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Page 49:-
[sur]face, shining like a crystal mirror reflects the azure sky, or its dappled clouds, in the finest mixture of nature's clare-obscure. On the western side, the shore is more variegated with small inclosures, scattered cots, groves and meadows.
The road continues along the eastern banks of the lake; here bare, there sweetly fringed with a few tall trees, the small remains of its ancient woods that till lately clothed the whole.
station, Peel Ness
STATION II. When you are opposite to the peninsula last described proceed through a gate on the left hand, and from the rocky eminence you have a general view of the lake, both ways. To the south, a sweet bay is formed between the horns of two peninsulas, and beyond that a fine sheet of water appears, terminated by the promontories which form the straits, through which the lake has its outlet. From thence the coast is beautifully diversified by a number of green eminences crowned with wood, and sequestered cottages interspersed among them half concealed by yew trees; and, above them, a wave of rocky, spiral mountains, dressed in brown vegetation, form the most romantic scenes. Between this and a wooded eminence, a green hill, cut into inclosures to
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