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vol.2 p.52
and pastures. The northern end and western sides contain a great variety of woody and rocky scenes; but these also, as they approach the east, become smooth and fertilized. At the southern point, under impending mountains, lies the village of Patterdale.- With this general idea of Ulleswater, let us return to the descent from Matterdale, where we caught the first view of it.
As we descended a little further, the whole scene of the lake opened before us; and such a scene, as almost drew from us the apostrophe of the inraptured bard,

Visions of glory, spare my aching sight!
Among all the visions of this inchanting country, we had seen nothing so beautifully sublime, so correctly picturesque as this.- And yet I am averse to make comparisons; especially on seeing a country but once. Much depends on the circumstances of light, and weather. I would wish therefore only to say, that I was more pleased with Ulleswater, than with any lake I had seen; adding, at the same time, that we were fortunate in a concurrence
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