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Page 35:-
Also a white house on the sea bank, under the cover of a deep wood, has a most enchanting appearance. The coast from thence is of singular beauty, consisting of hanging wood, inclosed lands, and pasture grounds, varied through a great extent of prospect, in every pleasing form. Descend to Holker, which adds to the surrounding scenes what is peculiar to itself, joined to the improvements of the noble owner, finished in a masterly style [1]. The traveller will here observe husbandry in a more flourishing situation than in the country he is soon to visit. The husbandmen in this part, as elsewhere, are slow in imitating new practices; but the continued success which has attended the improvements on his lordship's estates, has not failed to effect a reformation amongst the Cartmel farmers.
  Leven Sands
In crossing Leven-sands, to Ulverston, you have on the right, a grand view of Alpine scenery. A rocky hill patched with wood and heath, rising immediately from the
[1] The connoisseur in painting may here have the pleasure of seeing a good collection of pictures; amongst which are, by Claude Lorrain, a very capital landscape, exhibiting a view of the Tiber, with the temple of Apollo, the nine muses, &c. another representing the departure out of Egypt, and two more small views. Also a large landscape by Rubens; two fine church pieces by B. Neels (the figures by Elshamer); and several others by Woverman, Hobina, Teniers, Swanevelt, Zuccarelli, Rysdal, and other eminent masters.
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