)
Netherclose, Loweswater
Nether Denton
Netherfield, Irthington
Nether Hall (Netherhall, Maryport)
Netherhall, Maryport
Nether Haresceugh, Kirkoswald
Nether Hill, Bewcastle
Nether Hirst (Netherhirst, Solport)
Netherhirst, Solport
Nether Onset, Hethersgill
Nether Row, Caldbeck
Nether Scales (Low Netherscale, Embleton)
Nether Scales (Netherscales, Skelton)
Netherscales, Skelton
Nether Stainton, Muncaster
Nether Stenton (Nether Stainton, Muncaster)
Nether Stonegarthside (Stonegarthside, Nicholforest)
Nether Town (Nethertown, Lowside Quarter)
Nethertown, Lowside Quarter
Nethertown, Arthuret
Nether Town, Kirkandrews
Nether Town, Arthuret
Nether Wasdale, Nether Wasdale
Nether Welton, Dalston
Nettle Slack, Dunnerdale-with-Seathwaite
Newbie Castle
Newbiggen (Newbiggin Grange, Ireby)
Newbiggen (Newbiggin, Dacre)
Newbiggen (Newbiggin, St Cuthbert Without)
Newbiggen (Newbiggin, Kirklinton Middle)
Newbiggen (Newbiggin, Ainstable)
Newbiggin, Dacre
Newbiggin, St Cuthbert Without
Newbiggin, Kirklinton Middle
Newbiggin, Ainstable
Newbiggin Bridge, Newbiggin
Newbiggin Grange, Ireby
Newbiggin Old Bridge, St Cuthbert Without, St Cuthbert Without
New Bridge, Holme Abbey
New Bridge, Borrowdale
New Bridge, Waverton
New Burgh (Farhill, Burgh by Sands)
Newby (Newby West, Cummersdale)
Newby (Newby East, Irthington)
Newby Bridge, Irthington
Newby Castle (Newbie Castle)
Newby East, Irthington
Newby West, Cummersdale
New Church (All Saints Church, Matterdale)
New Cowper, Holme St Cuthbert
New Field (Newfieldhead, Stanwix Rural)
New Field, Stanwix Rural
Newfield, Kingwater
New Field (Newfield, Dunnerdale-with-Seathwaite)
Newfield, Dunnerdale-with-Seathwaite
Newfieldhead, Stanwix Rural
New Fort (Old Fort, Whitehaven)
New Garth, Farlam
Newgate (New Yeat, Castle Sowerby)
New Hall, Millom
New House, Egremont
New House, Holme St Cuthbert
New House (Bitt, Irton with Santon)
New House (New House Farm, Lorton)
Newhouse, Hesket
New House, Solport
New House Farm, Lorton
New Houses (Newhouse, Hesket)
Newlaiths Hall, Carlisle
Newland Gate (New House, Solport)
Newlands (Newlands Valley, Above Derwent)
Newlands (Newlands Farm, Boltons)
Newlands, Castle Sowerby
Newlands, Stapleton
Newlands Beck
Newlands Church, Above Derwent
Newlands Farm, Boltons
Newlands Row (Newlands Row Farm, Boltons)
Newlands Row Farm, Boltons
Newlands Valley, Above Derwent
Newleaths Hall (Newlaiths Hall, Carlisle)
New Malbray (Newtown, Holme St Cuthbert)
New Market (Low Market, Whitehaven)
New Mill, Bromfield
Newmill Beck
New Mills, Brampton
New Orchard (Scaw Gill, Lorton)
New Park, Ireby
New Quay (Old New Quay, Whitehaven)
New Rent, Skelton
Newsham, Threlkeld
Newsham, Castle Sowerby
New Shield (Newshield, Alston Moor)
Newshield, Alston Moor
New Street, Whitehaven
New Street, Whitehaven
Newton, Gosforth
Newton Arlosh, Holme East Waver
New Tongue, Whitehaven
Newton Manor, Gosforth
Newton Raney (Newton Reigny, Catterlen)
Newton Reigny, Catterlen
Newton, West (Westnewton, Westnewton)
Newtown (Newton, Gosforth)
Newtown, Holme St Cuthbert
New Town (Newtown, Carlisle)
Newtown, Carlisle
New Town
New Town (Newtown of Rockcliffe, Westlinton)
Newtown, Irthington
New Town, Millom
New Town, Whitehaven
New Town, Whitehaven
Newtown of Rockcliffe, Westlinton
New Yeat, Castle Sowerby
Nichol Forest, Nicholforest
Nichol Forest, Nicholforest
Nicholson Lane, Whitehaven
Nicholsons Alley (Nicholson Lane, Whitehaven)
Nickie's Hill, Kingwater
Nickys Hill (Nickie's Hill, Kingwater)
Nine Churches (St Ninian's Church, Brougham)
Nineveh, Kirkandrews
Ninivy (Nineveh, Kirkandrews)
Nixon Head, Castle Carrock
Nixonhead (Nixon Head, Castle Carrock)
Nixonstown, Bewcastle
Nixon Town (Nixonstown, Bewcastle)
Nobles Town (Noblestown, Bewcastle)
Noblestown, Bewcastle
Nook, Cleator Moor
Nook, Holme St Cuthbert
Nook (Nook House, Ireby)
Nook, St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn
Nook, Dalston
Nook (Nook on Lyne, Arthuret)
Nook, Scaleby
Nook, Nicholforest
Nook, Bewcastle
Nook Gate (Nookgate, Nicholforest)
Nookgate, Nicholforest
Nook, High (High Nook Farm, Loweswater)
Nook, High (High Nook, Nether Denton)
Nook House, Ireby
Nook, Middle (Low Nook, Nether Denton)
Nook on Lyne, Arthuret
Nook, The, Scaleby
Norman, Caldbeck
Norman Crag, Mungrisdale
Normoss, Waberthwaite
North Doubledykes
North Greenhill, Stapleton
North Harbour, Whitehaven
North Harbour, Whitehaven
North Head, St Bees
North Mosses, Lamplugh
North Petteril
North Row, Bassenthwaite
North Wall, Whitehaven
North Wall, Whitehaven
Noscoe, High (High Northsceugh, Cumwhitton)
Noscoe, Low (Low Northsceugh, Cumwhitton)
Nunclose, Hesket
Nunfield, Cumwhitton
Nunnery, Ainstable
Nunscleugh, Bewcastle
Nuns Clugh (Nunscleugh, Bewcastle)
Nunwick Hall, Great Salkeld

Oak (Oak House, St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn)
Oakbank, Loweswater
Oakbank, Kirkandrews
Oak Bank (Aikbank Farm, Irton with Santon)
Oakdene, Westlinton
Oakhaw (Oakshaw, Bewcastle)
Oak House, St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn
Oaks, Castle Sowerby
Oakshaw, Bewcastle
Oakshaw Ford, Bewcastle
Oakshaw Hill, Arthuret
Oakshawhill (Oakshaw Hill, Arthuret)
Oddy House (Addy House, Gosforth)
Old Brandelhow, Above Derwent
Old Broadgate, Millom Without
Old Carlisle, Westward
Old Carr's Burn
Old Church, Brampton
Old Custom House, Whitehaven
Old Field (Oldfield, Greysouthen)
Oldfield, Greysouthen
Old Fort, Whitehaven
Old Graitnay (Old Graitney)
Old Graitney
Old Hall, Nicholforest
Old Hall, Ulpha
Old Hayclose, Hesket
Old House, Waterhead
Old Kiln (Oldkiln, Holme St Cuthbert)
Oldkiln, Holme St Cuthbert
Old Malbray (Mawbray, Holme St Cuthbert)
Old Mill, Waverton
Old New Quay, Whitehaven
Old Park (Isel Old Park, Blindcrake)
Old Parks, Kirkoswald
Old Petteril
Old Quay, Whitehaven
Old Quay, Whitehaven
Old Sandsfield, Burgh by Sands
Old Scale (Old Scales, Wythop)
Old Scales, Wythop
Old Scalesmoor, Lamplugh
Old Tongue, Whitehaven
Old Town, Hesket
Old Town, Stapleton
Old Town, Whitehaven
Old Vicarage, The, Irton with Santon
Old Wall (Oldwall, Irthington)
Oldwall, Irthington
Old Water
Onset, Nether (Nether Onset, Hethersgill)
Orchard House, Waterhead
Orchard, New (Scaw Gill, Lorton)
Orgill, Egremont
Orman Crag (Norman Crag, Mungrisdale)
Ormathwaite, Underskiddaw
Ormathwaite Hall, Underskiddaw
Orthwaite, Ireby
Orthwaite Hall, Ireby
Orton, Great (Great Orton, Orton N)
Orton, Little (Little Orton, Orton N)
Orton Rigg, Orton N
Otter Island, Above Derwent
Oughterby, Kirkbampton
Oughterside, Oughterside and Allerby
Oughterside Mill, Oughterside and Allerby
Oughton (Oulton, Woodside)
Oulton, Woodside
Oulton Hall, Woodside
Ousby, Ousby
Ousby Row (Row, Ousby)
Ousby Shire (Shire, Ousby)
Ouse Bridge, Blindcrake
Outer Harbour, Whitehaven
Outhwaite, Kirkoswald
Outward Bound School, Eskdale
Over Beck
Over Lee House, Alston Moor
Over Water, Ireby
Overwater Hall, Ireby
Owlethirst, Solport
Own Lands (Roanlands, Millom Without)

packhorse bridge, Calva Hall, Dean
Padaburn House (Paddaburn)
Paddigill, Caldbeck
Paddock Wray, Eskdale
Paddygill (Paddigill, Caldbeck)
Palace How, Blindbothel
Palacehow (Palace How, Blindbothel)
Pallet Hill, Dacre
Pallot Hill (Pallet Hill, Dacre)
Pallyards, Solport
Palmer Hill, Kingwater
Pannal Holm (Pannel Holme, Ulpha)
Pannel Holme, Ulpha
Papcastle, Papcastle
Parcels Town (Parcelstown, Arthuret)
Parcelstown, Arthuret
Pardshaw, Dean
Pardshaw Crag, Dean
Pardshaw Gate (Leegate, Dean)
Pardshaw Hall, Dean
Park (Old Parks, Kirkoswald)
Park, Bewcastle
Park, Alston Moor
Park Beck
Park Bridge, Loweswater
Park Broom, Stanwix Rural
Parkend, Scaleby
Parkergate, Bassenthwaite
Park Foot (High Parkfoot, Stapleton)
Parkgate, Waverton
Park Gate (Parkgate Farm, Matterdale)
Parkgate, Irton with Santon
