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Page 168:-
industry of the inhabitants. The latter is not to be supposed; for the spirit of agriculture, introduced by the gentlemen of the environs, is in as flourishing a way amongst the farmers of this neighbourhood, as in other parts of the kingdom. The superfluities of the market are bought up for Kendal, where much of that produce is wanting which superabounds here.
The most remarkable objects at Penrith, are the beacon, on the summit of the hill above the town, and the awful remains of the royal fortress on the crest of the rising ground that commands the town. It is supposed to be an erection of Henry VI. out of the ruins of a more ancient structure called Mayburgh; but this is not very probable, since stones are easier quarried here than they could be got there. But as popular records have generally some fact to rest upon, and some truth in the bottom, so some facings and other principal stones taken from Mayburgh, might give rise to the tradition. There might also have been a stronghold here in the time of the Romans. At present the buildings are ruins in the last stage. One stone arched vault only remains, that from its situation appears to have been the keep, now no longer terrible, since the border service ceased, and a mutual inter-
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