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Ennerdale Water
Is about two miles and a half in length, and three quarters of a mile in breadth. It is more difficult to obtain a good view of this than of any other lake. The best general view may be had near How Hall; but, as the principal mountain scenery, with part of the lake, is seen to advantage from the road by which tourists generally pass from Wastwater to Lowes Water and Buttermere; few like to extend the journey two or three miles for any improvement that can be made to the view. Pedestrians, anxious to explore the inmost recesses of the mountains, may follow the lake to its head, and after passing the sequestered farm of Gillerthwaite, continue their route four of five miles along the narrow dale, by the transparent stream of the Lisa, which is fed by the crystal springs issuing from the side of the mountains; and either turn to the left, by the pass called Scarf Gap, to Buttermere; or to the right, over the Black Sail, to Wasdale head. This way a horse might be taken, but it would be found more troublesome than useful.

This lake is well stocked with trout: here is also an inferior kind of char, which enter the river in autumn to deposit their spawn; contrary to the habits of those in the lakes of Buttermere and Crummock. There are two small public houses at Ennerdale Bridge; but not calculated to afford much accommodation to travellers.
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