Parkgate Farm, Matterdale
Parkgate Hall, Waverton
Park Grove, Irton with Santon
Park Head (Parkhead Inn, St John Beckermet)
Park Head (Parkhead, Sebergham)
Parkhead, Sebergham
Park Head, Kirkoswald
Park Head, Brampton
Parkhead (Park Head, Brampton)
Parkhead, Bewcastle
Parkhead Inn, St John Beckermet
Park House, Cockermouth
Park House, Blennerhasset and Torpenhow
Park House, St Cuthbert Without
Park House, Muncaster
Park House, Low (Low Park House, Askerton)
Park Houses (Barkhouse, Setmurthy)
Park Lane (Isel Road, Cockermouth)
Park Nook (Parknook, Gosforth)
Parknook, Gosforth
Park Nook, Kingwater
Park Nook (Parknook, Bewcastle)
Parknook, Bewcastle
Park Nook, Waberthwaite
Park Rigg, Solport
Parks (Highpark, Loweswater)
Parkside, Arlecdon and Frizington
Parsonage (Parsonage, The, Haile)
Parsonage (Old Vicarage, The, Irton with Santon)
Parsonage (Rectory, Whicham)
Parsonage, The, Haile
Parsonby, Plumbland
Parton, Parton
Parton, Thursby
Parton Harbour, Parton
Pasture House, Boltons
Pasture Lane (Pasture Lane Farm, Caldbeck)
Pasture Lane Farm, Caldbeck
Pasture Lane House, Caldbeck
Pasture Side (Pasture House, Boltons)
Patern Field (Burnfield, Millom Without)
Pater Noster Row (Paternoster Row, Carlisle)
Paternoster Row, Carlisle
Pateshill, Irthington
Pattenfoot, Boltons
Patten Gate (Pattenfoot, Boltons)
Patterdale, Patterdale
Pattieshill, Stapleton
Patton Garth, Hayton
Pattonstown, Kirkandrews
Patton Town (Pattonstown, Kirkandrews)
Peal (Peel, Loweswater)
Pea Lee (Peel Place, Eskdale)
Pear Ling (Priorling, St Bridget Beckermet)
Peartree, Kirkandrews
Peascods Lane, Carlisle
Peat Hill, Kirkandrews
Peats Hill (Pateshill, Irthington)
Pedderhill, Arthuret
Peel, Loweswater
Peel O'Hill, Bewcastle
Peel Place, Gosforth
Peel Place, Eskdale
Peel Wyke, Wythop
Pela Hill (Peel O'Hill, Bewcastle)
Pelutho, Holme St Cuthbert
Pencil Mill, Matterdale
Pencilmill Beck
Penny Hill Farm, Eskdale
Penrith, Penrith
Penrith Beacon, Penrith
Penrith Castle, Penrith
Penrith to Alston
Penrith to Alston
Penrith to Alston
Penrith to Alston
Penrith to Alston
Penrith to Alston
Penrith to Alston
Penrith to Brampton
Penrith to Brampton
Penrith to Brampton
Penrith to Carlisle
Penrith to Carlisle
Penrith to Carlisle
Penrith to Carlisle
Penrith to Carlisle
Penrith to Carlisle
Penrith to Carlisle
Penrith to Hesket Newmarket
Penrith to Hesket Newmarket
Penrith to Hesket Newmarket
Penrith to Hesket Newmarket
Penrith to Hesket Newmarket
Penrith to Keswick
Penrith to Keswick
Penrith to Keswick
Penrith to Keswick
Penrith to Keswick
Penrith to Keswick
Penrith to Keswick
Penrith to Wigton
Penrith to Wigton
Penrith to Wigton
Penrith to Wigton
Penrith to Wigton
Penrith to Wigton
Penrith to Wigton
Penruddock, Hutton
Penton House, Nicholforest
Penton Mill, Nicholforest
Pepper Hill, Brampton
Perch, Bootle
Pescoke Way (Paddock Wray, Eskdale)
Peter Hill, Gosforth
Petersborough (Petersburgh, St Bridget Beckermet)
Petersburgh, St Bridget Beckermet
Peter's Crook, Nicholforest
Peter Street, Whitehaven
Peth, Arthuret
Petriana (Voreda, Hesket)
Petteril Bank, Hesket
Petteril Banks (Petteril Bank, Hesket)
Petteril Crooks, Hesket
Petterill Crooks (Petteril Crooks, Hesket)
Petteril, River
Petteril, River
Petteril, River
Petteril, River
Petteril, River
Petteril, River
Petteril, River
Pettrill River (Petteril, River)
Pettrill River (Petteril, River)
Pettrill River (Petteril, River)
Pettrill River (Petteril, River)
Pettrill River (Petteril, River)
Pettrill River (Petteril, River)
Pettrill River (Petteril, River)
Philips Town (Philipstown, Kirkandrews)
Philipstown, Kirkandrews
Phoenix (Fenwick, Millom Without)
Picket How, Egremont
Piet Nest (Nest, St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn)
Pike How (Picket How, Egremont)
Pikeless Gate, Caldbeck
Pike Side, Ulpha
pile of stones, West Dun Hill
Pillar, Ennerdale and Kinniside
Pingle House (Pringle House, Skelton)
Piperstile, Cumwhitton
Pippin Gill (Whirl Pippin, Whicham)
Place (Hudson Place, Loweswater)
Place Fell, Patterdale
Ploughlands, Kirkbampton
Plowlands (Ploughlands, Kirkbampton)
Plumbland, Plumbland
Plumbland Lane, Whitehaven
Plumblands Lane (Plumbland Lane, Whitehaven)
Plumland (Plumbland, Plumbland)
Plump, Kirkandrews
Plump Bridge, Kirkandrews
Plumpton, Hesket
Plumpton Foot (Plumptonfoot, Hesket)
Plumptonfoot, Hesket
Plumptonfoot Bridge, Hesket
Plumptonfoot Mill, Hesket
Plumpton Hall, Hesket
Plumptonhall Mill, Hesket
Plumpton Street (Penrith to Carlisle)
Plumpton Wall (Plumpton, Hesket)
Plumpton Wall Head (Plumton Head, Penrith)
Plumton Head, Penrith
Po House, Millom Without
Poltross Burn
Poltross Burn
Ponsonby, Ponsonby
Ponsonby Fell, Ponsonby
Ponsonby Fell, Ponsonby
Ponsonby Fell, Ponsonby
Ponsonby Fells, Blaing and (Ponsonby Fell, Ponsonby)
Ponsonby Fells, Blaing and (Bleng Fell, Gosforth)
Ponsonby Fells, Blaing and (Bleng Fell, Gosforth)
Ponsonby Old Hall, Ponsonby
Ponton Pills (Penton House, Nicholforest)
Pooley Bridge, Barton
Pooly Bridge (Pooley Bridge, Barton)
Poorhouse Bridge, Cockermouth
Port Carlisle, Bowness
Portingscale (Portinscale, Above Derwent)
Portinscale, Above Derwent
Port of Workington, Workington
Potgill (Potts Gill, Caldbeck)
Pot House (pottery, Whitehaven, Whitehaven)
Potsloan, Kingwater
Pottergill, Loweswater
pottery, Whitehaven, Whitehaven
Potts Gill, Caldbeck
Pound, Kirkandrews
Pow (Low Pow, Boltons)
Pow Beck
Pow Beck
Pow Beck
Pow Beck
Pow Beck
Pow Beck
Pow Beck Bridge, Above Derwent
Pow Bridge, St Bees
Powburgh Beck
Powhill, Kirkbride
Pow House (Po House, Millom Without)
Pow Maughan
Pow Street (Market Place, Whitehaven)
Pressgill (Priest Gill, Whitehaven)
Preston Hill (Bewcastle Fells, Bewcastle)
Preston How (Prestonhows, Whitehaven)
Prestonhows, Whitehaven
Preston Street, Whitehaven
Preston Street, Whitehaven
Priest Croft (Priestcroft, Allhallows)
Priestcroft, Allhallows
Priest Gill, Whitehaven
Priests Mill, Caldbeck
Pringle House, Skelton
Prior Hall, Ireby
Prior House, Hethersgill
Priorling, St Bridget Beckermet
Prior Rigg, Irthington
Prior Scale (Low Prior Scales, St Bridget Beckermet)
Pry House, Alston Moor
Pryhouse (Pry House, Alston Moor)
Pryrigg (Prior Rigg, Irthington)
Pryriggside (Prior Rigg, Hethersgill)
Pudding Crook (Lynecrook, Stapleton)
Pull Wike (Peel Wyke, Wythop)
Purdoms Crook (Purdomscrook, Westlinton)
Purdomscrook, Westlinton
Pyet Nest (Penny Hill Farm, Eskdale)

Quarry Gate, St Cuthbert Without
Quarry Hill (Quarry Hill Farm, Boltons)
Quarry Hill Farm, Boltons
Quary Gate (Quarry Gate, St Cuthbert Without)
Quay Street, Whitehaven
Quebec, Kirkandrews
Queen Street, Whitehaven
Queen Street, Whitehaven
Queen Street, Whitehaven
Queen Street, Whitehaven
Queen Street, Whitehaven
Quey Fold, St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn

Raby Coat (Raby Cote, Holme East Waver)
Raby Cote, Holme East Waver
Raby Grange, Holme East Waver
Rack Bridge, Solport
Rack Gate, Stapleton
Rae Burn
Raehills Farm House (Wreayhill House, Kingwater)
Rafels (Raffles, Carlisle)
Raffles, Carlisle
Rafold (Rawfold, Dunnerdale-with-Seathwaite)
Rainors, Gosforth
Raise (Raise, The, Dean)
Raise Beck
Raise Bridge, Lakes
Raise, The, Dean
Rake Beck
Rake How, St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn
Ralley Green (Green, The, Millom Without)
Ralleys (Ralliss, Whicham)
Ralliss, Whicham
Rampsholme Island, Borrowdale
Ranalinton, Great (Randalinton, Arthuret)
Ranalinton, Little (Little Randalinton, Arthuret)
Ranbeck, Culgaith
Randaleholm (Randalholm Hall, Alston Moor)
Randale Holm (Randlehow, Eskdale)
Randalholm Hall, Alston Moor
Randalinton, Arthuret
Randlehow, Eskdale
Rannerdale Beck
Rash, Boltons
Ratten Row, Arlecdon and Frizington
Ratten Row, St Cuthbert Without
Ratten Row, Caldbeck
