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Westmorland Gazette, 12 July 1823:-
  letter from A Subscriber to Hodgson
SIR, - Allow me to offer a remark or two on Mr. Greenwood's letter, in your last week's paper. I confess that I think there are some passages in that letter rather unbecoming so intelligent and scientific a gentleman. Why invidiously point at Mr. Hodgson as an individual unused to the Survey of a County? Is this gentlemanly, and what are we to infer from it? That Mr. Hodgson's Maps must be incomplete, merely because he has not Surveyed a County before? If such an inference is drawn, it must apply with equal force to the first Maps published by Mr. Greenwood and his "unequalled establishment of Surveyors" themselves. But I think that such a premature conclusion is nether just nor generous. As a friend to fair competition, I am sorry to behold this scientific Colossus wishing to extend his huge legs over the whole Kingdom, he surely means to assume the language of Goldsmith's Traveller,
"Creation's heir, the world. the world is mine."
but not to tire either yourself or readers, I shall conclude by observing that if Mr. Greenwood will, agreeably to his professions, condescend to shew the superiority of his method over the common Chain, (which appears to be in such disrepute, perhaps, disuse, with him and his coadjutors,) in a more satisfactory way than by mere assertion, it would gratify many of your readers, as well as myself. And I would also be glad to learn why the carefully-checked admeasurement of one Individual, should not be as correct as those of the Gentlemen of his "ESTABLISHMENT," even if there were a host of them.
To Hodgson's Map of Westmorland.
Also in the Kendal Chronicle 12 July 1823.


from - A Subscriber
to - the Editor, replying to C Greenwood
SURVEYING METHOD your being an 'unequalled establishment' doesn't mean you're better, the chain is a necessary instrument
THE MAPS TH's might be just as good
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