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Page 37:-

tarns, above Derwent Water
Tarns tributary to Derwent Lake.
  Blea Tarn
  Watendlath Tarn
  Angle Tarn
  Sprinkling Tarn
  Styhead Tarn

A second Blea Tarn, containing excellent trout, is situated on the heathy mountain between Wythburn and Borrowdale. After a course of nearly two miles, the water is received by Watendleth Tarn, which covers about a dozen acres; but nearly destitute of fish of any kind: yet, on account of its romantic scenery, the valley of Watendleth is still worthy of being visited. It is the stream from these tarns which, after running two miles further along a narrow valley, forms the famed cataract of Lowdore.- Angle Tarn, stocked only with a few perch, is at the head of the stream belonging to the branch of Borrowdale called Langstreth. At the foot of Eagle Crag, this is joined by another stream from the branch of Greenup; and after passing Stonethwaite and Rosthwaite, joins the Seathwaite branch a little further down the vale.- Sprinkling Tarn, of irregular shape, reposes under Great End Crag: it abounds with excellent trout; but they are too well fed, or too wary, to be easily tempted by the bait of the angler.- Sty-head Tarn, in some maps called Sparkling Tarn, lies about three quarters of a mile below the last, near the road to Wasdale. The water, which it receives from Sprinkling Tarn, seems to have been deprived of its nutritive qualities; as its fish are of a very inferior kind. The stream running from thence towards Seathwaite, has some fine frothy breaks, and one grand waterfall, before it reaches the bottom of
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