Rattin Row (Ratten Row, Caldbeck)
Raughton, Dalston
Raul Yard (Pallyards, Solport)
Raven Bank, Bowness
Raven Beck
Raven Bridge, Kirkoswald
Raven Bridge, Kirkoswald
Ravenglass, Muncaster
Ravenglass to Egremont
Ravenglass to Egremont
Ravenglass to Egremont
Ravenglass to Egremont
Raw (Yew Tree, St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn)
Raw, Arthuret
Raw, Bewcastle
Raw Beck (Roe, River)
Raw Beck (Roe, River)
Rawen Tree (Rawentree, Solport)
Rawentree, Solport
Rawfold, Dunnerdale-with-Seathwaite
Rawney, Bewcastle
Rawthwaite Hill (Roughet Hill, Castle Carrock)
Reach Bian (Roachburn, Farlam)
Reathwaite, Westward
Rectory, Whicham
Reda (Rheda Park, Arlecdon and Frizington)
Red Brow (Milkingstead, Eskdale)
Red Cleugh, Burtholme
Red Clugh (Red Cleugh, Burtholme)
Red Dial, Westward
Redflat (Red Flatt, Holme Abbey)
Red Flatt, Holme Abbey
Redgatehead, Nicholforest
Redgatehead, Bewcastle
Red Hall, Waverton
Red Hall, Askerton
Redhall (Red Hall, Askerton)
Red Hill (Red Hills, Dacre)
Red Hill (Red Hills, Millom)
Red Hills, Dacre
Red Hills, Millom
Red House, Cummersdale
Redhouse (Red House, Cummersdale)
Redhow, Loweswater
Redmain, Blindcrake
Redmire, Mungrisdale
Redmire, Nether Denton
Red Park (Blackhall Park, St Cuthbert Without)
Red Pike, Buttermere
Redscar House (Scare, Irthington)
Red Sike (Redsike, Matterdale)
Redsike, Matterdale
Red Sike
Red Tarn, Patterdale
Red Tarn Beck
Red Wing (Low Redwing, Alston Moor)
Renwick, Kirkoswald
Renwick Mill, Kirkoswald
Resuen (Rosewain, Woodside)
Reynold Close (Rainors, Gosforth)
Rheda Park, Arlecdon and Frizington
Rhodds, Kirkandrews
Ribton Hall, Camerton
Ricarby (Rickerby, Stanwix Rural)
Riccar Gate (Rickergate, Carlisle)
Riccar Gate (Rickergate, Carlisle)
Rickerby, Stanwix Rural
Rickergate, Carlisle
Rickergate, Carlisle
Ridburn Gill (Kidburngill, Arlecdon and Frizington)
Riddens (Riddings, Kirkandrews)
Riddings, Threlkeld
Riddings, Kirkandrews
Rigg (Jacksonrigg, Arthuret)
Rigg (Down by Rigg, Westlinton)
Rigg Beck
Rigg Foot (Riggfoot House, Hethersgill)
Riggfoot Farm, Farlam
Riggfoot House, Hethersgill
Rigghead, Threlkeld
Rigg Head (Rigghead, Hethersgill)
Rigghead, Hethersgill
Rigghead, Askerton
Riggs, Wythop
Rigg Side, Borrowdale
Riggwood, Bewaldeth and Snittlegarth
Righead (Rigghead, Threlkeld)
Righead (Rigghead, Askerton)
Rig Wood (Riggwood, Bewaldeth and Snittlegarth)
Ring Gate, Hayton
Rinion Hill (Rinnion Hills, Kingwater)
Rinnion Hills, Kingwater
Rising Sun, Hethersgill
Roachburn, Farlam
Roads (Rhodds, Kirkandrews)
road, through Cardurnock
road, through Cardurnock
road, through Cardurnock
road, through Cardurnock
Roan, Nicholforest
Roanlands, Millom Without
Roansgreen, Bewcastle
Roanstrees, Bewcastle
Roantrees (Roanstrees, Bewcastle)
Robberby, Hunsonby
Robberby Water
Robinson, Above Derwent
Rockcliffe, Rockcliffe
Rockcliffe Cross, Rockcliffe
Rockcliffe Marsh, Rockcliffe
Rodding End (Redgatehead, Nicholforest)
Roder Sike (Rothersyke House, Lowside Quarter)
Roe, River
Roe, River
Rogerscale (Low Rogerscale Farm, Blindbothel)
Rogersceugh, Bowness
Rogerscugh (Rogersceugh, Bowness)
Roman Cross (roman cross, Bewcastle, Bewcastle)
roman cross, Bewcastle, Bewcastle
roman fort, Belle Vue, Carlisle
roman fort, Nowtler Hill, Beaumont
roman fort, Watchcross, Irthington
roman fort, Westward, Westward
Rook's 'o th' Bridge (Mill Villa, Waverton)
Roper Street, Whitehaven
Roper Street, Whitehaven
rope walk, Whitehaven, Whitehaven
rope walk, Whitehaven, Whitehaven
rope walk, Whitehaven, Whitehaven
rope walk, Whitehaven, Whitehaven
Rose Bridge, Dalston
Rose Castle, Dalston
Rosehill, Moresby
Rosemary Lane, Whitehaven
Rosetree (Rosetrees, Kirkandrews)
Rosetrees, Kirkandrews
Rosewain, Woodside
Rosley, Westward
Rosley Hill, Westward
Rosthwaite, Borrowdale
Rosthwaite Bridge, Borrowdale
Rotherhope Side, Alston Moor
Rothersyke, Lowside Quarter
Rothersyke House, Lowside Quarter
Rottenton (Rottington, Millom)
Rottington, St Bees
Rottington, Millom
Rottington Beck
Roughet Hill, Castle Carrock
Rougholme, Muncaster
Rough Sike
Roughton (Raughton, Dalston)
Roughtonhead Chapel (All Saints Church, Dalston)
Roul Holm (Ruleholme, Irthington)
Round Greencot, Stapleton
Routen Beck (Routenbeck, Wythop)
Routenbeck, Wythop
Routen Sike (Routon Syke, Arlecdon and Frizington)
Routon Bridge, Arlecdon and Frizington
Routon Syke, Arlecdon and Frizington
Row, Cleator Moor
Row (Wasdale Head, Nether Wasdale)
Row (Row Farm, The, Solport)
Row (Raw, Bewcastle)
Row, Ousby
Row, Waberthwaite
Row (Low, The, Ulpha)
Rowan Burn
Rowantree Hill, Kingwater
Row Bank (Towan Bank, Brampton)
Row Beck
Rowbeck Mill, Dearham
Rowcliff (Rockcliffe, Rockcliffe)
Rowcliff Cross (Rockcliffe Cross, Rockcliffe)
Rowcliff Marsh (Rockcliffe Marsh, Rockcliffe)
Roweltown, Stapleton
Rowen Burn (Rowan Burn)
Rowenburn Foot (Rowanburnfoot)
Rowend Bridge, Gosforth
Row Farm, The, Solport
Row Foot, Cleator Moor
Rowgill Burn
Row Hall, Dearham
Rowhead (Black How, Cleator Moor)
Row House (High Row)
Rowling End Farm, Above Derwent
Rowrah, Arlecdon and Frizington
Royal Hill (Rake How, St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn)
Rubbybanks Mill, Cockermouth
Rubing House, Workington
Rubybank Mills (Rubbybanks Mill, Cockermouth)
Ruccroft (Ruckcroft, Ainstable)
Ruckcroft, Ainstable
Ruddin (Deer Rudding, Mungrisdale)
Rudding (Riddings, Threlkeld)
Ruddings, The, Setmurthy
Ruding (Ruddings, The, Setmurthy)
Ruleholme, Irthington
Rupham (Rougholme, Muncaster)
Russrigg (Cleugh Side, Hethersgill)
Ruthwaite, Ireby
Rye Bottom, Holme St Cuthbert
Rye Close (Ryeclose, Irthington)
Ryeclose, Irthington
Rye Garth (Wrygarth, Kingwater)
Rye Hill (Ryehill, Kirklinton Middle)
Ryehill, Kirklinton Middle
Rylands, Sebergham

Saddle Back (Saddleback, Threlkeld)
Saddleback, Threlkeld
Sailhill, Hethersgill
Salkeld Dike (Salkeld Dykes, Great Salkeld)
Salkeld Dykes, Great Salkeld
Salkeld Gate, Hesket
Salkeld, Great (Great Salkeld, Great Salkeld)
Salkeld, Little (Little Salkeld, Hunsonby)
Salkeld Yate (Salkeld Gate, Hesket)
Sallow (Sella, Dunnerdale-with-Seathwaite)
Sally Grain
Sally Hill, Gosforth
Salta, Holme St Cuthbert
Saltah (Salta, Holme St Cuthbert)
Saltcoat (Salt Cotes, Holme East Waver)
Salt Coat (Saltcoats, Drigg and Carleton)
Saltcoats, Drigg and Carleton
Salt Cotes, Holme East Waver
Salter Hall, Lamplugh
Salt House (Salthouse, Millom)
Salthouse, Millom
Saltom Pit, Whitehaven
Salton (Saltom Pit, Whitehaven)
Saltpans, Crosscanonby
salt pans, Flimby, Maryport
Sandale, Boltons
Sandall (Sandale, Boltons)
Sandbed, Kirkandrews
Sand Closes (Sands Close, Moresby)
Sand Crook (Sandcrook, Bewcastle)
Sandcrook, Bewcastle
Sandersons Town (Saundersbush, Arthuret)
Sand Field (Old Sandsfield, Burgh by Sands)
Sandhills Lane, Whitehaven
Sandraw, Bromfield
Sandrow (Sandraw, Bromfield)
Sands Close, Moresby
sands road, Esk Estuary, Waberthwaite
Sands, The, Carlisle
Sands, The, Carlisle
Sandwath Beck
Sand Went (High Sand Lane, Cockermouth)
Sandwith, Whitehaven
Sandwith Beck
Sandy Beck
Sandysike, Arthuret
Sandy Sike (Sandysike, Walton)
Sandysike, Walton
Sandysikes (Sandysike, Arthuret)
Santon Bridge, Irton with Santon
Sark Bridge, Kirkandrews
Sark, River
Sark, River
Saughs, Bewcastle
Saughter Gate (Saughtreegate, Carlatton)
Saughtreegate, Carlatton
Saughtrees, Bewcastle
Saundersbush, Arthuret
Sca Fell, Eskdale
Sca Fell, Eskdale
Scalderskew, St Bridget Beckermet
Scalderskew Beck
Scale (Scales, Lorton)
Scale Bridge, Buttermere
Scaleby, Scaleby
Scaleby Castle, Scaleby
Scaleby Common (Scaleby Moss, Scaleby)
Scaleby Hill (Scalebyhill, Scaleby)
Scalebyhill, Scaleby
Scaleby Mill, Scaleby
Scaleby Moss, Scaleby
Scalegill (Skelgill, Above Derwent)
Scalegill Beck
Scalegill Hall, St Bees
Scalegill, High (High Skelgill, Alston Moor)
