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Page 73:-
  The Screes
  Nether Wasdale

Pillar crowns the head of Mosedale. Middle Fell runs along the margin of the lake; and on the opposite side are the Screes, which seem going to decay, their foundation in the water, and their surface and soil being gone, while immense debris and torrents of rocks and stones cover their sides. This range of fell prevents a circumambulation of the lake. Proceeding onwards, a retrospective view of Yewbarrow, the Gable, and the Pikes, seen over Over Beck Bridge, is a fine picture. From Nether Beck Bridge the road passes over a rising ground, and from a field in front of Crookhead, where a beautiful cottage has been built by Stansfield Rawson, Esq. of Halifax, is one of the finest views of Wastdale Head and Water. At the Strands, at Netherwasdale, is a comfortable inn, where entertainment may be had, set off with civility, and enhanced by economical charges.
  Gosforth Cross
  Calder Bridge

On the road to Calder Abbey, the antiquarian must perforce stop at Gosforth, which has a remarkably neat church, and in the churchyard a tall cross of British or Danish origin, sculptured on its four faces with various figures and devices. From hence, it is a good and pleasant road to Calder Bridge, where, at either of the two excellent inns, the weary traveller may rest for the night.

  Calder Abbey
On the north side of the river, about a mile above the bridge, stand the sequestered ruins of the
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