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Gentleman's Magazine 1804 p.847
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It is the opinion of many eminent men, that the air of mountains produces a peculiar animation and cheerfulness. At Keswick we have an account of the museum of Mr. Crosthwaite, and the rival one of Mr. Hutton, both abounding with curiosities and information; but the latter has the minerals, though small in number, better arranged.
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"The summit of Skiddaw is covered with a whiteish shivery slate, which threatens to slide down with every gust of wind. The broken state of this slate makes the present summit appear the ruins of others; a circumstance as extraordinary in appearance as difficult to be accounted for. It is impossible for a better description of Skiddaw to be given than this; but who can be so astonished when it is from the pen of the wonderful Mrs. Radcliffe?" (p.58.)
In chap. VII. granite is determined, by M. de Luc, "to constiture the great mass of mountains decidedly primordial; and no where is it ever seen to depart from its truly generic character, that of exhibiting no marks of its first formation. ... It occupies a large part, and may be said to take its rise from three distinct parts of Great Britain, - Scotland, Caernarvonshire, and Dartmoor; ...
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This is an entertaining narrative, even to those who object that it is not strictly lithological.
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