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vol.2 p.53
of incidents, that aided it's beauty. We had hitherto seen all the lakes we had visited, under a rough, or cloudy sky: and tho their dignity was certainly increased by that circumstance; yet the beauty of a lake in splendid, serene weather, aided, at this time, by the powers of contrast, made a wonderful impression on the imagination.
"The effect of the sublime, Mr. Burke informs us, is astonishment; and the effect of beauty, is pleasure: but when the two ingredients mix, the effect, he says, is in a good measure destroyed in both. They constitute a species something different both from the sublime and beautiful, which I have before called fine: but this kind, I imagine, has not such a power on the passions, either as vast bodies have, which are endowed with the correspondent qualities of the sublime; or as the qualities of beauty have, when united in a small object. The affection produced by large bodies, adorned with the spoils of beauty, is a tention conti-
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