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Page 155:-
The SECOND division comprehends the mountains of Eskdale, Wasdale, Ennerdale, Borrowdale, Langdale, Grasmere, Patterdale, Martindale, Mardale, and some adjacent places; including the two highest mountains of the district, Scawfell and Helvellyn, as well as the Old Man at Coniston. All our fine towering crags belong to it; and most of the cascades among the lakes fall over it. There are indeed some lofty precipices in the former division; but owing to the shivery and crumbling nature of the rock, they present none of the bold colossal features which are exhibited in this.
Great variety of rocks are included in this division, but their nomenclature is so far from being settled, that should two separate catalogues be made out by different persons, they would probably vary in a great many items. Some will find greywackè and greywackè slate in one of the divisions, some in another, and some in all; while others ridicule the name as one invented to supply the defect of a better.
Most of these rocks are of a pale-bluish or grey colour, some of them belong to the family of the greenstones, some are of a porphyritic, others of a slaty structure; differing however from the slates of the last division, inasmuch as these exhibit no distinct partings by which they are to be separated. A reddish aggregated rock of a coarse slaty structure, is to be seen on entering the common on the road from Keswick towards Borrowdale. It appears
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