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Page 43:-
that of Lowdore, and exhibits to advantage a smaller quantity of water. From the top of the fall the lake and vale, when not intercepted by trees, were seen in fine perspective.
  Whitewater Dash
WHITE WATER DASH, on the north of Skiddaw, is conspicuous from the road between Ireby and Bassenthwaite; and viewed from its foot, with the lofty Dead Crag on the right, is a good picture.
  Scale Force
SCALE FORCE, near Buttermere, is the deepest in all the region of the lakes: it is said to fall at once one hundred and fifty-two feet, besides a smaller fall below. The water is precipitated into a tremendous chasm, between two mural rocks of sienite, beautifully overhung with trees which have fixed their roots in the crevices; the sides clad with a profusion of plants which glitter with the spray of the fall. Visiters (sic) generally enter from below, into this chasm, where the air, filled with moisture and shaded from the sun, feels cool and damp as in a cellar. Passing the lower, they may proceed towards the foot of the principal fall; till the more copious sprinkling of the spray compels them to retrace their steps.
  Aira Force
AIREY FORCE, on Ullswater, is concealed by ancient trees, in a deep glen in Gowbarrow Park. The water, compressed between two cheeks of rock, rushes forth with great violence: and dashing from
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