Scalegill, Low (Low Skelgill, Alston Moor)
Scale Hill, Buttermere
Scalehill, Lazonby
Scalehill Bridge, Loweswater
Scale Houses, Kirkoswald
Scaleland (Scalelands, Arlecdon and Frizington)
Scalelands, Arlecdon and Frizington
Scale, Old (Old Scales, Wythop)
Scalera (Skellerah, Waberthwaite)
Scalerigg House, Caldbeck
Scales, Lorton
Scales, Threlkeld
Scales, Mungrisdale
Scales, Kirkoswald
Scalesceugh, St Cuthbert Without
Scalescugh (Scalesceugh, St Cuthbert Without)
Scales Hall, Skelton
Scales, High (High Scales, Bromfield)
Scales, Low (Low Scales, Bromfield)
Scalesmoor (Old Scalesmoor, Lamplugh)
Scales, Nether (Low Netherscale, Embleton)
Scales, Nether (Netherscales, Skelton)
Scales Tarn, Threlkeld
Scallow, Lamplugh
Scaramanock (Scarrowmanwick, Kirkoswald)
Scar Bank (Scaurbank, Arthuret)
Scare, Irthington
Scargavel (Scargavel Point, Bowness)
Scargavel Point, Bowness
Scar Ness, Bassenthwaite
Scarness, Bassenthwaite
Scarrow Hill (Scarrowhill, Cumwhitton)
Scarrowhill, Cumwhitton
Scarrow Hill, Brampton
Scarrowmanwick, Kirkoswald
Scatterbeck Mill, Lazonby
Scaurbank, Arthuret
Scaw (High Scaw, Workington)
Scawgarth (Scogarth, Threlkeld)
Scaw Gill, Lorton
Scawthwaite Close, Ireby
Sceugh, Hesket
Sceugh, Langwathby
Scholar's Pool Bridge, Thursby
School Ellis, Millom Without
Schoolhouse Lane, Whitehaven
school, Irton with Santon, Irton with Santon
school, Meadhope, Kirkandrews
Scilly Bank, Whitehaven
Scilly Hall, Alston Moor
Scoat How (Scott How, St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn)
Scogarth, Threlkeld
Scogg (Scugg, Nicholforest)
Scope Beck
Scotby, Wetheral
Scotch Street, Carlisle
Scotch Street, Carlisle
Scotch Street, Whitehaven
Scotch Street, Whitehaven
Scotch Street, Whitehaven
Scot Hall (Meolbank, Gosforth)
Scots Dike (Scotsdike, Kirkandrews)
Scotsdike, Kirkandrews
Scots Dike Turn Pike
Scots Dyke (Scots' Dike, Kirkandrews)
Scots Gate (Scottish Gate, Carlisle)
Scots Street (Scotch Street, Carlisle)
Scots Street (Scotch Street, Carlisle)
Scots Street (Scotch Street, Whitehaven)
Scots Street (Scotch Street, Whitehaven)
Scots Street (Scotch Street, Whitehaven)
Scots Town (Scotstown, Bewcastle)
Scotstown, Bewcastle
Scott How, St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn
Scottish Gate, Carlisle
Scragill Turnpike, Whitehaven
Scraith Head, Alston Moor
Screes (Screes, The, Eskdale)
Screes (Screes, The, Eskdale)
Screes (Screes, The, Eskdale)
Screes, The, Eskdale
Screes, The, Eskdale
Screes, The, Eskdale
Scugg, Nicholforest
Scugh (Sceugh, Hesket)
Scugh Heads (Willow Bank, Kirklinton Middle)
Scugh House (Sceugh, Langwathby)
Seacoat (Seacote Hotel, St Bees)
Seacote Hotel, St Bees
Sea Dike, Holme Abbey
Seadike End (Seadyke End, Holme Low)
Seadyke End, Holme Low
Seafy Rigg (Hart Horn, Kingwater)
Sea Mill, St Bees
Seamoor (Seymour House, Bromfield)
Seascale, Seascale
Seascale Hall, Seascale
Seascale How, Seascale
Seascales (Seascale, Seascale)
Seatallan, Nether Wasdale
Seatallor (Seatoller, Borrowdale)
Seat Hill, Irthington
Seathwaite, Borrowdale
Seathwaite, Dunnerdale-with-Seathwaite
Seathwaite Bridge, Borrowdale
Seathwaite Bridge, Dunnerdale-with-Seathwaite
Seathwaite Graphite Mine (black lead mine, Seathwaite, Borrowdale)
Seatoller, Borrowdale
Seatoller Bridge, Borrowdale
Seaton, Seaton
Seaton Hall, Waberthwaite
Seaville, Holme Low
Seaville Cote, Holme Low
Sebergham, Sebergham
Sebergham Bridge, Sebergham
Sebergham Castle, Sebergham
Sebergham Mill, Sebergham
Seggs Butts (Goose Butts, Weddicar)
Selah, Kirkoswald
Selker, Bootle
Sella, Dunnerdale-with-Seathwaite
Sella Field (Sellafield, St Bridget Beckermet)
Sellafield, St Bridget Beckermet
Sellafield Tarn, St Bridget Beckermet
Sella Park (Sella Park House, St Bridget Beckermet)
Sella Park House, St Bridget Beckermet
Senhouse Street, Whitehaven
Setmabanning, St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn
Setmurthy, Setmurthy
Setucabaning (Setmabanning, St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn)
Sevill (Seaville, Holme Low)
Sevill Coat (Seaville Cote, Holme Low)
Sewborwens, Catterlen
Seymour House, Bromfield
Shaken Bridge (Shaking Bridge, Boltons)
Shaking Bridge, Boltons
Shalton, Low (Shatton Hall, Embleton)
Shank Castle, Solport
Shankfield Head (Shankfieldhead, Solport)
Shankfieldhead, Solport
Shap to Penrith
Shatton Hall, Embleton
Shatton Lodge, Embleton
Shaw, Egremont
Shaw (Show, The, Askerton)
Shaw Head, Solport
Shaw, Low (Low Shaw, Millom Without)
Shaw Oven (Halls Oven, Solport)
Shaws (Gilsland Spa Hotel, Waterhead)
Shaws Town (Shawstown, Solport)
Shawstown, Solport
Shealahill, Bewcastle
Shepherd Field (Shepherds Field, Setmurthy)
Shepherds Field, Setmurthy
Shield, Burgh by Sands
Shield (Roansgreen, Bewcastle)
Shield Hill (Shieldhill Cottage, Alston Moor)
Shieldhill Cottage, Alston Moor
Shields Water (Shield Water)
Shield Water
Shire, Ousby
Shopford, Askerton
Shoredale Hall (Shortdale Farm, Stanwix Rural)
Shortdale Farm, Stanwix Rural
Shorts Cross (cross, Alston Moor, Alston Moor)
Shoulthwaite, St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn
Shoulthwaite Farm, St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn
Show Burn
Show, The, Askerton
Shundraw, St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn
Sibineze (Sibenese)
Sicklemill Beck
Side, Ennerdale and Kinniside
Side, Askerton
Side Common (Side Fell, Askerton)
Side Common (Side Fell, Askerton)
Side Fell, Askerton
Side Fell, Askerton
Sighty Crag, Bewcastle
Sike (Syke, Westward)
Sike, Matterdale
Sike Foot, Wetheral
Sike Head (Sykehead, Hethersgill)
Sike Head (Sykehead, Solport)
Sike House (Syke House, Boltons)
Sike Side (Sikeside, Hethersgill)
Sikeside, Hethersgill
Silecroft, Whicham
Silloth, Silloth-on-Solway
Silloth Bank, Silloth-on-Solway
Silloth Banks (Silloth Bank, Silloth-on-Solway)
Silloth to Grune Point
Silloth to Grune Point
Silly Bank (Scilly Bank, Whitehaven)
Silly Hall (Scilly Hall, Alston Moor)
Silly Wreay (Wreay, The, Westward)
Silver Hill, Scaleby
Silver How, Gosforth
Silver Side, Farlam
Simonscales Mill, Cockermouth
Sink, Arthuret
Sirelands, Hayton
Skelgill, Above Derwent
Skellerah, Waberthwaite
Skellin (Skelling, Culgaith)
Skelling, Culgaith
Skelton, Skelton
Skelton Wood End, Skelton
Skelton Wood Foot (Skelton Wood End, Skelton)
Skiddaw, Underskiddaw
Skiddaw Forest, Underskiddaw
Skides (High Skydes, Alston Moor)
Skill Beck
Skinburness, Silloth-on-Solway
Skinburnessbank, Silloth-on-Solway
Skinburness Marsh, Holme Abbey
Skinburness Marsh, Holme Abbey
Skinner Street, Cockermouth
Skirsgill, Penrith
Skirsgill Turnpike, Penrith
Skirwith, Culgaith
Skirwith Abbey, Culgaith
Skirwith Beck
Skirwith Hall, Culgaith
Skitby, Kirklinton Middle
Skitterby (Skitby, Kirklinton Middle)
Skitwath Beck
Slack, Westward
Slack, Ainstable
Slack Head (Slackheads, Hethersgill)
Slack Head (Slackhead, Irthington)
Slackhead, Irthington
Slackheads, Hethersgill
Slacks, Bewcastle
Slapestone, Millom Without
Slape Stones (Slapestone, Millom Without)
Slealand (Slealands, Arthuret)
Slealand Burn (Slealandsburn, Arthuret)
Slealands, Arthuret
Slealandsburn, Arthuret
Sleathwaite, Irton with Santon
Sleetbeck, Bewcastle
Sleightholme, Holme East Waver
Slightholm (Sleightholme, Holme East Waver)
Smaithwaite, St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn
Smaithwaite Bridge, St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn
Smaithwaite Farm, Lamplugh
Smallthwaite, Millom Without
Smalms Town (Smalmstown, Kirkandrews)
Smalmstown, Kirkandrews
Smathwaite (Smaithwaite Farm, Lamplugh)
Smathwaite (Smaithwaite, St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn)
smelter, Alston Moor, Alston Moor
smelter, Whitehaven, Whitehaven
Smithstead (Smithsteads, Askerton)
