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Page 56:-
rocky mountains. At the head of a gentle slope, with a just elevation, a handsome modern house, Belmount, is charmingly situated, and commands a delightful view of the lake with all its environs. The house of Thomas Alcock Beck, Esq. is most delightfully situated on the margin of the lake.
The fish here are perch, pike, eel, and trout. No char are found in this lake, though it is connected with Windermere-water.
Hawkshead to Windermere
From Hawkshead to Ambleside, five miles: to the horse-ferry on Windermere-water, four miles. On horseback, this latter is the more eligible rout (sic), as it leads immediately to the centre of the lake, where all its beauties are seen to the greatest advantage.

Windermere-water, like that of Coniston, is viewed to the greatest advantage by facing the mountains, which rise in grandeur on the eye, and swell upon the imagination as they are approached.
The road to the ferry is round the head of Esthwaite-water, through the villages of Colthouse and Sawreys. Ascend a steep
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