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Page 167:-
Hawes-water may be taken the first in the morning, and then cross the mountains by the road to Pooley-bridge for Ulls-water, and return in the evening to

So much is already said of this town, that little remains now to be added here. The situation is pleasant, and open to the south. It is tolerably well built, and rather a genteel than a trading town. The town's people are polite and civil, and the inns commodious and well served.
Saving the few resident families, the life of this town is its being a thorough-fare. For, although seated in the midst of a rich and fruitful country, few manufacturers have been induced to fix here. Before the interest of the sister kingdoms became one, Penrith was a place of uncertain tranquillity, and too precarious for the repose of trade and manual industry; being better circumstanced for a place of arms and military exercise. Yet since this happy change of circumstances, no more than one branch of tanning, and a small manufacture of checks have taken place. This must be owing either to want of attention in people of property, or of
[1] (Bereda, Rav. Chor. Vereda, Anton. Inter.)
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