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Page 158:-
The THIRD division - forming only inferior elevations - commences with a bed of dark-blue or blackish transition limestone, containing here and there a few shells and madrepores, and alternating with a slaty rock of the same colour; the different layers of each being in some places several feet, in others only a few inches in thickness. This limestone crosses the river Duddon near Broughton; passing Broughton Mills it runs in a north-east direction through Torver, by the foot of the Old Man mountain, and appears near Low Yewdale and Yew Tree. Here it makes a considerable slip to the eastward, after which it ranges past the Tarns upon the hills above Borwick Ground; and stretching through Skelwith, it crosses the head of Windermere near Low Wood Inn. Then passing above Dovenest and Skelgill, it traverses the vales of Troutbeck, Kentmere, and Long Sleddale; crossing the two intervening mountains in the direction of the roads which lead over them; so that no relation can be discovered between the direction of the vallies and that of the stratification. It dips to the south-east, while the cleavage of the slate with which it is associated, frequently inclines in an opposite direction.
Towards the south-east succeeds a series of rocks of the same dark-blue colour, and principally of a slaty structure: but accompanied in places with a rock, which breaks alike in all directions. This last has supplied a great portion of the rounded
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