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Westmorland Gazette, 19 July 1823:-
  letter from A Subscriber to Hodgson
SIR, - I should not have troubled your readers this week, but for the uncommon penetration which Mr. Greenwood has displayed, in anticipating the subject of my last letter. I am not sufficiently acquainted with that Gentleman, to know as to what country he might belong; but from the symptoms he has manifested of he second sight, I should really be inclined to think him a native of some place "far ayont the Tweed." His superlative "education" may have been perfected amongst the Seers of the Highlands, for anything I know; but however that may be, it is for me to point out, the inconsistency of his statements, as well as the absurdity of his claiming an exclusive right to the patronage of the inhabitants of Westmorland. In the reply to my "little" and unscientific production, many high sounding expressions were used by this Leviathan of scientific fame. His tone is somewhat lowered, however; and I congratulate him upon the cooler temperature of his lasts production, which shews him to be progressive by improving in modesty, as much as he confesses he is in scientific correctness. He himself says, that their forthcoming Map of Westmorland, will be more correct than the Twelve County Maps they have already published; therefore, taking their first productions as specimens, it would seem that they do not found their legitimate priority of claim, on the ground of correctness. Messrs. Greenwood seem very solicitous about being paid for their trouble; which shews him, and his unequalled establishment to be as tenderly alive to the profits of their concern, as they are to scientific eminence. It is almost impossible for any man to retain his gravity, on reading the whole of Mr. Greenwood's last letter. He says something about absurdity; we may perhaps disagree as to the exact meaning of this word; but when he says, that Gentlemen gave their names as subscribers to Mr. Hodgson's Map, under the idea they were doing so to their proposed work, it appears to me, that such an assertion bears with it a more than common portion of absurdity. And it is certainly most insulting to the understanding of the people of Westmorland, for this Gentleman to tell them that they could not distinguish the Prospectus of Mr. Hodgson, from that circulated by these "scientific" proprietors! Nr. Greenwood disclaims the title of "monopolist;" yet he talks about legitimate priority of claim, &c. He may, perhaps, recollect the Fable of the Boy and the Filberts, from which he may learn, that if he allow himself to grasp less at a time, he will the better succeed in the ultimate attainment of his objects. This infallible personage is pleased to say, that after having expended upwards of "one thousand pounds," in the Survey, &c. it will not be a matter of "wonder or novelty" if they persevere in substantiating the "legitimacy" of their prior claim to the support of the Gentlemen of this County. Surely he cannot be serious when he asserts such a claim. Let me recommend him to assume a more becoming deportment to the Inhabitants of this small, but classic County; and not again to render it necessary for me to expose his sophistical absurdities.
To Hodgson's Map of Westmorland.
Also in the Kendal Chronicle 19 July 1823.


from - A Subscriber
to - the Editor, replying to C Greenwood
PRIOR CLAIM the new map of Westmorland will be better than other counties? so priority is clearly not founded on previous quality of reults; be more modest
SUBSCRIBERS the Gentlemen of Westmorland are not stupid
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