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Page 154:-
Helvellyn, a lofty and very rugged mountain, and spreading again, turns off to the south-east, and is lost among the deep recesses of hills. To this second turning I pursued my way, about four miles along its borders, beyond a village scattered among trees, and called Watermillock.' Here Mr. Gray leaves us, and the greatest part of the lake unseen, and its most picturesque parts undescribed. For the last bend of the lake is spotted with rocky isles, deeply indented with wooded promontories on one side, and rocks on the other, from which result many a truly pleasing picture.
  roman camp
ANTIQUITIES. Before you quit the top of Dunmallet, observe the vestiges of its former importance, in the remains of a Roman fort. An area of 110 paces by 37, surrounded with a foss, is yet visible, and stones of the rampart still peep through the grass. The well, that supplied the guard kept here, was but lately filled with stones. This fort must have been of great consequence in guarding the lake, and commanding the pass, and in maintaining a connection between the garrisons of Ambleside and Brougham, it being five or six miles distance from the latter, and nineteen from the former. There are also strong vestiges of a square fort on Soulby-fell, which communicates with this, and the camp at Whitbarrow
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