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Page 57:-
hill, and from its summit, have a view of a long reach of Windermere-water, stretching far to the south, till lost between two high promontories. The road serpentizes round a rocky mountain, till you come under a broken scar, that in some places hangs over the way, and where ancient yews and hollies grow fantastically amongst the fallen rocks. This brings you soon to
Station, Claife
STATION I, near the isthmus of the ferry point [1]. In front, Rampsholme, or Berkshire-island [2], presents itself in all its length, clothed in wood. To the left, the ferry point closing with Crow-holme, a wooded island, forms a fine promontory. Just behind this, the mountain retiring inward, makes a semi-circular bay, surrounded by a few acres of the most elegant verdure, sloping upwards from the water's edge, graced with a cottage in the finest point of view. Above it, the mountain rises in an agreeable wildness, variegated with scattered trees, and silver-grey rocks. An extent of water of twelve miles in circum-
[1] This station is now sufficiently pointed out by the elegant building lately erected thereon, belonging to John Christian Curwen, Esq. and called THE STATION, which, with the improvements made in the Ferry-house Inn, and grounds adjoining, render it one of the most delightful places near the lakes.
[2] This little island has descended with the Levens estates time immemorial, and is now the property of the Hon. Fulk Greville Howard.
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