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Page 38:-
  Dock Tarn
  Tarn at Leaves

the vale.- Dock Tarn and Tarn of Leaves, one on the east side of Stonethwaite, the other between Seathwaite and Langstreth, are barely entitled to be mentioned.
tarns, above Thirlmere
  Harrop Tarn
Harrop Tarn, though but a small piece of water, is the principal one belonging to Thirlmere. It lies on the western side of Wythburn, and its stream, called Dob Gill, passing a few houses, joins the rivulet in the vale a little before it reaches the lake.
tarns, miscellaneous
  Scales Tarn

Scales Tarn, on the east end of the mountain Saddleback, is an oval piece of water covering an area of three acres and a half, its two diameters being 176 and 124 yards, its depth 18 feet; and uninhabited by the finny tribe. Some very exaggerated descriptions of this tarn have found their way into the history of Cumberland and other publications. From its gloomy appearance, occasioned by being overshadowed by steep rocks, its depth was supposed to be very great, and it has been represented as the crater of an extinct volcano; an assumption not supported by present appearances. Its stream, nearly encompassing Souterfell, is called the Glenderamakin, which, passing Threlkeld, joins that from Thirlmere to form the Greta.
  Bowscale Tarn
  Over Water

Bowscale Tarn, which empties itself into the Caldew, is seated in a basin singularly scooped out in the side of a hill.- Over Water lies to the north of Skiddaw, in the rise of the river Ellen.- Burt-
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