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Westmorland Gazette, 19 July 1823:-
  letter from T Hodgson
To the Editor of the Kendal Gazette.
SIR, - I shall be as brief as possible, notice the last letter of C. Greenwood, and I apprehend, a very few observations will set the matter at issue, in a proper light. This person wishes me to be "more correct" in my assertions, and denies having charged me with unfair proceedings in the prosecution of my Plan. Happily for me, the whole of our correspondence is in the hands of the public, and to their judgement I confidently appeal for the veracity of my statement. The passage on which I founded my assertion is this: "During our Survey of Cumberland and Westmorland," says C. Greenwood, "it was discovered, that a person from Lancaster of the name of Hodgson, had industriously secured, (how honourably the public must decide,) the names of a large portion of the Gentlemen of Westmorland, to his proposed Map, with the perfect knowledge at the same time of our prior claim to their support; and it now appears, Gentlemen who were applied to by him, subscribed their names under the idea they were doing so to our work."
He leaves the public to decide upon my conduct, but, as the passage is expressed, it is sufficiently evident what construction he wishes to put upon it, and I am fully borne out in saying that he charged me with "dishonourable and insidious proceedings."
He now, however, abandons this imputation, and avows, as if to palliate his advancing it, that he has not yet been so "irregular and ungentlemanly" as to "say a word" about my Survey! but his forbearance in this respect will operate I conceive, as little in his favour as his interference about my Subscribers.
When he says that I endeavour to clear myself of any knowledge of their having proposed a Survey of Westmorland, previous to myself, he wholly misrepresents my assertion. I stated, and now repeat it, that on my commencement, and for some months after, "I knew nothing" of their "Survey of Cumberland and Westmorland," during which he had said I obtained my Subscribers. I knew, perfectly well, nine years ago, of there proposing a Series of County Maps, but certainly never thought that such a proposition could be an obstacle to my Survey of Westmorland! Had these Proprietors procured a PATENT for exclusively surveying all the Counties of England, it might indeed have been a different matter!
C. Greenwood denies that he insinuated the probability of my abandoning the Survey to them, and defies me to produce evidence to that effect. What ever he may assert, I will only appeal to those of my Subscribers who were applied to with the representation, (and some of who informed me,) for the correctness of my statement, and leave it for them to appreciate his denial. Most persons have a strong dislike to their names being brought under public discussion, especially in a controversy:- this is the only reason that prevents my obliging him in this particular. Were it in his power, however, to produce to the world one single name that was a Subscribed, (as he says,) to Map by MISTAKE, I am [dis ] to think he would not be too scrupulous in doing so:- so strange an error in this County, at least, would be considered a "matter" both of "wonder" and of "novelty!" He next makes mention of "unfair advantages" being taken of them:- an assertion, which many, at least, of "the Gentlemen of Westmorland" perverse in its application. And then he seems to assert a "legitimacy" of claim to their support, from an expenditure of "upwards of one thousand pounds." My expense in the Survey of the County has been considerable, but C. Greenwood would think it rather odd, should I claim any of their Subscribers on that account.
The public will duly appreciate the important and voluntary information, given by C. Greenwood, and to the accuracy of his former Maps; and though he seems to doubt whether my "effusions," (as he terms them,) be genuine or not, I assure him I shall not quarrel with him on that ground. To the public, I wish to apologize, for occupying so much of their attention, on a subject possessing so little interest to the general reader; but I hope it will be allowed, that I have not willingly trespassed upon their patience; and, though, at present, the Proprietor of but one County Map, and that of Westmorland, I trust I have as genuine a detestation of any unfair or illiberal proceedings, as my POWERFUL competitor C. Greenwood.
I am very respectfully,
Hackthorp, 7 Month 18th, 1823.


from - T Hodgson
to - the Editor, replying to C Greenwood
you did spread a rumour that I was abandoning my map
SUBSCRIBERS you did accuse me of cheating
PRIOR CLAIM do you have a patent? spending time and money doesn't create a prior claim
PRIOR KNOWLEDGE I knew in general about your mapping of all counties, but why should that stop me
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