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Page 115:-
  Gatescarth Pass
  Nan Bield Pass

The road over Gatescarth, between Branstree and Harter Fell, is steep on both sides, yet such as a horse may be ridden, or rather led; and from the highest part there is an extensive view towards the sea. The pass from Kentmere, over Nan Bield between Harter Fell and High Street, is still more difficult.
Mardale Green, to which the road descends, is about 15 miles from Kendal, and the same from Penrith; it is bounded by the mountains Branstree, Harter Fell, and High Street. From the last of which a narrow ridge, called Long Stile, projects so far as to seclude it from the other parts of the valley; and beyond this rises the apex of Kidstow Pike. Here are two or three dwellings, one of which is a public-house; and the Dun Bull on Mardale Green will be no alarming or unwelcome object to the weary traveller.
But it will generally be found most convenient to visit Hawes Water from Penrith, by way of Eamont Bridge; turning to the right at Arthur's Round Table, to Askham 5 miles; thence by Helton, and Butterswick, to Bampton, nearly 5 more. From many parts of the road, the Castle and noble woods of Lowther, with the lofty limestone rocks of Knipe Scar, are important objects.
Leaving Bampton Grange, with it church, on the left hand, two miles more bring us in sight of Hawes Water. Some will content themselves with travelling a couple of miles along the banks of the
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