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Page 188:-
Marriage it came to Sir Hugh Morvil, whose Family enjoy'd it for some Time, and were called the Morvils of Burgh super sabulones: A Knight of this Family, named Hugh Morvil, was one of the four that kill'd Thomas Beckett, Archbishop of Canterbury; for which, being afterwards very penitent, he gave the Rectory of this Town to the Abbey of Holm Cultram, which the Bishops of Carlisle appropriated to the Monks.
The Sword with which he kill'd the Archbishop was kept long at Issal, and now remains in the Family of the Arundels.
This Town is yet more memorable for the Mounment of our victorious Prince Edward I. who having so far subdu'd the Scots as to bring away the sacred Stone at Scone Abbey, whereupon their Kings used to be crown'd, died here in his Camp, on his March against them, like a true Soldier, guarding his Frontiers with his latest Breath: In Memory of him there was afterwards erected a handsome square Pillar nine Yards and a half high, with these inscriptions on three Sides:-
On the W. Side.
Memoriae eternae EDWARDI I. Angliae Longe Clarissimi, qui in Belli Apparatu contra Scotos occupatus Hic in Castris Obiit, 7 Julii, A.D. 1307.
On the N. Side.
Nobilissimus Princeps HENRICUS HOWARD Dux Norfoliciae, Comes Mareschal, Angliae Oriundus, P. A.D. 1685.
On the other Side.
JOHANNES AGLIONBY, I. C. F. C. i.e. Juris consultus fieri causavit.
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