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Page 36:-
coast, directs the eye to an immense chain of lofty mountains, apparently increased in magnitude and height since they were seen from Hest-bank. On a fine morning this is a pleasant ride, when the mountains are strongly illuminated by the sun-beams, and patched with shadows of intervening clouds that sail along their sides; or when they drag their watery skirts over the summits, and, admitting the streaming beams, adorn their rocky heads with silver, and variegate their olive-coloured sides with stripes of gold and green. This fairy scene soon shifting, all is concealed in a mantle of azure mist. At the Eau, or ford of the river Leven, another carter conducts you over. On the dissolution of the priory of Conishead, King Henry VIII. charged himself and his successors with the payment of the salary, fifteen marks per annum, which the guide received from the priory.
Ulverston, the London of Furness, is a neat town, at the foot of a swift descent of hills to the south-east. The streets are regular, and excellently well paved. The weekly market for Low-Furness has been long established here, to the prejudice of Dalton, the ancient capital of Furness. The articles of export, are iron-ore in great quantities, pig and bar iron, oats, barley, beans, potatoes,
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