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Page 35:-
was given by him to the poor of Troutbeck. These anecdotes appear very strange to people who have lived in towns, or among the more level manners of the south: and this is why we relate them. They are among the curiosities of the district. Troutbeck is the most primitive of the frequented valleys of the district. To find any other so antique and characteristic, it is necessary to leave the high road, and explore the secluded dales of which the summer tourist sees and hears nothing. The dale looks from the uplands as if it had been scooped out between the ridges with a gigantic scoop. Its levels are parcelled out into small fields, of all manner of shapes; and the stream,- the beck abounding in trout,- winds along the bottom, from the foot of High Street, to fall into the lake just by Calgarth.
The road now followed by the tourist descends into the vale sharply, by the abode of John Wilson, Esq., at The How, and crosses the bridge, in full view of the chapel, which was consecrated in 1562, and thoroughly repaired in 1828. It is one of the small churches that, with their square tower and bell, look and sound so well in the dales. This one seats 160 worshippers. Immediately beyond the bridge, the road mounts again very steeply, till it joins that which runs along the hill sides, on the western side of the valley. This road is to be followed up the valley; and the tourist must lose none of its beauties. Behind him, there are views of the receding lake, now diminished to the likeness of a cabinet picture:- below, is the deep vale with its green levels: opposite, the grassy slopes ascend to the ridges of High Street and Hill Bell; and before him, Troutbeck Tongue
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