Smithsteads, Solport
Smithsteads, Askerton
Smith Stone (Tom Smith's Stone, Ainstable)
Smithy Beck
Smithy Green, Wythop
Smittergill Burn
Snab Bank (Lop Bank, Lowside Quarter)
Snab, High (High Snab, Above Derwent)
Snab, Low (Low Snab, Above Derwent)
Snappergill, Alston Moor
Sneck Gate (Sneckyeat, Blindbothel)
Sneckyeat, Blindbothel
Snellings, Egremont
Snillings (Snellings, Egremont)
Snittlegarth, Bewaldeth and Snittlegarth
Snouts, Bewcastle
Snowden Close, Waterhead
Snowder, Gosforth
Snuffmill, Dacre
Soapery (soap works, Whitehaven, Whitehaven)
soap works, Whitehaven, Whitehaven
Solport Meeting House (meeting house, Thornyland, Solport)
Solport Mill, Solport
Solway Firth
Solway Firth
Solway Firth
Solway Moss, Kirkandrews
Solway Moss, Kirkandrews
Solway View, Westward
Sonton (Santon Bridge, Irton with Santon)
Sootyhill, Ousby
Sorbies, Bewcastle
Sorby (Sorbies, Bewcastle)
Sorby Shields (Shealahill, Bewcastle)
Sorby Trees (Sorbietrees)
Sorrow Stone (Sorrowstones, Irton with Santon)
Sorrowstones, Irton with Santon
Sosgill, Loweswater
Sosgill, St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn
Sosgill Bridge, St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn
Souby How (Souly How, Gosforth)
Soulby, Dacre
Souly How, Gosforth
Sour Milk Gill
Sour Mire (Sowermyrr, Gosforth)
Sour Nook, Castle Sowerby
Sournook (Sour Nook, Castle Sowerby)
Souter Moor (Soutermoor, Stapleton)
Soutermoor, Stapleton
Southart Bridge (Southwaite Bridge, Blindbothel)
Souther Fell (Southerfell, Mungrisdale)
Southerfell, Mungrisdale
Southerfield, Holme Abbey
Southernby, Castle Sowerby
South Field (Low Southfield, Winscales)
Southfield, Whicham
South Harbour, Whitehaven
South Head, St Bees
South Mosses, Lamplugh
South Street, Cockermouth
South Street, Cockermouth
South Street, Cockermouth
South Tyne, River
South Tyne, River
South Tyne, River
South Tyne, River
South Tyne, River
Southwaite, Dacre
Southwaite, Hesket
Southwaite Bridge, Blindbothel
Southwaite Bridge, Hesket
Southwaite Mill, Blindbothel
Sowerby Mill, Sebergham
Sowerby Row, Castle Sowerby
Sowermyrr, Gosforth
Sowhite Close (Whitecloserigg, Arthuret)
Spadeadam, Kingwater
Spadeadam Forest, Kingwater
Spadeadam Forest, Kingwater
Spadeadam Waste (Spadeadam Forest, Kingwater)
Spadeadam Waste (Spadeadam Forest, Kingwater)
Sparket, Matterdale
Sparket Mill, Matterdale
Sparkling Tarn (Styhead Tarn, Borrowdale)
Spire House, Dacre
Spital, Wigton
Spital Moor, Carlisle
Spittle (Spital, Wigton)
Spittle House, Castle Sowerby
Spittlehouse (Spittle House, Castle Sowerby)
Spittlemoor (Spital Moor, Carlisle)
Spot House (Wha House Farm, Eskdale)
Spout House (Spout House Farm, Eskdale)
Spout House Farm, Eskdale
Spouts (Snouts, Bewcastle)
Spranstone (Sprunston Farm, St Cuthbert Without)
Spring Field (Springfield)
Sprunston Farm, St Cuthbert Without
Spur Rigg, Kingwater
Stable (Stubble, The, Drigg and Carleton)
Staffield, Kirkoswald
Stagsmire, Arthuret
Stainburn, Workington
Stainton, Kingmoor
Stainton, Dacre
Stainton, Muncaster
Stair, Above Derwent
Standing Stone (Standingstone, Wigton)
Standingstone, Wigton
Standing Stone, Irthington
Standingstonerigg, Kirklinton Middle
Standing Stones, Millom Without
St Andrew's Church, Borrowdale
St Andrew's Church, Aikton
Stang, Patterdale
Stangends, Irton with Santon
Stanger, Embleton
Stang Fell (Stang, Patterdale)
Stangrah, Whicham
Stangrow (Stangrah, Whicham)
Stank, Holme Abbey
Stank End, Holme Abbey
Stanley, St Bees
Stanley Hall, Embleton
Stanners Gill
St Anne's Church, Millom Without
Stanthwaite, Ireby
Stanton, Lower (Lower Stainton, Waberthwaite)
Stanwick (Stenock, St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn)
Stanwix, Carlisle
Stape Stone (Parkgate, Irton with Santon)
Stapleton, Stapleton
Stargill, Little Clifton
Star Hill (Starry Hill, Holme Low)
Starmire (Ingwell, St Bees)
Starry Hill, Holme Low
St Barnabas's Church, Setmurthy
St Bartholomew's Church, Loweswater
St Bees, St Bees
St Bees Head, St Bees
St Bees Heads (St Bees Head, St Bees)
St Bees Lighthouse, St Bees
St Bees road
St Bees road
St Bees road
St Bega's Church, Bassenthwaite
St Bridgets (St Bridget's Church, St Bridget Beckermet)
St Bridget's Church, St Bridget Beckermet
St Catherine's Church, Eskdale
St Cuthbert (St Cuthbert's Church, Carlisle)
St Cuthbert's Church, Embleton
St Cuthbert's Church, Carlisle
St Cuthbert's Lane, Carlisle
Steadman (Belmount, Dacre)
Steal Bank (Steelbank, Loweswater)
Steal End (Steel End, St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn)
Steelbank, Loweswater
Steel End, St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn
Steeple, Ennerdale and Kinniside
Stenkin, St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn
Stenock, St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn
Stenton, Middle (Stainton, Muncaster)
Stenton, Nether (Nether Stainton, Muncaster)
Stephen Ruddin (Stephen Rudding, Weddicar)
Stephen Rudding, Weddicar
Stephney, St Bridget Beckermet
Steppings, Bewcastle
St Helens (St Helens Street, Cockermouth)
St Helens (St Helens Street, Cockermouth)
St Helens Street, Cockermouth
St Helens Street, Cockermouth
St Helen's Toll Gate, Cockermouth
St Herbert's Island, Above Derwent
St James's Church, Buttermere
St James's Church, Ireby
St James's Church, Skelton
St James's Church, Whitehaven
St Johns (St John's Church, St John Beckermet)
St John's (St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn, St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn)
St John's Beck
St John's Beck
St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn, St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn
St John's Church, St John Beckermet
St John's Church, St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn
St John's Church, Hesket
St John's Church, Catterlen
St John's Church, Waberthwaite
St Kentigern's Church, Mungrisdale
St Luke's Church, Great Clifton
St Mary and St Bega's Church, St Bees
St Mary's (Carlisle Cathedral, Carlisle)
St Mary's Church, Ennerdale and Kinniside
St Mary's Church, Maryport
St Mary's Church, Above Derwent
St Mary's Church, Whicham
St Marys Holm (St Mary's Holme, Burtholme)
St Mary's Holme, Burtholme
St Michael's Chapel, Workington
St Michael's Church, Lamplugh
St Michael's Church, Glassonby
St Michael's Church, Muncaster
St Nicholas's, Carlisle
St Nicholas's Church, Whitehaven
St Nichol's (St Nicholas's, Carlisle)
St Ninian's Church, Brougham
Stocka Hall (Stockhow Hall, Lamplugh)
Stockastead, Bewcastle
Stock Bridge (Stockbridge, Haile)
Stockbridge, Haile
Stockdale, Ireby
Stockdalewath, Dalston
Stockeysteads, High (Stockastead, Bewcastle)
Stockeysteads, Low (Low Town, Bewcastle)
Stockholm, Millom Without
Stockhow Hall, Lamplugh
Stockle Wath (Stockdalewath, Dalston)
Stocks (Wylies)
Stoddah (Stoddah Farm, Hutton)
Stoddah Farm, Hutton
Stonebridge Lees, Hayton
Stonebrig Leys (Stonebridge Lees, Hayton)
Stone Ends, Mungrisdale
Stoneflatts, Hethersgill
Stonegarthside, Nicholforest
Stonegarthside Hall, Nicholforest
Stonegarthside, Nether (Stonegarthside, Nicholforest)
Stone House, Arthuret
Stonehouse Crook (Stonehouse Tower, Nicholforest)
Stonehouse Tower, Nicholforest
Stone Know (Stoneknowe, Scaleby)
Stoneknowe, Scaleby
Stoneraise, Threlkeld
Stoneraise Place, Westward
Stonerays (Stoneraise Place, Westward)
Stones Head Fell (Bootle Fell, Bootle)
Stones Head Fell (Bootle Fell, Bootle)
Stone Star (Stonestar, Dunnerdale-with-Seathwaite)
Stonestar, Dunnerdale-with-Seathwaite
Stonethwaite, Borrowdale
Stonethwaite Beck
Stoney Croft (Stonycroft, Above Derwent)
Stoney Flats (Stoneflatts, Hethersgill)
Stoney Hall (Stony How, Drigg and Carleton)
Stoneyhaugh (Stonyhough, Workington)
Stoneystones Rigg (Standingstonerigg, Kirklinton Middle)
