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Page 146:-
  Gowbarrow Park
into the grounds of Gowbarrow Hall; and then the Park, in which is situated Lyulph's Tower, a rude hunting-seat of Henry Howard, Esq., that exhibits one of the finest views on the lake. The lover of nature may linger here for hours. A powerful brook dashes through rocks hung with a happy mixture of natural wood, beds of luxuriant fern, aged hawthorns, hollies, and honeysuckles; while fallow deer are seen glancing and bounding through the thickets and over the lawns. The attraction of the retired views, and the ever-varying fore-grounds, which heighten the beauties of the water, are not to be described.

'Ah! that such beauty, varying in the light
Of living nature, cannot be pourtrayed
By words, nor by the pencil's silent skill,
But is the property of him alone
Who hath beheld it, noted it with care,
And, in his mind, recorded it with love.'
  Aira Force
The explorer of nature's hidden charms must here leave the road, and follow up the gill above named, till he arrives at Airey Force, where the stream falls eighty feet between two rugged cheeks of rock,

' ____ Sending
From hollow clefts up to the clearer air
A cloud of mist, that, smitten by the sun,
Varies its rainbow hues.'
A wooden bridge crosses the top of the fall. After it has rested for a moment in the basin that receives it, making a bend, it rushes down a lower
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