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Page 188:-
Before you leave Kendal, visit the Castle-law-hill. This is an artificial mount, that overlooks the town, and faces the castle, and surpasses it in antiquity, being one of those hills called Laws, where in ancient times distributive justice was administered. From its present appearance, it seems to have been converted to different purposes, but though well situated as a watch upon the castle, it could never be a proper place to batter it from, as has been reported.[1]
Kendal to Lancaster
To Lancaster, by Burton-in-Kendal,[2] is 22 miles. Observe on the left, before you
[1] An obelisk was erected on the top of this hill, by a subscription of the inhabitants of Kendal, in 1788, which, seen from almost every part of the vale, is a handsome object, and being the centenary of the revolution in 1688, has the following inscription:-
Sacred to Liberty.
[2] (Coccium, Rav. Chor.)- On the edge of the mountain, about a mile and a half to the north of this town, is a natural curiosity, called Claythrop-clints, or Curwenwood-kins, which many tourists would probably like to see. It consists of a large plain of naked limestone-rock, a little inclined to the horizon, which has evidently once been one continued calcarious mass, in a state of softness like that of mud at the bottom of a pond. It is now deeply rent with a number of fissures, of 6, 8, or 10 inches wide, just in the form of those which take place in clay or mud that is dried in the sun. It also exhibits such channels in its surface, as can only be accounted for by supposing them formed by the ebbing of copious waters, (probably those of the deluge) before the matter was become hard. It is five or six hundred yards in length, and about two hundred in breadth. There are several other limestone plains of the same kind in the neighbourhood, but this is the most remarkable and extensive.
In the crevices of the rock, the botanist may meet with the belladonna, or solanum lethale (the deadly nightshade) and some other curious plants.
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