Stoneythwaite (High Stonythwaite, Ulpha)
Stoney Wath (Stoneywath, Lamplugh)
Stoneywath, Lamplugh
Stony Bridge, Aikton
Stonycroft, Above Derwent
Stonyhough, Workington
Stony How, Drigg and Carleton
Storch Bridge, Greystoke
St Oswald's Church, Kirkoswald
Stow Beck, High (High Stowbank, Lamplugh)
Stow Beck, Low (Low Stowbank, Ennerdale and Kinniside)
St Paul's Church, Irton with Santon
St Peter's Church, Camerton
Strands (How End, Waberthwaite)
Strands Bridge, Borrowdale
Strands Bridge, Millom Without
Strands Head, Bewcastle
Strand Street, Whitehaven
Strand Street, Whitehaven
Strawberry How, Cockermouth
Strawberryhow, St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn
Street, Westward
Street Bridge, St John Beckermet
Street Gate (Streetgate, Lamplugh)
Streetgate, Lamplugh
Street Head, Caldbeck
Street House (Street Head, Caldbeck)
Struda Bank (Strudda Bank, St Bridget Beckermet)
Strudda Bank, St Bridget Beckermet
Stubb Bridge, Wigton
Stubble, The, Drigg and Carleton
Stubb Place, Bootle
Stubgills (Stubsgill, Distington)
Stub Place (Stubb Place, Bootle)
Stubsgill, Distington
Studholm (Studholme, Kirkbampton)
Studholme, Kirkbampton
St Wilfrid's Chapel, Brougham
Sty Beck
Stye Head (Sty Head, Nether Wasdale)
Sty Head, Nether Wasdale
Styhead Gill
Styhead Tarn, Borrowdale
Sullart Went (Gallowbarrow, Cockermouth)
Sullart Went (Gallowbarrow, Cockermouth)
summer house, Irton with Santon, Irton with Santon
Sunderland, Blindcrake
Sunnygill Beck
Sunnyknow Head (Sunnyrigg, Kirkandrews)
Sunnyrigg, Kirkandrews
Swaites, Kingwater
Swaithgill (Swarthgill, Kirkoswald)
Swaits (Swaites, Kingwater)
Swallowhurst, Bootle
Swangy, Bewcastle
Swanneys Croft (Swangy, Bewcastle)
Swarth Beck
Swarthbeck Burn (Swarth Beck)
Swarthgill, Kirkoswald
Swifts (Swifts, The, Carlisle)
Swifts, The, Carlisle
Swinerigg Mire, Lorton
Swineside, Mungrisdale
Swineslaw, St Cuthbert Without
Swing Pump Lane, Whitehaven
Swinside, Ennerdale and Kinniside
Swin Side (Swinside, Above Derwent)
Swinside, Above Derwent
Swinside, Matterdale
Swinside (Swineside, Mungrisdale)
Swinside End, Ennerdale and Kinniside
Swinside, High (High Swinside, Lorton)
Swinside, Low (Low Swinside, Lorton)
Swinsloe (Swineslaw, St Cuthbert Without)
Sword House, Eskdale
Sworley, Ireby
Syke, Westward
Sykehead, Hethersgill
Sykehead, Solport
Syke House, Boltons
Syrells (Sirelands, Hayton)

Taite House, Millom Without
Talkin, Hayton
Talkin Head (Talkinhead, Hayton)
Talkinhead, Hayton
Talkin Tarn, Brampton
Tallentire, Bridekirk
Tallentire Hall, Bridekirk
Tangier (Tangier Street, Whitehaven)
Tangier (Tangier Street, Whitehaven)
Tangier Street, Whitehaven
Tangier Street, Whitehaven
Tarn, Rockcliffe
Tarn (Tarn, The, Bootle)
Tarn Beck
Tarn Beck
Tarn Becks (Tarn Beck)
tarn, Burnhope Seat, Alston Moor
Tarnbury (Turnberry, Cumrew)
Tarn End, Brampton
Tarn Hill (Piperstile, Cumwhitton)
Tarn House, Midgeholme
Tarn How, Gosforth
tarn, Lowca, Lowca
Tarn Rigg Foot (Riggfoot Farm, Farlam)
Tarnriggmoor, Woodside
Tarns (Tarns, The, Holme St Cuthbert)
Tarns Dub, Holme St Cuthbert
Tarnside, Woodside
tarn, St Bees Head, St Bees
Tarns, The, Holme St Cuthbert
Tarn, The, Bootle
Tarn Wadling, Hesket
Tarraby, Stanwix Rural
Tarringmoor (Tarnriggmoor, Woodside)
Taw House, Eskdale
Teathes, Lamplugh
Tees, River
Tees River (Tees, River)
Temmon (Temon, Upper Denton)
Temon, Upper Denton
Temple Garth, Farlam
Temple House
Tendale Tarn (Tindale Tarn, Midgeholme)
Tercrosset, Kingwater
Thackmire, Castle Sowerby
Thackmoor (Thackmire, Castle Sowerby)
Thack Moor, Kirkoswald
Thackmoor Fell (Thack Moor, Kirkoswald)
Thackthwaite, Loweswater
Thackthwaite (Thackthwaite Hall, Boltons)
Thackthwaite, Matterdale
Thackthwaite Beck
Thackthwaite Beck
Thackthwaite Hall, Boltons
Thethwaite, Dalston
Thicket, Whitehaven
Thiefside Fell (Thiefside Hill, Hesket)
Thiefside Hill, Hesket
Thirlmere, St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn
Thirlmere, St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn
Thirlspot, St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn
Thistleton (Low Thistleton, Gosforth)
Thomas Close, Skelton
Thorn (Throp, The, Upper Denton)
Thornbarrow, Hesket
Thornbeck Foot (Beckthorns, St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn)
Thornby, Aikton
Thornby End, Bromfield
Thorney Beck
Thorney Flat (Kirklinton Park, Hethersgill)
Thorney Know (Thornyknowe, Nicholforest)
Thorneyland (Thornyland, Solport)
Thorney Stone, Boltons
Thorn Holm (Thornholme, St Bridget Beckermet)
Thornholm, Kirkbampton
Thornholme, St Bridget Beckermet
Thornhope (Low Thornhope)
Thornhope Carr (Thornhope Carrs)
Thornhope Carrs
Thorn Pits, Midgeholme
Thorn Pitts (Thorn Pits, Midgeholme)
Thornthwaite, Above Derwent
Thornthwaite Beck
Thornthwaite Close, Boltons
Thornthwaite Head, Boltons
Thorny Crag (Bell House, Ireby)
Thornyknowe, Nicholforest
Thornyland, Solport
Thornyland Meeting House (meeting house, Thornyland, Solport)
Thouthwaite (Southwaite, Hesket)
Threapland, Bothel and Threapland
Threapthwaite, Arlecdon and Frizington
Threepthat (Threapthwaite, Arlecdon and Frizington)
Three Shire Stones, Ulpha
Threlkeld, Threlkeld
Threlkeld Bridge, Threlkeld
Threpland (Threapland, Bothel and Threapland)
Threspat (Thirlspot, St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn)
Throp, The, Upper Denton
Thrush Bank (Thrushbank, Loweswater)
Thrushbank, Loweswater
Thrustenfield (Thurstonfield, Burgh by Sands)
Thurle Meer (Thirlmere, St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn)
Thurle Meer (Thirlmere, St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn)
Thursby, Thursby
Thursby Mill, Thursby
Thurstonfield, Burgh by Sands
Thwaite Hall, Mungrisdale
Thwaites, Ennerdale and Kinniside
Thwaites Mill, Millom Without
Thwaites Mill Bridge, Millom Without
Thwaits (Thwaites, Ennerdale and Kinniside)
Timpron Hall (Tymparon Hall, Dacre)
Tindale Tarn, Midgeholme
Tinker Hole, Arthuret
Toadhole (Todhole, Lamplugh)
Toadknow Head (Todknowehead)
Tobacco Pipes, Whitehaven
Todbank, Kirkandrews
Tod Burn
Todburn (Cam Beck)
Todburn (Cam Beck)
Tod Crag, Bewcastle
Toddell, Blindbothel
Toddermain (Triermain, Waterhead)
Toddle (Toddell, Blindbothel)
Toddles, Middle (Mid Todhills Farm, Bewcastle)
Toddles, Mirey (Low Todholes, Bewcastle)
Toddles, Waste (High Todholes, Bewcastle)
Todhole, Lamplugh
Toes (Teathes, Lamplugh)
Toes (Taw House, Eskdale)
toll gate, Caldbeck, Caldbeck
toll gate, Catterlen, Catterlen
toll gate, Cockermouth, Cockermouth
toll gate, Cockermouth, Cockermouth
toll gate, Keswick, Keswick
toll gate, Nether Denton, Nether Denton
toll gate, Sebergham, Sebergham
toll gate, Sebergham, Sebergham
toll gate, Wragmire, St Cuthbert Without
Tom Bank (Tombank, Cumwhitton)
Tombank, Cumwhitton
Tom Herds Rock (Tom Hurd Rock, Whitehaven)
Tom Hurd Rock, Whitehaven
Tom Rudd Beck
Tom Smith's Stone, Ainstable
Tongue (Tongue House, Matterdale)
Tongue House, Matterdale
Tordoff (Torduff)
Tordoff Point (Torduff Point)
Torduff Point
Torkin Hill, Thursby
Torpenhow, Blennerhasset and Torpenhow
Tortley Kate (Tortolocate, Haile)
Tortolocate, Haile
Tottergill, Castle Carrock
Toulton, Arthuret
Toup Hill, Kingwater
Towan Bank, Brampton
tower, Dacre, Dacre
Towery Mill (Wallmoorsike Mill, Kirkoswald)
Town End, Haile
Town End (Townend, Arthuret)
Townend, Arthuret
Town End (Greenside, Drigg and Carleton)
Townend Gill
Town Foot, Bewcastle
Town Hall, Carlisle
Townhead, Kirkandrews
Town Head (Townhead, Hayton)
Townhead, Hayton
Townhead, Ousby
Town Head Farm, Stanwix Rural
Townthwaite Beck
Tracentree, Westward
Tracing Tree (Tracentree, Westward)
tramroad, Whingill Collieries, Whitehaven
tramroad, Whingill Collieries, Whitehaven
Triermain, Waterhead
Trinity Church, Whitehaven
Trough, Solport
