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Page 39:-
  Bleaberry Tarn
  Flouthern Tarn
  Burnmoor Tarn
  Devoke Water

[Burt]ness Tarn, or Bleaberry Tarn, lies of the south-west side of Buttermere, in a recess between High Stile and Red Pike; its stream forms the cataract called Sour-milk gill.- Floutern Tarn serves as a landmark in passing between Buttermere and Ennerdale; as Burnmoor Tarn does between Wasdale-head and Eskdale.- Devoke Water, connected with the Esk near Ravenglass, is famous for the excellence of its trout, and as a place of resort for water fowl.
  Eel Tarn
  Stony Tarn
  Blea Tarn
  Low Tarn?
  Scoat Tarn?
  Greendale Tarn?

There are some other small tarns, of little consequence in themselves, and seldom seen by strangers; therefore they scarcely require to be noticed. Such are Eel Tarn, Stony Tarn, and Blea Tarn, in Eskdale, and the two tarns above Bowderdale in the Wasdale mountains.

Of this district are not of large dimensions; but issuing from rocky mountains and running in pebbly channels, the water they contain is remarkable for its clearness and purity. From the central cluster of mountains about Bowfell, Scawfell, and Gable, many of them derive their origin; others have their source in the neighbourhood of Helvellyn and High Street.
  Derwent, River
The Derwent has its rise in Borrowdale; its
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