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Speed 1611 (Cmd)
(Area of roughly corresponding to Speed 1611 (Cmd) NY21 plus overlaps, North at the top; the original map is printed with roughly North at the top)

gazetteer links

places may or may not be labelled on the map

button -- Armboth -- "Armebath"
button -- Borrowdale -- "Borrodale"
button -- Derwent Water
button -- Derwent, River -- "Darwent flu" -- "Darwen flu"
button -- Grange -- "The Grange"
button -- Keskadale Beck
button -- Newlands Church -- "Newland chap."
button -- Stonethwaite Beck
button -- Watendlath -- "Watenlath"

civil parishes

The area roughly includes parts of parishes:-

    St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn
    Above Derwent
    Nether Wasdale
    Ennerdale and Kinniside

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