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county:-   Cumbria
10Km square:-   NX91


NX97781777 air shaft, Whitehaven (4) (Whitehaven) L
NX97791794 air shaft, Whitehaven (5) (Whitehaven) L
NX97181797 Anchor Vaults (Whitehaven)
NX97041735 Arrowthwaite Pit (Whitehaven) gone
NX97231785 Assembly Rooms (Whitehaven) L
NX97111787 Barker's Buildings (Whitehaven)
NX97191796 Barra Jacks (Whitehaven)
NX97381738 bridge, Whitehaven (Whitehaven)
NX97341771 Castle Meadows (Whitehaven)
NX97701798 Castle Park (Whitehaven)
NX97721767 Castle, The (Whitehaven)
NX97361781 Catherine Mill (Whitehaven) L
NX97311774 chapel, Whitehaven (3) (Whitehaven)
NX97201760 Christ Church (Whitehaven)
NX97491799 Civic Hall (Whitehaven)
NX97251743 clay pipe works, Whitehaven (Whitehaven)
NX97121739 Clay Pit (Whitehaven) gone
NX97561757 Colliery Schools (Whitehaven)
NX97831756 Corkickle House (Whitehaven) L
NX97761711 Corkickle No.2 Junction (Whitehaven)
NX97761744 Corkickle Station (Whitehaven)
NX97921749 Corkickle Ville (Whitehaven)
NX98051733 Corkickle (Whitehaven)
NX97401763 cricket ground, Whitehaven (Whitehaven) once
NX97911790 Crowpark Wood (Whitehaven)
NX97561777 Cumberland College of Science and Technology (Whitehaven) L
NX97231730 Ginns Engine (Whitehaven) gone
NX97211768 Preston Street Engine Shed (Whitehaven) gone
NX97541741 Corkickle Engine Shed (Whitehaven) gone
NX97491774 Flat Meadows (Whitehaven)
NX97271737 Ginns (Whitehaven)
NX97361748 glass house, Whitehaven (Whitehaven) gone
NX97321790 Golden Ball Inn (Whitehaven)
NX97231743 Harris Pit (Whitehaven) gone
NX97181778 icehouse, Whitehaven (Whitehaven)
NX97941741 Kelswick House (Whitehaven)
NX97641791 lodge, Whitehaven Castle (Whitehaven) gone?
NX97201752 New Houses (Whitehaven)
NX97131785 Newtown Foundry (Whitehaven)
NX97141771 Newtown Pit (Whitehaven) gone
NX97341796 Old Brewery (Whitehaven)
NX97231787 Old Brewery, The (Whitehaven)
NX97081743 Parker Pit (Whitehaven) gone
NX97151765 Pedlar Pit (Whitehaven) gone
NX97301733 pottery, Whitehaven (Whitehaven) gone
NX97361732 pottery, Whitehaven (2) (Whitehaven) gone
NX97311754 pottery, Whitehaven (4) (Whitehaven) gone
NX97221766 Preston Street Goods (Whitehaven)
NX97301780 Primitive Terrace (Whitehaven)
NX97301777 Richmond Terrace (Whitehaven)
NX97591760 rope works, Whitehaven (2) (Whitehaven)
NX97361779 Royal Cumberland Militia Barracks (Whitehaven) gone?
NX97491792 saw mill, Whitehaven (Whitehaven) gone
NX97421751 saw mill, Whitehaven (2) (Whitehaven) gone
NX97601754 St Beghs Church (Whitehaven) L
NX97151732 Swinburn Pit (Whitehaven) gone
NX97311785 Trinity Church National and Sunday School (Whitehaven) gone
NX97431792 Trinity Church (Whitehaven) gone
NX97621794 war memorial, Whitehaven (Whitehaven)
NX97171799 Wellington, The (Whitehaven)
NX97241779 Whitehaven and West Cumberland Infirmary (Whitehaven) gone
NX97701784 Whitehaven Castle (Whitehaven) L
NX97491799 Whitehaven Museum (Whitehaven) gone?
NX9717 Whitehaven Borough borough 
NX97201793 Whitehaven United Reformed Church (Whitehaven)
NX97121792 Albion Street (Whitehaven)
NX97151789 Albion Terrace (Whitehaven) gone?
