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the Saxons from its winding Banks. It extends itself like a Sea on the West Side from North-bridge on the South, where it contracts itself again into a River to Gresmere North. 'Tis about ten Miles in Length, and paved at the Bottom, as it were, with one continued Rock. 'Tis said to be of a vast Depth in some Parts of it, and is well stored with a Sort of Fish rarely found, except among the Alps, and is reckoned a Sort of Golden Alpine Trout; 'tis baked in Pots, and so sent to London and other Parts, being a most acceptable Present. In it are several Isles or Holmes, and the Fishing belongs to Apelthwait a Hamlet in Winander-mere Parish, whose Rector has a Pleasure-boat upon it, and a certain Sum from every Fishing-boat in lieu of Tythes.
The Ulleswater is a Lake well-stocked with Fish, and has some Chares too, but not in such Plenty as the former, and is fed with six small Rivers. 'Tis ten Miles North of Winander-meer, and both Cumberland and this County lay Claim to it.
  dripping well
In Betham-Park in the Barony of Kendal, is a petrifying Spring called the Dripping Well.

Besides Pit-coal, this County abounds with other Fuel, there being Plenty of Wood upon the Mountains in the Barony of Kendal; and there are divers Forests in the Barony of Westmoreland, as Whinfield-Forest in the Peninsula between the Rivers Eimot and Eden; Martindale-Forest, which extends almost the whole Length of Ulleswater; Thornthwait Forest, Mallerstang, Milborn, and Melden-Forests; besides divers Parks, which are well stock'd with Wood in both Baronies.

This County gave formerly Title of Baron to the Family of Vipont, and afterwards of Earl, first to the Family of Nevil, and then to that of Fane, which now enjoys it. It sends only four Members to Parliament, viz. two for the County and two for
Appleby, which claims the first Place both on account of its Antiquity, and because 'tis a County Town, where the yearly Assizes are held, tho' 'tis neither very rich nor beautiful; but the Situation of it in the midst of pleasant Fields, and on the Banks of the River Eden, which almost encompasses it, is very agreeable. The Name is a Corruption of the Aballaba mentioned in the Notitia. In the
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