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Page 40:-
branches are known by different names till it reaches the lake, from whence it is called the Derwent till it enters the sea.
  St John's Beck
  Glenderamakin, River
  Greta, River
  Glenderaterra Beck
  Cocker, River
  Ellen, River

The river issuing from Thirlmere, commonly called St. John's beck, has formerly been called the Bure; the one from Mungrisdale by Threlkeld Glenderamakin; after their junction it takes the name of Greta, and receives the Glenderaterra from between Skiddaw and Saddleback; passing Keswick, it joins the Derwent, shortly after that river leaves the lake. In heavy rains the Greta sometimes rises so suddenly that it inverts the stream of the Derwent, so that the lake is for a short time literally filled from all quarters. The water issuing from Buttermere, Crummock, and Lowes Water, forms the river Cocker, which falls into the Derwent at the town named, from this circumstance, Cockermouth. The Ellen rises in the mountains north of Skiddaw, and passing Uldale, Ireby, and Ellenborough, falls into the sea at Maryport.
  Eamont, River
  Lowther, River
  Eden, River
  Petteril, River
  Caldew, River

The several becks of Patterdale unite in Ullswater, the river issuing from thence is called the Eamont; it receives the Lowther, from Hawes Water, Swindale, and Wetsleddale, near Brougham Castle; and is afterwards absorbed in the Eden, which enters the Solway Frith a little below Carlisle; having first received the Petterill, which rises near Greystoke; and the Caldew, from the east side of Skiddaw.
  Borrow Beck?
  Wasdale Beck?
  Lune, River

Two small streams, crossing the road between Kendal and Shap, fall into the Lune - which at
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