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Jansson 1646
(Area of roughly corresponding to Jansson 1646 NY31 plus overlaps, North at the top; the original map is printed with roughly North at the top)

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places may or may not be labelled on the map

button -- Aira Beck
button -- Dunmail Raise Stones -- "Dunbalrase stones"
button -- Fornside -- "Fornside"
button -- Glencoyne Beck -- "Glenkwen fl."
button -- Glenridding Beck -- "Glenkroden fl."
button -- Grisedale Beck
button -- Grisedale Tarn
button -- Helvellyn -- "Helvillon hill"
button -- Legburthwaite
button -- Thirlmere -- "Thurlemyre fl."
button -- Wythburn -- "Wiborne"

civil parishes

The area roughly includes parts of parishes:-

    St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn

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