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Page 183:-
says, he was descended by the Mother's Side.
The Parsonage of this Town being at the Dissolution appropriated to the Monastery of St. Bees, was then resign'd into the Hands of King Henry VIII.
Some are of Opinion, that Stilico, a potent Commander in the Roman State, made a Wall for about four Miles from hence, viz. from the Mouth of the Derwent to the River Eln, in all such Places as were convenient for landing, when the Scots from Ireland infested these Coasts; for thus Claudian makes Britain speak for herself:
Me quoq; vicinis pereuntem gentibus, inquit,
Munivit Stilico, totam cum Scotus Hibernem
Movit, & infesto spumavit remige Thetis.
Thus English'd:
And I shall ever own his happy Care,
Who sav'd me sinking in unequal War,
When Scots came thund'ring from the Irish Shores
And th'Ocean trembl'd, struck with hostile Oars.
And, indeed, there are still found Pieces of Wall all along to the Mouth of the Eln.
  Derwent Water

The River Derwent, which rising in Borrodale, a Vale surrounded with crooked Hills, runs among the Mountains, call'd Derwent Fells, which having pass'd, it spreads itself into a spacious Lake, three Mile long, call'd by Bede, Praegrande Stragnum, i.e. a vast Pool, in which there are three Islands, one of them inhabited by German Miners; another is suppos'd by Bede to be the Place where St. Herbert lead an Hermit's Life; and the third has of late Years, had the Honour to be the Seat of the famous Family of Radcliffs, Knights, called from hence, for Distinction Sake, the Radcliffs of Derwentwater; the last of which Family was the late unhappy James, Earl of Derwentwater, who joining in a Rebellion against his Majesty King George I. was taken at the Battle of Preston in Lancashire, and beheaded on Tower Hill the 24th of February, 1716.
At the N.W. End of this Lake, in a fruitful Plain encompass'd with wet dewy Mountains, and protected by the Skiddaw, from the N. Winds, lies
Keswick, a little Market Town of good Note in
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