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Page 153:-
[Hever]sham. An elegant and beautiful chapel, in the lancet style, has lately been built and consecrated for the use of the inhabitants. Population, (with Heversham,) 1509; market-day, Friday; inn, Cross-Keys. Near Milnthorpe, on the left, is Dallam Tower, the residence of Colonel Wilson.
Heversham is a neat village, having a grammar-school, at which Bishop Watson received his early education under the immediate superintendence of his father, and a noble church, of which there is a very striking view in passing. Near this are three pleasant villas - Plumptree Bank,- Wilson, Esq.; Plumptree Hall,- Pedder, Esq.; and Deepthwaite,- Bindloss, Esq.
  Levens Bridge
Levens-Bridge spans the Kent. The roads to Bowness and Ulverstone, through the romantic vale of Witherslack, turn off here to the left. A beautiful foot-path through Levens-Park leads along the wooded banks of the Kent to Kendal, 5½ miles. Levens-Park, the seat of the Hon. Fulke G. Howard, is the admiration of every one.
  Sizergh Castle
Sizergh Hall on the left.- If the tourist has any penchant for fine old carved wainscotings, &c., and rooms exhibiting the massive and splendid style of ancient days, he should by all means turn aside to this remnant of feudal strength.
KENDAL is a flourishing town, being the largest in Westmorland, and is placed in a very agreeable valley, enlivened by the meanderings of the Kent. A full description of it will be found at page 19.
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