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Westmorland Gazette, 6 September 1823:-
  letter from C Greenwood
SIR, - To advocate an honest cause, is a glorious task. It is one of the happiest of all necessities. Carrying with it, in every step, a certainty of success, it bids defiance to the wiles of imposition. By investigation, its merits appear; and in its most active enemy it has its surest triumph. The crime of commencing my practice as a private Surveyor, at a second rate town in the West Riding of the County of York, I shall not attempt to deny; and I will acknowledge, with gratitude, the advantages I derived under the valuable superintendence and instruction of one of the late Mr. Rennie's most efficient and able surveyors. Without such an opportunity, how could I have pretended to have placed myself before the public in this new and higher branch of the science? And yet I mean to insist, that I was previously as competent a Landsurveyor as Mr. Thomas Hodgson can now possibly be. There was a time when I could not have stooped to observations like these; and now I do it in my own defence. That I was honoured by the genuine patronage of his most gracious Majesty to my undertaking, I can prove; and I do assert, the a communication was made to me directly from his Majesty, of the most flattering description, through the medium of the Rev. Dr Stenier Clarke, then his Majesty's Librarian, at Carlton Palace; and that his Majesty was pleased to intimate the most favourable opinion of the merits of the work, both from an actual inspection of fit, and from its fame.
By whom am I now questioned? What new character is this? "A Kendal Subscriber" written on his mask; another personage in the drama. I wonder how many more will be introduced into the piece. It will not do. The very improbability of there being any sincerity in these proceedings, make it ridiculous to give them credence. Can it be supposed that subscribers to a work at L1 11s. 6d. would pay guinea after guinea for the insertion of advertisements in its behalf? There is a degree of insincerity and intrigue marking the career of these transactions, highly discreditable to the parties from their earliest movements. It would be cruel, indeed, to copy their work; cruel to themselves; cruel to the public; and an insult upon common sense. They may rest assured they shall be fairly dealt with. It was they who commenced the attack, it is for me to keep up the defence. I will not copy their map, nor shall they copy mine.
I am, Sir, your obedient servant,
Kendal, King's Arms Inn, Sept. 5th, 1823.
Also in the Kendal Chronicle 6 September 1823.


from - C Greenwood
to - the Editor, replying to Another Subscriber
SURVEYING METHODS I am trained by one of Rennie's surveyors, I have royal patronage; I'm better than TH
ANONYMITY who is this new critic
THE MAPS there will be no copying
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