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Page 187:-
Longtown, near where the Eske and Kirksop Rivers meet: It is a small Town, the Market of which is kept on Thursdays; and it is 234 Miles computed, and 315 measured from London.
  Bowness on Solway
On the N.W. of Carlisle, there juts out a small Promontory, at the Point of which is the large Arm of the Sea, call'd Solway-Frith, or Hunae-Ostium i.e., the Mouth of the River Eden. It is, at present, the Boundary between England and Scotland, but anciently between the Roman Provinces and the Picts. Upon this Promontory stands
Bulnesse which was the old Town, called by the Romans, Blatum Bulgium probably from the British Word Bulch, which signifies Partition or Divorce; or rather from a Word still in use in those Parts viz. Bulge, which signifies a Breaking in, as the Sea there doth. From this Place, as the utmost Limits of the Province of Britain, Antoninus begins his Itinerary. It is now but a very small Village, but has a Fort, as a Testimony of its Antiquity, besides the Tracts of Streets and Pieces of old Walls, which frequently appear as they are ploughing in the common Field.
It was anciently the Head Town of a large Manor containing many Hamlets, as Glaston, Drumburgh, &c. and tho' many of which are separated from it, yet here still remains the Mother Church. At a Mile's Distance from hence Northward, begins the famous Picts Wall: And a little down the Firth is
Drumburgh-Castle, the Seat of Gamel de Brune, anciently given him by one of the first Barons of Burgh, soon after the Conquest, but afterwards the Possession of the Lord Dacre. In the Time of the Romans it was made a Station, and some will have it to be the Castra Exploratorum; but the Distances will by no Means allow it. The Romans had also another Station near this Place, which, by changing of the Name, is, at present called
  Burgh by Sands
Burgh upon Sands, a large Barony, taking in all the neighbouring Lands and Town: It was first bestowed by Ranulph de Meschines, Lord of Cumberland, upon Robert de Estrivers, or Trivers, whom he made also chief Forester in his Forest of Englewood. From him, by
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