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Page 147:-
  Stybarrow Crag
steep, at the foot of which another romantic bridge is thrown over the agitated waters. Altogether the scene is incomparably grand. After reluctantly leaving the enclosed park, the scenery still continues most fascinating. The road that passes down the hill on the right, is the direct carriage-route from Keswick, through Matterdale, a wild and interesting valley. The horse-road from Keswick unites with this at Dockwray, through which hamlet, after springing out of Dowthwaite Head, runs the stream that, in its progress through Gowbarrow Park, forms the noble fall of Airey Force. On the hill-top there is a magnificent view of the two upper reaches of the lake, having on the left, Silvery Point and Place Fell, the steeps of Glenridding, with Stybarrow Crags and Patterdale Hall; and beyond, the mountains of Graysdale and Hartshope, Scandale Fell, and St. Sunday Crag. Proceeding onwards, on the right, lurking in a recess, is Glencoin, a farm-house belonging to Henry Howard, Esq., in a rich cultivated bottom, with high and splendidly-wooded mountains in the back-ground: the stream here divides the counties of Cumberland and Westmorland. Hence the road ascends, and is cut through the crags of Stybarrow, from which there is a Claude-like view towards the foot of the water. On a grassy promontory stands Glenridding, the seat of the Rev. H. Askew; the dale opening upwards to the right, is adorned with fertile fields, cottages, and natural groves, that agreeably unite with the view of Ulles Water. The
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