NX97881756 Back Corkickle (Whitehaven)
NX97301742 Back Ginns (Whitehaven)
NX97551748 Coach Road (Whitehaven)
NX97281797 Whitehaven: Coates Lane, 9 (Whitehaven) L
NX97281742 Cock Pit (Whitehaven)
NX97261777 Cricketfield Road (Whitehaven)
NX97251794 Cross Street (Whitehaven)
NX97251792 Read Guest House (Whitehaven)
NX97211774 Firehouse Lane (Whitehaven) gone
NX97641778 Flat Walks (Whitehaven)
NX97861754 Front Corkickle (Whitehaven)
NX97821758 Whitehaven: Front Corkickle, 5 and 6 (Whitehaven) L
NX97841756 Whitehaven: Front Corkickle, 8 (Whitehaven) L
NX97851755 Whitehaven: Front Corkickle, 9 and 10 (Whitehaven) L
NX97871753 Whitehaven: Front Corkickle, 12 (Whitehaven) L
NX97901751 Whitehaven: Front Corkickle, 15 to 19 (Whitehaven) L
NX97261741 Ginns (Whitehaven)
NX97511783 Granary Yard (Whitehaven)
NX97241785 Howgill Street (Whitehaven)
NX97241781 Whitehaven: Howgill Street, 10 (Whitehaven) L
NX97231782 Whitehaven: Howgill Street, 11 (Whitehaven) L
NX97231783 Whitehaven: Howgill Street, 12 (Whitehaven) L
NX97241789 Whitehaven: Howgill Street, 17 and 18 (Whitehaven) L
NX97301791 Irish Street (Whitehaven)
NX97231792 Whitehaven: Irish Street, 4 and 5 (Whitehaven) L
NX97241792 Whitehaven: Irish Street, 7 (Whitehaven) L
NX97291792 Whitehaven: Irish Street, 8 to 10 (Whitehaven)
NX97401792 Whitehaven: Irish Street, 17 (Whitehaven) L
NX97381792 Whitehaven: Irish Street, 18 (Whitehaven) L
NX97361791 Whitehaven: Irish Street, 19 and 20 (Whitehaven) L
NX97211789 Whitehaven: Irish Street, 41 to 43 (Whitehaven) L
NX97191785 Whitehaven: Irish Street, 44 and 45 (Whitehaven) L
NX97181794 James Street (Whitehaven)
NX97691799 Love Lane (Whitehaven)
NX97571794 Whitehaven: Lowther Street, 1 (Whitehaven) L
NX97561799 RLS Club (Whitehaven) L
NX97571797 Whitehaven: Lowther Street, 81 to 83 (Whitehaven) L
NX97311718 Meadow View (Whitehaven)
NX97181709 Monkwray Brow (Whitehaven)
NX97161791 New Town (Whitehaven)
NX97121795 Old Town (Whitehaven) gone?
NX97191765 Preston Street (Whitehaven)
NX97311799 Whitehaven: Queen Street, 16 and 17 (Whitehaven) L
NX97321798 Whitehaven: Queen Street, 150 (Whitehaven) L
NX97291797 Gale Mansion (Whitehaven) L
NX97281797 Whitehaven: Queen Street, 152 to 155 (Whitehaven) L
NX97341799 Whitehaven: Roper Street, 19 and 20 (Whitehaven) L
NX97351799 Whitehaven: Roper Street, 21 and 22 (Whitehaven) L
NX97371798 Whitehaven: Roper Street, 23 and 24 (Whitehaven) L
NX97371798 Whitehaven: Roper Street, 25 (Whitehaven) L
NX97391798 Roper Court (Whitehaven) L
NX97401795 Whitehaven: Roper Street, 29 (Whitehaven) L
NX97381794 Whitehaven: Roper Street, 36 to 38 (Whitehaven) L
NX97431798 Whitehaven: Scotch Street, 5 and 6 (Whitehaven)
NX97441799 Whitehaven: Scotch Street, 9 and 10 (Whitehaven) L
NX97471794 Whitehaven: Scotch Street, 14 (Whitehaven) L
NX97451797 Whitehaven: Scotch Street, 112 (Whitehaven) L
NX97441796 Whitehaven: Scotch Street, 113 (Whitehaven) L
NX97871750 Whitehaven: Victoria Terrace (Whitehaven) L
NX97321731 windmill, Whitehaven (3) (Whitehaven) gone?
NX97701771 bridge, Whitehaven (4) (Whitehaven) suggested
NX97591793 drinking fountain, Whitehaven (Whitehaven)
NX97371745 copperas works, Whitehaven (Whitehaven)
NX97261796 Whitehaven: Cross Street, 1 to 4 (Whitehaven) L
NX97241794 Whitehaven: Cross Street, 11 (Whitehaven) L
NX97241795 Whitehaven: Cross Street, 12 (Whitehaven) L
NX97431757 bowling green, Whitehaven (2) (Whitehaven) once
NX97561751 St Gregory's Chuchr (Whitehaven)
NX97331748 school, Whitehaven (Whitehaven) gone
NX97411795 Whitehaven: Roper Street, 30 (Whitehaven) L
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