Trough Bridge, Wythop
Troughfoot, Solport
Trough Head, Solport
Trough Lane (Troughfoot, Solport)
Trout Beck
Troutbeck, Matterdale
Trout Beck
Troutbeck, Hayton
Trout Beck
Trout Burn (Trout Beck)
Trundle Dike (Crindledyke, Kirkoswald)
Tunnerhow (Turnerhow, Buttermere)
Turnberry, Cumrew
Turnerhow, Buttermere
Turnings, Alston Moor
Tweedy Hill, Kingwater
Tweedy Hills (Tweedy Hill, Kingwater)
Tymparon Hall, Dacre
Tyne Head (Tynehead, Alston Moor)
Tynehead, Alston Moor
Tyne River (South Tyne, River)
Tyne River (South Tyne, River)
Tyne River (South Tyne, River)
Tyne River (South Tyne, River)
Tyne River (South Tyne, River)

Ulcat Row, Matterdale
Uldale (Uldale Farm, Haile)
Uldale, Ireby
Uldale Church (St James's Church, Ireby)
Uldale Farm, Haile
Uldale Mill, Ireby
Ulkat Row (Ulcat Row, Matterdale)
Ulles Water (Ullswater, Matterdale)
Ulles Water (Ullswater, Matterdale)
Ulles Water (Ullswater, Matterdale)
Ullock, Dean
Ullock, Above Derwent
Ullswater, Matterdale
Ullswater, Matterdale
Ullswater, Matterdale
Ulpha, Ulpha
Ulpha Bridge, Ulpha
Ulpha Park, Ulpha
Ulphay (Ulpha, Ulpha)
Underbank, Eskdale
Under Burnmouth
Under Clugh (Underheugh, Bewcastle)
Under Crag, Dunnerdale-with-Seathwaite
Underheugh, Bewcastle
Under Hill, Millom Without
Underwood, Blindbothel
Under Wood (Underwood, Bewcastle)
Underwood, Bewcastle
Unerigg Hall (Ewanrigg Hall, Maryport)
Unthank, Dalston
Unthank, Skelton
Unthank, Glassonby
Upperby, Carlisle
Upperby Bridge, Carlisle
Upperby Mill (mill, Upperby, Carlisle)
Upper Denton, Upper Denton
Upper Town (Coulderton, Lowside Quarter)
Upper Town (Upton, Caldbeck)
Upper Town (Uppertown, Hethersgill)
Uppertown, Hethersgill
Upper Welton (Welton, Sebergham)
Upton, Caldbeck
Uzzicar, Above Derwent

Vial Moor (Viol Moor, Glassonby)
Vicargate, Castle Sowerby
Viewor Sightly Crag (Sighty Crag, Bewcastle)
Viol Moor, Glassonby
Volantium (Alauna, Maryport)
Voreda, Hesket

Waborough Nook (Warborough Nook, Lowside Quarter)
Wada Bank (Wodow Bank, St John Beckermet)
Wadcrag, Embleton
Wadd Crag (Wadcrag, Embleton)
Waggon Road (tramroad, Whingill Collieries, Whitehaven)
Waggon Road (tramroad, Whingill Collieries, Whitehaven)
Waingatehead, Hethersgill
Waitefield, Holme Low
Wait Field (Waitefield, Holme Low)
Walby, Stanwix Rural
Walk Mill, Garsdale
Walk Mill, Lamplugh
Walk Mill (Glencairn Mill, Wetheral)
Walk Mill (Hallfoot Mill, Hethersgill)
Walkmill Bridge, Moresby
Wall (Wall, The, Burtholme)
Wallabarrow (Wallowbarrow Heald, Ulpha)
Wallace Lane Head (Solway View, Westward)
Wall Bowers, Waterhead
Wallby (Walby, Stanwix Rural)
Wallhead, Stanwix Rural
Wall Holm (Wallholme, Waterhead)
Wallholme, Waterhead
Wall House, Stanwix Rural
Wall Moor (Wall Bowers, Waterhead)
Wallmoorsike Mill, Kirkoswald
Wallowbarrow Heald, Ulpha
Wall Rash (Wellrash Farm, Boltons)
Walls, Muncaster
Wall, The, Burtholme
Wallthwaite, Matterdale
Walthwaite (Wallthwaite, Matterdale)
Walton, Walton
Walton, High (High Walton, St Bees)
Walton, Low (Low Walton, St Bees)
Walton Rigg (Low Rigg, Walton)
Wampool, Aikton
Wampool Bridge, Thursby
Wampool, River
Wampool, River
Wampool River (Wampool, River)
Wander Hill (Under Hill, Millom Without)
Wanthwaite Bridge, St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn
Wanwood Side, Alston Moor
Warborough Nook, Lowside Quarter
Warburthwaite (Hall Waberthwaite, Waberthwaite)
Wardhall Hall, Plumbland
Ware Bridge (Waverbridge, Waverton)
Warnell, Sebergham
Warnell Fell, Sebergham
Warnell Hall, Sebergham
Warnscale Beck
Warren House, Brampton
Warren House, Bootle
Warthall Hall (Wardhall Hall, Plumbland)
Warwick (Warwick-on-Eden, Wetheral)
Warwick Bridge, Wetheral
Warwick Hall, Wetheral
Warwick Land (Warwicksland, Nicholforest)
Warwick-on-Eden, Wetheral
Warwicksland, Nicholforest
Wasdale Hall, Nether Wasdale
Wasdale Head, Nether Wasdale
Wastdale (Nether Wasdale, Nether Wasdale)
Wastdale Head (Wasdale Head, Nether Wasdale)
Waste Toddles (High Todholes, Bewcastle)
Wasthead (West Head, St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn)
Wast Water, Nether Wasdale
Wast Water, Nether Wasdale
Watch Hill
Watch House, Whitehaven
Watch House, Whitehaven
Watchtower, The, Whitehaven
Watendlath, Borrowdale
Watendlath Beck
Watendlath Bridge (packhorse bridge, Watendlath, Borrowdale)
Watendlath Tarn, Borrowdale
Water Blain (Waterblean, Millom Without)
Waterblean, Millom Without
Waterend, Loweswater
Water End (Derwent Bay, Above Derwent)
Water Foot (Waterfoot, Dacre)
Waterfoot, Dacre
Water Gate (Watergate Farm, Loweswater)
Watergate Farm, Loweswater
Waterhead, St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn
Waterhead Common, Waterhead
Water Meeting (Water Meeting, Alston Moor, Alston Moor)
Water Meeting, Alston Moor, Alston Moor
Watermelock (Watermillock, Matterdale)
Watermillock, Matterdale
Watermillock House, Matterdale
Waterside (High Waterside, Ennerdale and Kinniside)
Water Side (Waterside, Waverton)
Waterside, Waverton
Wath, Cleator Moor
Wath, Holme Low
Wath, Caldbeck
Wath Bridge, St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn
Wath Bridge (Wath, Caldbeck)
Watts Hill (Watch Hill)
Waver Bridge, Waverton
Waverbridge, Waverton
Waverbridge Mill, Dundraw
Waver, River
Waver River (Waver, River)
Waver River (Waver, River)
Waverton, Waverton
Waverton Bridge, Waverton
Waygill Hill, Hayton
Weary Hall, Boltons
Weddicar Hall, Weddicar
Wedholme Flow, Woodside
Wedholme Hill, Woodside
Wedholme Wood, Woodside
Wedholm Flow (Wedholme Flow, Woodside)
Wedholm Hill (Wedholme Hill, Woodside)
Wedholm Wood (Wedholme Wood, Woodside)
Wedlock Hill (Pasture Lane House, Caldbeck)
weir, Cockermouth, Cockermouth
Welfoot, Castle Sowerby
Well (Well House, Castle Sowerby)
Well (Well Farm, Bootle)
Well Farm, Bootle
Well Foot (Welfoot, Castle Sowerby)
Wellgill, Alston Moor
Wellhope Head
Well House, Castle Sowerby
Wellington Bridge, Gosforth
Wellrash Farm, Boltons
Welton, Sebergham
Welton Hill (Wiltonhill, Mungrisdale)
Welton, Nether (Nether Welton, Dalston)
Welton, Upper (Welton, Sebergham)
Wesco (Wescoe, Threlkeld)
Wescoe, Threlkeld
West Border, Holme Abbey
West Croft, Distington
West Curthwaite, Westward
Westgarth Hill, Kirkoswald
Westgill Syke (Westgillsyke)
West Hall, Kingwater
West Head, St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn
Westing, Mungrisdale
West Kirkthwaite (West Curthwaite, Westward)
West Knowe, Irthington
Westlinton, Westlinton
Westlinton Bridge, Westlinton
West Moor (West View, Kingmoor)
West Newton (Westnewton, Westnewton)
Westnewton, Westnewton
Westray, Embleton
West Tower Street, Carlisle
West Tower Street, Carlisle
West View, Kingmoor
West Walls, Carlisle
West Walls, Carlisle
West Walls, Carlisle
Westward, Underskiddaw
Westward, Westward
West Woodside, Westward
Wetheral, Wetheral
Wetheral Ferry (ferry, Wetheral, Wetheral)
Wetheral Priory, Wetheral
Wetheral Shield, Wetheral
Wha (Beckfoot, Millom Without)
Wha, Whicham
Whahouse Bridge, Eskdale
Wha House Farm, Eskdale
Whams Town (Whamtown, Westlinton)
Whamtown, Westlinton
Wheelbarrow Hall, Wetheral
Wheelbarrowhall (Wheelbarrow Hall, Wetheral)
Whelpah (Whelpo, Caldbeck)
Whelpo, Caldbeck
Whelpo Bridge, Caldbeck
Whelpside, Weddicar
Whelpside Gill
Whelpside Hall (Whelpside, Weddicar)
Whetherigg Claw (Whitriggs Close, Millom)
Wheyrigg, Dundraw
Whicham Hall, Whicham
Whicham Mill, Whicham
Whillan Beck
Whillimoor, Arlecdon and Frizington
Whinah (Whinnah, Lamplugh)
Whinah (Whinnah, Blindbothel)
Whinbank, Bromfield
Whinbank Farm, Distington
Whin Banks (Whinbank Farm, Distington)
Whin Close (Whinclose, Holme Low)
Whinclose, Holme Low
Whincop, Eskdale
Whincroft (Whincop, Eskdale)
Whin Fell, Blindbothel
Whinfell Hall, Blindbothel
Whinfield Fell (Whin Fell, Blindbothel)
Whinfield Ground, Ulpha
Whinfield Hall (Whinfell Hall, Blindbothel)
Whin Garth, Gosforth
Whinlatter (Whinlatter Pass, Lorton)
Whinlatter Pass, Lorton
Whinnah, Lamplugh
Whinnah, Blindbothel
Whinnah (Low Whinnow Farm, Thursby)
Whinnerah, Gosforth
Whinny Hill (Whinnyhill, Cumwhitton)
Whinnyhill, Cumwhitton
Whins, Ennerdale and Kinniside
Whins, Millom
Whins Mill, Thursby
Whins Pond, Langwathby
Whintingstown, Bewcastle
Whintons Town (Whintingstown, Bewcastle)
Whirl Pippin, Whicham
Whita Head (Whitehow Head, St John Beckermet)
Whitbarrow, Hutton
Whitbarrow Hall, Hutton
Whit Beck
Whitbeck, Whicham
Whitbeck Mill, Whicham
Whitchamp (Whicham)
Whitchamp (Whicham)
White Annis (Ain House, Irton with Santon)
White Close (Whiteclose, Arthuret)
Whiteclose, Arthuret
Whiteclosegate, Stanwix Rural
Whitecloserigg, Arthuret
White Close Yate (Whiteclosegate, Stanwix Rural)
White Field (Overwater Hall, Ireby)
White Field (Whitefield, Burtholme)
Whitefield, Burtholme
White Flat (Whiteflat, Irthington)
Whiteflat, Irthington
White Hall (Whitehall, Allhallows)
Whitehall, Allhallows
White Hall (Thwaite Hall, Mungrisdale)
White Hall, Whicham
Whitehaven, Whitehaven
Whitehaven Castle, Whitehaven
Whitehaven Castle, Whitehaven
Whitehaven Castle, Whitehaven
Whitehaven Harbour, Whitehaven
Whitehaven Harbour, Whitehaven
Whitehaven Harbour, Whitehaven
Whitehaven Harbour, Whitehaven
Whitehaven Harbour, Whitehaven
Whitehaven Harbour, Whitehaven
Whitehaven Harbour, Whitehaven
Whitehaven Harbour, Whitehaven
Whitehaven Meeting House (meeting house, Whitehaven, Whitehaven)
Whitehaven to Workington
Whitehaven to Workington
Whitehaven to Workington
Whitehaven to Workington
Whitehaven United Reformed Church, Whitehaven
Whitehead Hill, Cumwhitton
White Hill (Whitehill, Holme East Waver)
Whitehill, Holme East Waver
White Hill House (Whitehill)
Whitehow Head, St John Beckermet
Whitekeld, Dean
White Know (Laws Hall, Arthuret)
White Lea
White Lee (White Lea)
White Line River (White Lyne)
White Line River (White Lyne)
White Line River (White Lyne)
White Lyne
White Lyne
White Lyne
White Park, Whitehaven
White Park, Whitehaven
White Pike, St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn
White Sark (Sark, River)
White Sark (Sark, River)
White Side (Whiteside, Buttermere)
Whiteside, Buttermere
White Stones (Whitestones, Waberthwaite)
Whitestones, Waberthwaite
White Water Dash (Whitewater Dash, Bassenthwaite)
Whitewater Dash, Bassenthwaite
Whitricks (Whitriggs, Seascale)
Whitrigg, Blennerhasset and Torpenhow
Whitrigg, Bowness
Whitrigg Bridge, Kirkbride
Whitrigglees, Aikton
Whitriggs, Seascale
Whitriggs Close, Millom
Who House (Duddon Hall, Millom Without)
Wholedale (Holedale, Lamplugh)
Whole Shields (Holeshields, Hethersgill)
Wide open Dikes, Westlinton
Widopen Dykes (Wide open Dikes, Westlinton)
Wifes Know (West Knowe, Irthington)
Wiggonby, Aikton
Wiggon Rigg (Wiggonrigg, Aikton)
Wiggonrigg, Aikton
Wigton, Wigton
Wigton Road, Carlisle
Wigton Tarn Castle (Martin Tarn Castle, Woodside, Woodside)
Wigton to Bowness-on-Solway
Wigton to Bowness-on-Solway
Wigton to Bowness-on-Solway
Wigton to Bowness-on-Solway
Wigton to Silloth
Wigton to Silloth
Wigton to Silloth
Wileysike House, Kingwater
Willgill (Wellgill, Alston Moor)
William Gill (Williamgill, Farlam)
Williamgill, Farlam
Willishaw Rigg (Willyshaw Rigg, Alston Moor)
Willisons Croft, Solport
Willow Bank, Kirklinton Middle
Willowford, Upper Denton
Willow Hill, Kirklinton Middle
Willy Ford (Willowford, Upper Denton)
Willy Gap, Bootle
Willyshaw Rigg, Alston Moor
Wilton, Haile
Wiltonhill, Mungrisdale
Winbank (Whinbank, Bromfield)
Wind End, Threlkeld
Winder, Lamplugh
Winder Gill, Lamplugh
Wind Garth (Whin Garth, Gosforth)
Windgatehead (Waingatehead, Hethersgill)
windmill, Cardurnock, Bowness
windmill, Dykesfield, Burgh by Sands
Windmill Lane, Cockermouth
Windmill Lane, Cockermouth
Windmill, The, Holme Low
windmill, Whitehaven, Whitehaven
Windscales (Winscales, St John Beckermet)
Windsor (Windsor Farm, Nether Wasdale)
Windsor Farm, Nether Wasdale
Windy Brow, Underskiddaw
Windy Hall
Windy Hill (Windyhill, Solport)
Windyhill, Solport
Windyhow (Goosegreen, Matterdale)
Winny Rigg (Whinnyrigg)
Winscales, St John Beckermet
Winscales, Winscales
Winskell (Winskill, Hunsonby)
Winskill, Hunsonby
Winter Shields, Askerton
Wintershields (Winter Shields, Askerton)
Wisenholme Beck
Withburn (Wythburn, St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn)
Withe Sike (Wythe Sike, Wythop)
Withop (Wythop)
Withop Mill (Wythop Mill, Embleton)
Wiza (Wizabottom, Westward)
Wiza Beck
Wiza Beck
Wizabottom, Westward
Wiza Bridge, Wigton
Wodow Bank, St John Beckermet
Woldgill Burn
Woldgill Tarn, Alston Moor
Wolsty, Holme Low
Wolsty Castle, Holme Low
Wolsty Close (Close, The, Holme Low)
Wolsty Hall, Holme Low
Wolt Bridge, Matterdale
Wood (Wood, Solport, Solport)
Wood Beck
Wood End (Woodend, Lamplugh)
Woodend, Lamplugh
Woodend, Above Derwent
Woodend, Lazonby
Woodend, Ulpha
Woodend, Muncaster
Woodend Mill, Egremont
Wood Gate (Woodgate, Waberthwaite)
Woodgate, Waberthwaite
Wood Hall, Bridekirk
Wood Hall, Caldbeck
Woodhall (Wood Hall, Caldbeck)
Woodhead, Askerton
Wood House, Buttermere
Woodhouse (Woodend, Above Derwent)
Woodhouse, Caldbeck
Wood House, Millom Without
Wood House, Whicham
Wood House (Charlesground, Waberthwaite)
Woodhouses (Woodhouse, Caldbeck)
Woodhouses, Orton N
Woodlands, Waverton
Wood Mill, Cockermouth
Woodnook, Low (Low Woodnook, Blennerhasset and Torpenhow)
Woodrow, Waverton
Wood Side (Bell House, St Bees)
Woodside (Woodside Park, St Cuthbert Without)
Wood Side (Woodside, Bewcastle)
Woodside, Bewcastle
Wood Side (Woodside, Waberthwaite)
Woodside, Waberthwaite
Woodside, East (East Woodside, Westward)
Woodside Mill, Westward
Woodside Park, St Cuthbert Without
Woodside, West (West Woodside, Westward)
Wood, Solport, Solport
Woodstock, Alston Moor
Woogill Burn (Woldgill Burn)
Woogill Tarn (Woldgill Tarn, Alston Moor)
Wooloaks Mill, Hesket
Woolpack Inn, Eskdale
Workington, Workington
Workington Bridge, Workington
Workington Hall, Workington
Workington Hall Mill, Workington
Workington to Maryport
Workington to Maryport
Workington to Maryport
Wormanby, Burgh by Sands
Wormelby (Wormanby, Burgh by Sands)
Worm Gill
Wotton Wood (Harrington Parks, Workington)
Woundell Beck
Wragmire House, Wetheral
Wragmire Moss, St Cuthbert Without
Wreay (Low Wreah, Weddicar)
Wreay, Matterdale
Wreay, St Cuthbert Without
Wreay, Brampton
Wreay Hall, Hesket
Wreay Hall Mill, Hesket
Wreayhill House, Kingwater
Wreay, Silly (Wreay, The, Westward)
Wreay, The, Westward
Wrey (Wreay, Matterdale)
Wrey (Wreay, Brampton)
Wrey Hall (Wreay Hall, Hesket)
Wrey Nose (Wrynose Fell, Lakes)
Wrygarth, Kingwater
Wrynose Fell, Lakes
Wunore Crane, Buttermere
Wygill Hill (Waygill Hill, Hayton)
Wymoor (Wythemoor House, Winscales)
Wyre, River
Wyth Burn
Wythburn, St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn
Wythburn Chapel, St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn
Wythemoor House, Winscales
Wythemoor Sough, Winscales
Wythe Sike, Wythop
Wythop Hall, Wythop
Wythop Mill, Embleton
Wythop Old Church, Wythop
Wythwaite, Culgaith

Yade Fauld, Kirkandrews
Yade Hill (Yad Hill, Hethersgill)
Yad Hill, Hethersgill
Yanwath Hall, Yanwath and Eamont Bridge
Yarton (Yeorton, St John Beckermet)
Yate Houses (Outward Bound School, Eskdale)
Yearngill Mill, Westnewton
Yeat House, Arlecdon and Frizington
Yeorton, St John Beckermet
Yester Field (Forge House, Eskdale)
Yew Crag, Buttermere
Yewcrag Quarries, Borrowdale
Yew Tree, Nether Wasdale
Yewtree (Yew Tree, Nether Wasdale)
Yew Tree, St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn
Yottenfews, St Bridget Beckermet
Yotton Fuse (Yottenfews, St Bridget Beckermet)